#AfricanLivesMatter I see a lot of people downtown, in the townships and on social media pictures of protests, parties , club outings and rallies without masks or social distancing . Stop this Foolishness! COVID-19 is real and do not invite the angel of death into your life
#AfricanLivesMatter If - as an African- you have had to deal with any funeral of a COVID-19 victim under the existing COVID-19 protocols ...then you know that this thing is real , emotionally tortuous, psychologically traumatic and simply unfair to friends, family&loved ones
#AfricanLivesMatter Stop acting immortal or playing immune god or goddess . You are human and very much vulnerable to COVID-19.Stop being selfish by having fun at your family, friends, workers & neighbour's expense .Behave wisely & be considerate .No COVID-19 gift for Christmas
#AfricanLivesMatter COVID-19 is not just 'a Flu' or 'common cold'. Wearing a mask in public and sanitising your hands isn't a hoax nor is it a conspiracy theory. There are doctors, nurses, infants, young & old people succumbing to COVID-19. Don't become the careless courier
#AfricanLivesMatter The desire to return to "normalcy" for Christmas, especially during these COVID-19 days is just mere childish fantasy . The vaccine is not yet available to you . Prevent COVID-19 through non-therapeutic means: wear your mask, sanitise & keep physical distance
#AfricanLivesMatter There is no heavenly or earthly reward for attending every rally ,going to every church service,attending every braai/barbecue, wedding or funeral . COVID-19 didn't die or evaporate such that you now visit everyone for no reason at all.Stay home, Stay Safe!
#AfricanLivesMatter I do not want to hear anyone blaming demons , witchcraft or the devil if anyone gets COVID-19 and infects many .Witches, wizards, demons and Satan didn't gang up on you& rob you of your mask .They didn't drive your car to the nightclub, church or mall. You did
#AfricanLivesMatter The Scientists/ Doctors are telling us there is a virulent second wave of COVID-19 in Africa and across the world. High figures of new infections and possible partial lockdowns . In reality ,there is an outbreak of human Foolishness driving the new infections
#AfricanLivesMatter I am not advocating fear of COVID-19, but responsibility and wisdom in the face of risk and danger it poses . It would be tragic if we continue losing health workers,government ministers,MPs ,business folks, Church , NGO and traditional leaders to COVID-19

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16 Nov
#AfricanLivesMatter Before you post anything on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter ,especially of a visual nature ,do think of the longterm consequences for yourself, your children and loved ones. What makes you popular and happy may bring them lifelong shame, pain & ridicule
#AfricanLivesMatter What we decide for ourselves, we -in reality- decide for everyone else in our lives . If you steal from public coffers, engage in corruption, murder ,invoke juju or other spiritual force(good or malevolent) , you set in motion consequences for your loved ones
#AfricanLivesMatter A chap once boasted of having many children by different mothers. He could & had wealth. He died from a freak accident and a third world war erupted amongst his children and the women for what turned out to be- in substance-an average& poorly planned estate
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15 Nov
#AfricanLivesMatter I think like you all ,as a child I never enjoyed or wanted to take bitter medicine. I suspect that you - like me- loved all the deadly stuff like sweets & fizzy drinks ,especially Coke. You may have loved fast food & adding salt to your food too. That's life!
#AfricanLivesMatter As you grow and mature as well as study , you quickly realise the cost of sugar & salt to your health and quality of life. BUT there are a lot more people in fast-food shops than there are in health shops & vegan restaurants. Fast food& fizzy still rules
#AfricanLivesMatter Life is like that . The moral, ethical, intellectual and substantive stuff ( healthy food) is never going to be as popular as social, political or economic fast food & fizzy . The love of life lived fast ,easy & showy is always going to be more popular
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9 Dec 19
#AfricanLivesMatter If you refer to my tweets since August 2017, I have cautioned friends & foes alike against the lure of overkill ; the danger of uniting men & women that despise each other.I have warned too that "He or she that sins for &with you ,will one day sin against you"
#AfricanLivesMatter Read too when I severally cautioned intellectuals , professionals ,clergy and businessmen against talking more than the stockholders .I repeatedly cautioned against defending stuff that you least understand or don't know .I cautioned against power drunkenness
#AfricanLivesMatter It is true that to truly transform any country you need to assemble teams of often strong personalities that may disagree on many things . But the importance of being principled, honest enough to own your errors and humble enough to receive criticism
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