Have you ever wondered why AG Barr hasn’t intervened in the state-level masking and social distancing orders?
Honestly what makes me angry is the fact that misery was used as a political tool by both sides.
There was never any reason to allow the Covid lockdowns to progress as badly as they did. Fauci could have been changed out too. But angry people make motivated voters.
The same thing goes forward AntiFa. The riots did not have to get so violent. But we had to see how bad it would get for ourselves, right?
I don’t like being a target of somebody’s psyop. Election fraud should never have been allowed to progress as far as it did.
The issue is not only whether one wins an election. It is also about people literally hating each other for no reason at all, because of social pressure.
I do believe that our Nation must unify. It isn’t going to happen just because fraud was discovered. In fact that might only make the polarization worse.
The real work has to do with naming the enemy. That enemy operates freely and regulates our lives under many different guises. It is called: ABUSE OF INSTITUTIONAL POWER.
As long as the President avoids the tough work of naming and eliminating corruption at the root — meaning, naming names and capital punishment — the real recovery from sickness cannot begin.
We see this in the Bible. God commanded the Jews to utterly destroy the enemy. He who has mercy on the enemy will end up being their captive again.
In the Adonijah story, where King David’s son tried to steal the throne from Solomon, brother Solomon had mercy at first.
It was only when Adonijah sought to marry his father’s attendant (King David’s female aide), that Solomon had the insolent pretender killed.
The time for draining the swamp has long since passed. These traitors have gotten away with torturing our Nation for so long.
I am not interested any more in hearing how it’s a “sting” operation, or how it would hurt somebody’s feelings.
Let’s hope that things go well tomorrow, and Biden concedes quickly, to avoid a public spectacle.
The real work is only just beginning, and it will involve each of us being aware, alert, attentive, and involved.
I’m not wasting any more time on arguments with people who can’t see reality. Whether they do or don’t wake up is solely their choice; I don’t believe in bringing the ballot to them.
To Freedom.
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