1/4 A difference on the Left between those who could hold their nose and vote for @JoeBiden and those who could not may lie in the @DemoSocialists' substitution of the movement (think "means") for achievement (the "end" as social and environmental justice).
2/4 If you see the movement itself as an achievement, you're likely to settle for an incremental approach that may take decades or centuries to achieve a desired end.
3/4 If, on the other hand, you're concerned about people dying, people being killed, through elite indifference, fecklessness, greed, or outright malice, that might not be good enough.
4/4 If you would like to see social and environmental justice now, rather than hoping that *maybe*, just *maybe*, your great grandchildren *might* win it (spoiler alert: they won't, because we're already seeing diminishing returns with nonviolence), that might not be good enough.

• • •

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More from @n4rky

6 Sep
1/4 So another part of my human science program, one I don't focus on is activism. We're supposed to be "scholar activists."

I'm just a scholar.
2/4 But the activism part emphasizes disruptive nonviolence. Supposedly, this is not complicity.

The approach yields incremental change. Achingly slowly.

I object that this is inadequate for the #ClimateCrisis and when people are getting killed.
3/4 We're seeing this with #BlackLivesMatter.   Elites can and do ignore nonviolent protest even when it's disruptive. And people continue to be killed.

For me, this amounts to complicity.
Read 4 tweets
27 Jul
1/4 I don't know how much of a "hidden" pro-@realDonaldTrump vote there may be that the surveys are missing.

I am convinced there is almost no enthusiasm for @JoeBiden and that a lot of folks might not turn out to vote for him. This obviously suits @TheDemocrats just fine.
2/4 The real issue here is that the #Election2020 will absolutely fail to address serious problems in the U.S. The constitutional oligarchy is simply incapable of responding to a dire need for change.

Voting will not solve this problem.
3/4 Meanwhile, @realDonaldTrump has converted #BlackLivesMatter protests into a confrontation with secret police. This is no longer about racism and the impetus for politicians to implement change, already eviscerated by nonviolence, is now entirely absent.
Read 4 tweets
16 Jul
1/6 Yes, we should not be #slutshaming #HopeHicks.

But there are always questions to be asked and not just about her and not just about @MonicaLewinsky.
2/6 @MonicaLewinsky insists her relationship with @BillClinton was consensual.

But any critical theorist is going to raise at least an eyebrow at the power relationship between the president of the U.S. and an intern.
3/6 It's a little too easy to say in such cases that women have the right to name their own experiences, whether as assault, as rape, or as consensual. And yet we can't forget that they do.

So how do we navigate this?
Read 6 tweets
16 Jul
1/8 Okay, so we see here that @HeerJeet really, really, really hates @ProjectLincoln because @danpfeiffer really isn't all that favorable towards them either. But I like the article too.
2/8 One thing I found interesting is that @danpfeiffer perceives daylight between @ProjectLincoln and #neoconservatism, even if many #NeverTrumpers are #neoconservatives and #NeverTrump was a #neoconservative project.
3/8 @HeerJeet notices, apparently from the article, that @ProjectLincoln spends little on swing states. I notice from the article that their work seems mostly aimed inside the beltway. That's also where #neoconservatives have the most influence.
Read 8 tweets
15 Jul
1/9 So I might have mentioned that about one or two quarters after I started my Master's program, it was taken over by hard, solipsistic, post-modernists.
2/9 Solipsism, by the way, is the idea that you can only be sure of what's in your own head. The physical world is abstract, represented through the senses, and knowable only to an uncertain degree. It isn't wrong, but it isn't very useful as a life philosophy.
3/9 I'd actually explored solipsism when I was in Sacramento City College. I considered the idea that reality could be whatever I made it.

Of course it didn't work.
Read 9 tweets
11 Jul
1/5 I never understood how allowing a civilization to be destroyed through some grievous calamity "saves" or "protects" it. To me, that contradiction is right at the heart of this. #PrimeDirective
2/5 But let's treat that as an extreme case. The alternative also assumes a cultural superiority on the part of the exploring civilization. #PrimeDirective
3/5 In essence, it is the same as what the U.S. has done to American Indians: Attempt and fail to assimilate, with the wreckage--extreme poverty--left on reservations and casinos as the only alternative. #PrimeDirective
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