modern wangxian 11.11 au where wwx has shitloads of items in his shopping cart, and his BEST friend lwj sees it so. wwx goes for a toilet break (and lwj knows how long he actually takes because best friends know that kind of stuff).

so what does a BFF do? a BFF checks out
everything in the cart for wwx and pays for it. wwx comes back after a while and sees everything gone

wwx: eh... the website must’ve seen me window shop so much but actually never buy anything and they decided to empty the cart for me lol but i guess that’s for the best. owell
and he closes the website tab and never looked at it, or check his shopping account ever again because /lazy/

and at that time lwj just sits next to him like nothing ever happened. but deep down he’s looking forward to the day that wwx wears his beautiful big smile on his face
as he sees the gifts arriving at his doorstep.

because uhhuh that’s totally what bffs would do and want for their bffs
so naturally wwx “would be like !!??? why are these here??? a-cheng are these for you?”

jc: why would I be buying so many bunny pyjamas slippers cutlery stationery mugs cu—
wwx: ok I get it shh. but what I don’t get is that these were in my shopping cart and I never bought anyt—
something clicks (finally????) and he goes to his laptop, logs into his account. thankfully he remembers the password because it’s like *so easy to remember* because yeah somehow it’s his bff’s name—lanzhan502.

yeah that’s totally normal too!
he sees that the billing contact details is *drum roll* Lan Wangji, shipping contact details is Wei Wuxian

jc: from the look on your face I assume you just found out that lan wangji bought you all these stuff
jc: what are you still doing here???? go find him?????
wwx: and say????
jc: and say THANK YOU for the stuff he bought you? and say that you LIKE LOVE WHATEVER him too?
wwx: what do you mean, “too”?
jc: why you so dumb
wwx: i’m not
wwx: ok i dumb dumb
jc: do all of US a favour and go to him now. he lives across us jfc
so off wwx goes to jade residence across the street and lxc opens the door for him, and immediately says, “wangji is upstairs”. wwx raises an eyebrow and remembers that jc made a phone call right after their conversation so he must’ve told xichen-ge to expect him over.

but wait,
since when has jc started speaking to lxc? but ah, that’s something he can ask jc later he supposes. they’re probably just bffs like him and lwj (sure).

so wwx stands outside lwj’s room. what the fuck is he doing here, he thinks. and what if a-cheng is wrong?
he’s about to turn around and just... leave.

but too late. lwj has opened the door and lwj is apparently wearing the same bunny pyjamas, and slippers too, that wwx had wanted to order, but like in blue (wwx’s one is in a dark pink, because there were no red available)
there lwj is in front of him, a magnificent handsome beautiful standing at 188cm, hair half tied in a pony tail revealing his honey eyes and perfect forehead (yes wwx thinks he has a perfect forehead), with his side bangs tucked away
lwj: wei ying, i—
wwx: lan zhan did you buy all those stuff... for me
lwj: yes
wwx: w-why?

because that’s what best friends do for best friends, wei wuxian!

wwx: you didn’t have to, you know
lwj: i wanted to.
wwx: why?
lwj: want wei ying to have everything.
wwx: but why?

he already knows it. jc has told him many, many tiles but he chooses not to believe it. well because it never really came from lwj. but this time he really wants to hear it from lwj. it’s been so long, too long.

lwj: why?
wwx: yes, why? why’d you do it?
lwj is standing there, basically wearing everything that wwx intended to buy for himself. and there and then, lwj also knows he has to tell wwx. otherwise there wouldn’t be another chance. he’s forgone way too many. both of them have.
“want wei ying to have the things he wants, the things that make him happy. want to always see wei ying’s smile. want to be the reason behind wei ying’s smile,” lwj says so seriously in his bunny ensemble.
wwx’s mouth hangs open. granted, he’d already expect lwj to say something but NOT that??? “want to be the reason behind my smile!?? is he trying to KILL ME OR MAKE ME SMILE with those words????”
before wwx can stop his mouth from blabbering his thoughts, it’s too late

wwx: l-lan zhan, are you sure you want to be the reason behind my smile or my heart attack???? how can you say such sweet things and look so serious at the same time!???
lwj: because i can.

what the fuck
wwx: because you can doesn’t mean you should!!! who’s going to take care of my weak heart?

again, wwx already knows the answer but he still wants to hear it from lwj. he’s spent so many years pining, waiting and yearning so today it’s his time to SHINE (yeah he put it that way)
lwj: i will, take care of your heart.
wwx: and who’s to say i will allow you to?


lwj: does wei ying not want me to?

oh shit
okay no time for games anymore because time is of the ESSENCE. and plus wwx just wants to go back to his own place and change into those pyjamas so he and lwj wear matching clothes.
wwx: i do, lan zhan. you say you want to be the reason behind. you are, have always been, and will always be.
lwj: so the both of us have just been—
wwx: as a-cheng would call it, “dumb dumb”. we’ve been dumb dumb all along, lan zhan!!!1!1
lwj: we have been dumb dumb.
with that, lwj pulls him into his arms and holds him like that’s the only thing he’s wanted to do for the past decade. it really is.

wwx: what took us so long?
lwj: does not matter. you and i, are here now.
wwx: i guess you’re right.
lwj: with you, everything will be right.
wwx: lan wangji, you said you’d take care of my heart!
lwj: i know wei ying likes to hear those words.
wwx: i do.
lwj: will say those words to wei ying, forever and a day.
after a beat, they close the door behind them. wwx doesn’t go back to his place until the next day. and when the sun arises anew, he’s packed and moved all the boxes that came from *his* 11.11 haul over to lan residence.
along with the boxes, he’s also packed his heart—hand delivered to lan wangji, wei wuxian’s best friend, boyfriend, lover.


i was eating my chicken rice (again) and suddenly thought that wwx would be one who’d add shitloads of cute ass items to his cart but never checks them out because he wants to save money (to buy lwj presents). and of cOurSe lwj would do what he did!
this is a very short self indulgent twitfic but i hope you enjoyed it! let lwj spoil wwx 5ever and ever!!!
thank you for making it down here!

credits to chicken rice
also want to add this is totally canon ImageImage

• • •

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