Here's @DeanBrowningPA's "I'm a black gay guy" tweet, since deleted.
And here's a selection of times @DanPurdy322, whose account is brand new and who replies to @DeanBrowningPA A LOT, has described himself as a black gay guy.
Here's a screenful of the accounts Purdy is following. One of these things is not like the others!
And an excellent question, to which I do not expect a reply to emerge.
You may be asking, "Angus, does this whole @DeanBrowningPA situation get worse?" Yes, dear reader. It does.
"And does it get weirder?" Yes. Yes, it does.

So ... this whole thing is so bizarre that I want to tread carefully here. But I've done a bit more digging, and there's at least one more layer of weirdness here.
Apparently the "Dan Purdy" in the video IS a real guy, but isn't actually named Dan Purdy—the Dan Purdy account was, wait for it, a BURNER. Of his. None of which makes any of the rest of it make any more sense.
And now people are telling me that William Holte, the guy LARPing on Twitter as "Dan Purdy," is PATTI LABELLE'S SON? (Or maybe nephew?)
Twitter, you have broken me. At long last, you have broken me.
UPDATE: Apparently he's Patti LaBelle's son AND nephew. Because of course he is. Why wouldn't he be? What else could he be, really?

• • •

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More from @studentactivism

9 Nov
Both GOP candidates in Georgia's US Senate runoffs release a statement that the state's top election official, a Republican, has "failed the people of Georgia, and...should step down immediately."
Folks are asking what the strategy is here, but the core imperative is pretty straightforward: Don't piss the Trump crew off. Period. With the Dems unified and energized, if Trump crew senses even a hint of disloyalty, they're sunk. He's on the attack, so they have to join him.
And yes, there's a danger there—the guy they're attacking is a loyal Republican who won a statewide race just two years ago to get his current position. But Trump is Trump, and he's looking for people to send to the cornfield right now, so you smile and tell him he's smart.
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9 Nov
You know what I wish? That people who felt compelled to make these pronouncements would make them in the first person, rather than the second. If you have a story about a Trump supporter in your life that YOU reached out to, Pete? Go ahead and tell it. But if not? Come on, man.
In general, I find "I try to" or "I've had good luck with" stories way more effective than "you should all" decrees, for a bunch of reasons. They ground the speaker in the specificity of their circumstances, for one thing, and force them to articulate their position concretely.
And on a more fundamental level than that: THEY SHOW THAT YOU'RE DESCRIBING SOMETHING REAL, that you're not just making up fairy tales or puppet shows.
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9 Nov
Beginning to see some Trumpworld folks citing Gore's delayed concession in 2000 as precedent for their refusal to concede. Some context:
Al Gore conceded on December 13, 2000, 37 days after the election—and the day after the Supreme Court ruled against his campaign. Thirty-seven days after Election Day 2020 is one month from today.
Of course, in 2000, there was a legitimate, discrete dispute over the results in a single decisive state, and an ongoing process of litigating that dispute. None of that applies this year.
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7 Nov
The kid wanted to practice guitar, and couldn't find a pick. The closest substitute I could find was an 1800-year-old Roman coin I bought in a cheap lot of uncleaned coins this summer. She's using it now.

Sometimes life is beautiful.
The coin, BTW. Image
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7 Nov
The first you should always look for in a "Biden should pardon Trump" thinkpiece is whether the author acknowledges that presidents cannot pardon people for violations of state law. If they do not, the rest of the piece isn't worth reading.

Carli Pierson does not. Keep moving.
We're going to be seeing a LOT of these in the next few months, with the premise that if Biden doesn't pardon, it'll "put Trump in front of the news cameras for the next four years, battling potential criminal and civil charges." But a federal pardon does nothing to prevent that.
Richard Nixon wasn't facing prosecution in state courts, so Ford's pardon—for better or worse—closed the book on his legal exposure. But that's not an outcome that Biden has the power to bring about.
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6 Nov
In terms of when to expect a call generally, PA and AZ are clearly trending up, and will be called when the margin passes a certain threshold (Likely 0.5%.) NV and AZ are more about reducing ambiguity by continuing to count.
My own sense is that Georgia is so close with so few outstanding votes that no call is coming anytime soon. Pennsylvania is chugging inexorably toward a call, likely this afternoon or evening.
Nevada and Arizona are a bit more opaque, since the direction in which the votes are trending is still more ambiguous. If I had to guess based on everything I've seen, I'd say NV is currently a lot closer to a call than AZ.
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