Atomic electron transition is a change of an electron from one energy level to another within an atom or artificial atom.
It appears discontinuous as the electron "jumps" from one energy level to another, typically in a few nanoseconds or less.

It is also known as an electronic (de-)excitation or atomic transition or quantum jump.
Electron transitions cause the emission or absorption of electromagnetic radiation in the form of quantized units called photons.
Their statistics are Poissonian, and the time between jumps is exponentially distributed. The damping time constant (which ranges from nanoseconds to a few seconds) relates to the natural, pressure, and field broadening of spectral lines.
The larger the energy separation of the states between which the electron jumps, the shorter the wavelength of the photon emitted.
The observability of quantum jumps was predicted by Hans Dehmelt in 1975, and they were first observed using trapped ions of mercury at NIST in 1986.
In 2019, it was demonstrated in an experiment with a superconducting artificial atom consisting of two strongly-hybridized transmon qubits placed inside a readout resonator cavity at 15 mK, that the evolution of some jumps is continuous, coherent, deterministic, and reversible.
On the other hand other quantum jumps are inherently unpredictable ie. nondeterministic.
From Proto-Germanic *stīgō, from *stīganą (“climb”) ( > Old English stīgan). Cognate with Middle Dutch stige, Old High German stiga.

A masculine Germanic variant *stīgaz is indicated by Old High German stic (German Steig), Old Norse stígr (Swedish stig).

•IPA(key): /stiːj/

stīġ f (nominative plural stīġa or stīġe)

1path (especially steep or narrow)
stiġ n (nominative plural stiġ)

1hall, building, sty

stig n
1step, pace
2step (of a ladder)
3(plural only) degree, rank
stig c
1path, trail
From Old Saxon stigan (“to ascend”), from Proto-Germanic *stīganą.

•(originally) IPA(key): /stiːɣən/

1to ascend, to rise
2to climb, to move up or down along something
3to storm, to overcome an obstacle
From Proto-Indo-European *stéygʰeti, from *steygʰ- (“to walk”). Cognate with Ancient Greek στείχω (steíkhō, “I go”) and Old Church Slavonic стигнѫ (stignǫ, “I come”).
From στείχω (steíkhō, “walk, march, go or come, march in line or order”), from Proto-Indo-European *steygʰ- (“to walk”). Cognate with German steigen, English sty, stair, stile and possibly Latin vestīgō.
See also στοῖχος (stoîkhos, “row in an ascending series, column”), στόχος (stókhos, “pillar of brick”), and στίξ (stíx, “row, line, rank, file (of soldiers)”).
στῐ́χος • (stíkhos) m (genitive στῐ́χου); second declension
1a row or file of soldiers
2a line of poetry, a verse
•ἡμιστίχιον (hēmistíkhion)
•κατάστιχον (katástikhon)
•στιχάομαι (stikháomai)
•τετράστιχος (tetrástikhos)


•Greek: στίχος (stíchos)
•→ Latin: stichus
•→ Russian: стих (stix)
στῐχάομαι • (a stikháomai)

1(Epic) to march in rows
a hēmistíkhion
"the hem of her dress"
late Middle English (in the sense ‘half the celestial sphere, the sky’): from Old French emisphere, via Latin from Greek hēmisphairion, from hēmi- ‘half’ + sphaira ‘sphere’.
A misfiring
misfire (third-person singular simple present misfires, present participle misfiring, simple past and past participle misfired)
1(firearms) To fail to discharge properly.
2(of an engine) To fail to ignite in the proper sequence.
3(by extension) To fail to achieve the anticipated result. His practical joke misfired and he nearly burnt my left hand.
Either a univerbation of earlier miss fire, or the compound mis- + fire (or possibly a confluence of both).
I took aim and drew the trigger, but the gun missed fire. The person hearing the noise instantly jerked back his head.
missed; past participle: missed

fail to hit, reach, or come into contact with (something aimed at)."a laser-guided bomb had missed its target"
Right there...
God bless you all
5G smart dust chips a?
No wonder everyone’s getting a virus.
And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

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Ringing rocks, also known as sonorous rocks or lithophonic rocks, are rocks that resonate like a bell when struck, such as the Musical Stones of Skiddaw in the English Lake District; the stones in Ringing Rocks Park, in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, Pennsylvania;
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Photographers who share their images online and choose to use a watermark usually do so for four main reasons:
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Quantum teleportation is a process in which quantum information (e.g. the exact state of an atom or photon) can be transmitted (exactly, in principle) from one location to another,
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