1) This is Mr Daniel Bongino.

He's a former congressional candidate, NYPD officer, & Secret Service.

Today he is arguably the most shared and viewed content creator on Facebook (in the US).

He’s also a favoured talking head on Fox News. Image
2) If you follow the Facebook Top 10 account, which uses Facebook’s own data to rank the most shared stories on Facebook each day, Bongino’s name shows up constantly.

3) Bongino says that “owning the libs” is his “lifestyle”. In 2018 he said “My life is all about owning the libs now”.

For the unitiated, he means “owning the liberals”.

Translated to normal human speak, it's basically beating anyone who doesn’t share a right wing worldview. Image
4) Mr B has been asked how he manages to consistently get more Facebook eyeballs than sophisticated News orgs, social media hucksters, the worlds biggest ad agencies, enormous businesses, journalists, other better resourced and funded political actors.
5) His helpful answer as to how he dominates Facebook so consistently….is:

“I have no idea” Image
6) Other American right wing social media / TV personalities like Ben Shapiro, have allegedly been caught out using networks of fake personas/pages.

To push their content to the top.

popular.info/p/the-dirty-se… Image
7) According to the New York Times, Mr Bongino swears that he

“completely, categorically, 100 % by no means used any underhanded techniques”

to promote himself.

“We don’t use bots. We don’t even promote a lot on Fb.”

He says.
8) Bongino claims that despite paying for & employing a team of writers to create content for FB, he never bothers to really check the results of their work.

He just pays them.

He apparently has no idea how the people he pays to create content for his Facebook page do it.
9) “If I told you I spent 10 minutes on [Facebook] analytics over the past year, I’d be lying.

I have no idea”

Said Bongino, to the New York Times.

nytimes.com/2020/10/29/tec… Image
10) In other, totally unrelated, news, Bongino is apparently an investor in “Parler” a “free speech” alternative to Twitter.

If your definition of free speech is right wing speech and extreme speech, only.

(He also allegedly sometimes claims he “owns” Parler).
11) A Twitter thread looking into Parler’s strange origins and implausible founder story, did not go down well with Mr.B.

So he made sure to quickly own the libs, by calling the author, @davetroy, an "imbecile" and also completely ignoring the content and detail of the story. Image
12) Mr B has a history of flying off the handle like this.

Swearing, getting into arguments with, and insulting, journalists.

Without responding to the substance or detail of the story itself.

13) Whenever Mr B “owns the libs” on Twitter or Facebook, a mysterious army of hyper partisan comments seem to appear.

They support his lib-owning. And join the insulting of journalists that Mr Bongino has just 'owned'.

Like Mr “Jeff Thomasson” here. Image
14) Or this slam dunk, lib-own, in support of Bongino from a lady called “Rebecca Robertson”. Image
15) Interestingly spelled “Rebbecca” is an “online Christian political analyst”.

Who supports Israel, “Shalom”.

Mmmkay. Image
16) Rebbecca’s profile picture is a photo, posted in 2011, by an Indian blogger called Soumya Prasad.

The watermark of the photo is cropped on Twitter, but not on FB. Image
17) Like many other anonymous patriots who swarm social media to promote the latest Bongino news, Rebbecca is a huge, very genuine, fan of Mr Bongino. Image
18) A must buy!

For me and my family. Image
19) Rebbecca cannot get enough Bongino.

She does this on Facebook as well as Twitter.

No wonder Mr.B is owning the libs so hard! And slammin’ antifa’s Algorithms!! Image
20) Rebbecca also spends a not insignificant amount of effort promoting Bongino’s (and allegedly Rebeckah Mercer’s) “Free speech” Twitter alternative, Parler.

Join Parler!

Ok dear Image
21) It’s actually quite difficult to summarise the strangeness of “rebbecca” and the army of pro-Bongino / Pro-Parler social media accounts.
22) Without getting bogged down in confusing detail, Rebbecca has been on FB and Twitter for nearly 10 years.

The first year on Facebook, Rebbecca posted nothing stock photos of polar bears. For months. Image
23) This could be a way to “age” the Facebook account, to avoid detection by Facebook as a bad actor or spammer.

Newer accounts are more likely to be flagged for spam or banned (this is true across all social networks and the internet in general).
24) On Twitter, back in 2012, Rebbecca started out her Twitter-life as an anti-Scottish independence anti-SNP, activist.

Which of course makes total sense. Image
25) Along with a lot of Hitler retweets.

Normal. Image
26) Rebbecca’s very first tweets were in Thai, naturally. Image
27) On Facebook, she claims to have moved to Dallas, Texas recently and comments that “Trump is my president”

But there are a few clues that suggest she’s actually based in Kenya. Image
28) Rebbecca has had some big hits with her pro Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage content.

7,000 comments. Image
29) “I don’t hate you Nigel. In fact, I love you so much” Image
30) A humble:

Kenya based, Indian Instagrammer, Thai-speaking, anti Scottish independence, pro-Putin, Farage loving, Tommy Robinson supporting, Israel lovin’, anti BLM, MAGA, Dan Bongino fangirl….

Who just wants people to hurry up and use Parler. What’s so weird about that? Image
31) This thread can’t even begin to document the full story of Rebbecca.

Let alone the enormous number of other right wing often pro-Bongino, Parler-promoting, social media personalities.


PARLER?” Image
32) Anyway.

In other, totally unrelated, separate news, Mr B is still one of the most viewed accounts on Facebook, in America.

1. Bongino 2. Bongino 3. Some guy 4. lol 5. Rupert Murdoch 6. Bongino 7. Bongino 8. Murdoch 9. Some guy, whatever 10. Bongino
33) Very cool. Very nice. Totally normal.

Welcome to the @TrollZoo ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

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They shared it in Jeremy Corbyn Facebook fan groups. Image
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LondonDailyReport creates very basic images of those news stories, to share alongside their link, on Facebook. Image
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