1) Once again what I have tried to share is more and more likely

In this election BLUE areas increased @realDonaldTrump voting by large numbers over 2016

IN this election RED areas increased Joe Biden's totals over 2016.

Let that sink in , Red areas Trump won this cycle
2) Voted for Joe Biden a LOT more then Hillary in 2016.

Again I must use Florida. Minority vote for Trump nation wide. Went up to that Magic #15%

Trumps votes from Blue districts in swing states only slowed after the Florida results were clear. This can not be a coincidence
3) In 3 solid Florida BLUE areas. Trump gained 75% of his 377k vote win in Florida

Look at Joe's totals in Blue Florida areas. There on PAR with 2016. And yet his Red district vote crushed Hillary's

Lets ask
How can Joe have won so much support from SOLID Red areas of Aprox 10%
4) Yet do as well or slightly less in BLUE areas ?

Are we to believe an increase of approx 10% of Red areas switched and voted Joe ? While his base Turned out in his areas in the same number or less then they did for Hillary
5) Why do I keep harping on Florida a State @realDonaldTrump won ?

Because its a predictive state. Its voting model on election night. Forms the basis of how Swing states will vote. And the truth is Trump had a land slide predictor in FLA.
6) And that's why they shut down ALL Swing state voting.

And why I believe that every red area where Trump did better And BIDEN did better. Shows the Machines may be miscalculating Trump votes as Biden votes.

I am suggesting this to be done in FLORIDA
7) Do a manual recount in the Pan Handle. And verify the votes marked Trump went to Trump

I suspect you will find Trumps totals to shoot up & Biden's to drop down. Then using this information spread out to all swing states were Biden also did better in red areas then Hillary

• • •

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More from @MagaKarma1

9 Nov
1) To the 11000 new followers.

I am an annalists , my strength is in taking the complex and making it simple. I see patterns in chaos and sticking to ONLY the verifiable facts. I assemble them in a time line or Linear order.

I CAN BE WRONG on things I put together

Mainly B/C
2) New or unknown facts come to light. In many cases these facts are missed by many or shrugged off and ignored. Let me give you an example

Rod Rosenstein: The Republican narrative was he signed the FISA and the Scope memo on Flynn. So he is in on it

Avoided Facts & Hidden info
3) RR was no were near the Dossier or any player in the set up and framing of not only Page but also Gen Flynn. And not one of us ever herd the name RR until Trump appointed him.

Not 1 document , text , memo , or any of the declassified information.
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9 Nov
1) Legitimacy :

How China and American Deep State are causing us to Destroy ourselves from the inside. There over all plan is far reaching and final . This election is only 1 area of causing US to lose faith in America
2) You like myself have noticed this but many have not put it all together. In such a way as to show how they Plan to Defeat America.

I am going to keep this simple as 1 2 3
You Tube
Justice System
Military endless wars
3) And I can keep going. Adding more and more until tears come to your eyes. Once you finally see how large this attack on us is.

This attack ironically, is financed BY YOU and ME.

The election

Trump won in such a land slide its staggering. And this election
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8 Nov
1) Your Republican Media it's talking heads & its Sources said

Muller was gonna get @realDonaldTrump
RR was in on it
Sessions was in on it
Comey was in on it

2) Sadly you all missed Muller's conclusion was set in stone the day he was appointed.

And every indictment he issued WAS unique to the exact person for RIGHT reasons. M/C/P/G/S

Except Flynn & Page. Because they were the INSIDERS target 2 yrs before MULLER showed up
3) Over the last 4 years there was always a huge hole the right wing media was hiding from YOU.

That was Republican involvement in the Dossier/Coup/Impeachment.

And they hid it in plane site by screaming at individuals appointed by TRUMP !

Listen to the last question
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7 Nov
1) @realDonaldTrump here is my gift to you

This is not an opinion. Its based on election results

Florida is the state that describes the nations preference. Because it is in Florida we not only see you won. But we can see the "Cheat" employed to defeat you

I will be brief
2) In 2016 you won by 112,911 votes. A margin greater then any candidate in 2 decades or more.

in 2020 you won Florida by 377,023 . For a gain of 264,112.

The irony here is the three biggest Democrat counties are were you gained your victory.

2016, Dade,Palm, Broward 867,352
3) In 2020 those same districts voted for you 1,199,347. Thats a gain on 331,395 votes.

Now look at the red areas.
First you only gained 45,628 more votes in all of the red areas vs 2016. And Biden gained more then YOU in red areas

In simple terms the states voting systems
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7 Nov
1) A new revelation And it's good news.
The software glitch you see reported. Was used State Wide. That added Trump votes in red areas to Biden's vote total.

And the states that shut down. Did so when they realized Trump was over performing. And there "Cheat" would not work
2) Look at the Vote totals and total % counted at the time of the shut down. You will notice the massive and growing lead @realDonaldTrump had

Once they shut down it appears they COULD not change the cheat. And withdrew back into the Blue areas to perform there physical cheating
3) I have used FLORIDA to show @realDonaldTrump victory came from BLUE DISTRICTS.

Broward County +73K , Miami Dade +188K and
Palm Beach + 62K

And the states that SHUT down came only once Florida was showing a land slide Trump
Read 7 tweets
26 Oct
1/ So what is really going on here @supersleuthgrl

Federal regulation prohibits federal government employees from “us[ing] [] public office
for [] private gain … or for the private gain of … relatives.
2/ This regulation also seek to ensure that the performance of official duties does not give rise to an appearance of the use of public office for private gain or of giving preferential treatment

This regulation, however, does not apply to the president or vice president.👆
3/ Have it at people ..

Share with me what you think about that fact. In relation to today's top narrative
Read 6 tweets

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