I demand we halt mass PCR testing. Everyone should campaign for this. It’s the single action needed to save our society.
1. It’s untrustworthy. Govt admits it’s out of control: basic QC hasn’t been done, ever. If was a diagnostic test in the NHS, it would immediately be stopped.
2. It’s not necessary. Track, trace & isolate might once have been useful but it’s proven to be a hopeless flop. It finds few contacts & far too late. Only a small minority of contacts are reacted. Of those contacts, 90% don’t do what was asked of them. It helps no one.
3. It only causes damage. Because of a positive test, almost all of which now aren’t of live virus, it damages lives & livelihoods for no gains. “Cases” aren’t true but drive lethally bad adaptations like restrictions to NHS, leading to excess deaths.
4. It blinds us to what’s true. (A) I’ve known for >5mo that the main pandemic was over by June as immunology & observation shows. Viruses don’t do waves. The daily diet of “cases” persuade even doctors that patients are dying of covid19 when they’re not.
4. It blinds us....(B). When 60,000 ‘pregnancy-style’ tests in Liverpool, UK’s hotspot, show us there’s no virus in the city, the media just misses it & moves on. I’ve reviewed the spec. These are very sensitive tests. False negatives are relevant only at high virus prevalence.
5. There are reliable alternatives. Why use “industrialised molecule biology” in a crisis, never used in this scale in history, when we’ve reliable & rapid tests instead, tests not subject to potential for huge errors? Such tests used in Liverpool show they work well.
6. Even if I’m wrong, it’s the right thing to do. Mass PCR testing should cease immediately, pause for 1mo if you prefer. Use lateral flow tests in hospital instead & on people with symptoms.
Shut off fake “cases” & the country will begin to recovery immediately, became there...
...isn’t anything much unusual going on in U.K. apart from our extreme & damaging responses to a health emergency which has passed.
There aren’t excess respiratory deaths. Or even many excess deaths. Despite thousands of Covid19 deaths. If you have the strong feeling that...
...things are very wrong, your instincts are sound.
And it’s surprisingly simple to fix. Campaign relentlessly to immediately halt mass PCR testing for reasons above. There is absolutely no risk & only gains. One gain will be the rapid re-emergence of our country. It must be now.
So, “Mass PCR test? Best not to test. Use better alternatives only”.

• • •

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15 Nov
Were MPs given full information about claimed (unusual) stresses on the NHS before the vote on LD#2?
ICU loadings weren’t unusual for time of year (as I told you, 81%. Turns out it was 79%). MPs not told.
Oxygen use entirely normal. MPs not told.
No excess deaths. MPs not told. Image
Crucial adjustment to deaths data: adjustment for population. Thanks TheStatsGuy. So not only no excess respiratory deaths which I’d been flamed for (correct,but MPs not told) but with this view, no excess deaths at all. But we’ve had thousands of covid19 deaths recent weeks. Image
The resolution is thousands of normal deaths (620,000 each year in U.K.) are wrongly coded Covid19 to scare you. That happens because the pitifully poor mass PCR test generates immunologically unfeasible nos of positive results. Meaningless without the operational FPR. Govt...
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15 Nov
@earnestobob @MLevitt_NP2013 This isn’t as big a surprise as I’m sensing. If you’ve seen a related immunogen, you’ll have T-cells responsive to epitopes (short peptides) in common between the old immunogen & a new but related one. Several papers have proven this occurred between common cold causing CoVs &
@earnestobob @MLevitt_NP2013 ...SARS-CoV-2. I confess I haven’t explored the corollary on the antibody side but in principle the same could apply. I haven’t looked because it’s the T-cells that dominate responses to most viruses & respiratory viruses. On T-cells I’m aware of at least 7 full papers showing...
@earnestobob @MLevitt_NP2013 ...very substantial immunity (T-cell responses) to SARS-CoV-2 in prepandemic leukocytes.
A recent paper showed 81% of subjects having this distinct recognition. Again, epitope analysis demonstrated the shared origins as common cold coronaviruses. I mused that if there’d been...
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13 Nov
@elonmusk Elon, there isn’t one answer to this. It depends among other things on the number of tests run per day as a measure of stress on the testing system. Most false positives arise from handling errors in the sample processing stages. In U.K. I’ve seen test runs yield >10% positives.
@elonmusk This is on people who weren’t symptomatic. I’m happy to be corrected, but I don’t think we ever got to 10% positivity in the population at the height of the spring pandemic.
If correct, it’s then certain that such PCR runs are completely unreliable.
@elonmusk I’m a scientist & love cool techniques like PCR which can do things that are almost impossible in other ways. But features giving PCR awesome powers also make is non-robust in a production context. For some reason, too few are aware it’s possible to have all positives be false.
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12 Nov
@chicago_sunrise @subsix848 @AlexBerenson @JAMA_current Strictly you can’t culture (grow in isolation) a virus. They only grow if they can invade living cells. So that’s what we mean: “can you infect susceptible cells using a clinical sample?”
In this paper, the answer is no, in patients whose PCR was only positive if amplification...
@chicago_sunrise @subsix848 @AlexBerenson @JAMA_current ...is turned up high. If other words, if your sample is PCR positive only when amplification is turned up beyond 32 cycles, THEY ARE NOT INFECTIOUS.
Once we learned this, early in the spring outbreak, I bet you all think there was broad agreement that we’d set the maximum...
@chicago_sunrise @subsix848 @AlexBerenson @JAMA_current ...amplification to 32 cycles, if you’d hope so, if there were any honest scientists doing this work.

They did no such thing. In U.K. they’ve kept the amplification turned up to FORTY (40) cycles, even AFTER it’d be repeatedly shown that positive results obtained at more than...
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10 Nov
@d_spiegel @LettingFocus @SeanBFlanagan @BreesAnna @toadmeister @allisonpearson @ClarkeMicah @Charlotte3003G @MLevitt_NP2013 @SunetraGupta @carlheneghan @MartinKulldorff @AlistairHaimes @FatEmperor @HaraldofW @JuliaHB1 @Iromg @talkRADIO @mgmgomes1 @spectator @unherd @freddiesayers @spikedonline @ProfKarolSikora @HuwMerriman Respectfully, that’s incorrect, Sir David. I bow to you as master statistician. I ask that you recognise there is a great deal of laboratory insight I have that affects the outcome & isn’t amenable to statistical analysis if you’re unaware of these.
Just as a simple example...
@d_spiegel @LettingFocus @SeanBFlanagan @BreesAnna @toadmeister @allisonpearson @ClarkeMicah @Charlotte3003G @MLevitt_NP2013 @SunetraGupta @carlheneghan @MartinKulldorff @AlistairHaimes @FatEmperor @HaraldofW @JuliaHB1 @Iromg @talkRADIO @mgmgomes1 @spectator @unherd @freddiesayers @spikedonline @ProfKarolSikora @HuwMerriman ...the manufacturer’s values for false positives is under ideal conditions & measure the intrinsic limits for example the ability under perfect conditions to distinguish some sequences from all others. This isn’t the main source of false positives at all. These are mostly...
@d_spiegel @LettingFocus @SeanBFlanagan @BreesAnna @toadmeister @allisonpearson @ClarkeMicah @Charlotte3003G @MLevitt_NP2013 @SunetraGupta @carlheneghan @MartinKulldorff @AlistairHaimes @FatEmperor @HaraldofW @JuliaHB1 @Iromg @talkRADIO @mgmgomes1 @spectator @unherd @freddiesayers @spikedonline @ProfKarolSikora @HuwMerriman <lost my place & fell asleep, it’d been a long day>
...caused by issues related to the sample itself (eg biologically they’re very ‘dirty’ & may contain very large amounts of irrelevant bacterial DNA) and / or sample preparation. I use as explainer the comparison of the person...
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8 Nov
Assuming this advert from an estate agent is correct, the housing market remains open during LD#2.

”We are open and here to help in the safest possible way.
In line with latest Government’s guidelines on home moving, the housing market will remain open during the national...
... lockdown which started yesterday, the 5th November 2020, and all our offices in England will continue to operate.
Exceptions on leaving home include undertaking any of the following activities in connection with the purchase, sale, letting or rental of a residential...
... property:

Visiting estate or letting agents, developer sales offices or show homes

Viewing residential properties to look for a property to buy or to rent

Preparing a residential property to move in

Moving house

Visiting a residential property to undertake...
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