This thread will transcribe many of Trump attorney L. Lin Wood's comments in the interview below. Quotation marks will indicate that Mr. Wood is speaking.

"When all is known I am 100% confident that Donald Trump will be President of the United States for four more years." /1
Wood: "And I’m just as confident that Joe Biden and the people like him that have been trying to steal this election, committing crimes for years, they’re all going to jail." /2
Wood: "This was a well planned—almost for two decades—attack to overthrow our government. Was it well done in the sense of trying to hide the fraud? Sure. But it was too massive." /3
Wood: "Donald Trump surprised even the enemy in the wide margins in which he won in the key states they had targeted to steal. So in in the middle of the night they started having to produce tens of thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of fake paper ballots." /4
Wood: "So will this be resolved by the courts? Yes. But I don’t believe that it necessarily has to be resolved by the courts before the people in this country fully recognize by the irrefutable evidence that Joe Biden is illegitimate, his votes were fraudulent,...." /5
Wood: "...he [Biden] tried to steal this election and he failed. So the people of this country will actually do with the people of this country are supposed to do. The people of this country will decide who the next president of the United States will be." /6
Wood: "It will be confirmed by the courts in terms of the illegality of the fraud. But between now and when all these deadlines come to pass the evidence that will be put out over time will convince any fair-minded and objective American, even many who did not support Trump.." /7
Wood: "that there was a concerted calculated effort to steal our government and our freedom. And in the process the record will show that they themselves killed many people in this country. These people are despicable, they are criminals." /8
Wood: "Going forward, I’m confident there will be no more corruption in the White House. Donald Trump‘s going to drain the swamp. Stay tuned." /9
Wood: "I am working specifically on a lawsuit that will be filed in Georgia where the Georgia election will have to be deemed unlawful and void." /10
Wood: "Because the Democrats got the Secretary of State in Georgia to enter into a consent settlement in litigation in March of this year where the Secretary of State substantively changed the rules of the election as they related to the absentee ballots." /11
Wood: "The law doesn’t allow the Secretary of State to do that. It has to be done in a Federal election by the state legislature. Just like in Pennsylvania, just along the same grounds were Justice Alito ruled when he separated the ballots." /12
Wood: "So the state of Georgia will ultimately have to have the governor order a special session of the legislature. They will recognize that the election was unlawful and illegal." /13
Wood: "That it is likely impossible without it taking a considerable length of time to show the level of the fraud in the real vote count, so that under those circumstances the legislature will select and elect the electors. Those electors vote for Donald J Trump." /14
Wood: "Legislators are politicians. And most of the state politicians, they have to run for office within a couple of years. Too many of them are in government because they want power influence and money. So they probably want to stay there." /15
Wood: "If they [the legislators] want to stay there, they’re going to follow the will of the people. And the will of the people this election was overwhelmingly to reelect Donald J. Trump President of the United States." /16
Wood: "I am confident that President Trump won an historic landslide election. What you’re hearing now in the media is a lie." /17
Wood: "The media has been lying to this country as a propaganda tool for the people trying to overthrow our government for years. They groomed us, they played us, but you fool us once – OK, you’re not going to fool the people of this country twice." /18
Wood: "We know what they’ve done now. They’ve been caught. In time, a lot of people are going to jail." /19
Wood: "I know that there are whistleblowers. I think there’s probably going to be much more than three. But I can tell you that the evidence is going to be undisputed that the dominion voting machines were originally in Venezuela, paid for by Cuban money, ...." /20
Wood: "...and [the voting machines] then found their way into this country in business relationships tied to George Soros and to the Clinton foundation." /21
Wood: "It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out who is behind the effort to overthrow our government. It’s the global elitists. It’s the criminals like the Clinton crime family. And the country’s going to find out there’s been a heavy involvement by China." /22
Wood: "We’re going to go through some difficult days and weeks ahead but we’re going to prevail, freedoms going to reign. But it’s going to be difficult." /23
Wood: "When it’s over things in this country are going to return to the days of when we lived a truthful life and we get rid of all of the swamp, the swamp creatures, who have used our government, used our taxpayers’ money, ..." /24
Wood: "[used our taxpayers money] to stick it in their own pockets, like Joe Biden, like Bill Clinton, like Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama. Every lie, with time, will be revealed." /25

• • •

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