Oh, you bet.

This is a thread to transcribe a video in which Joe Biden is mentioned.
4:08 Ally (xoodyssey): “Trump has took down many child rings....He took down the biggest ring, and I'll show you right now, it was an all-boys ring, the biggest ring, this man has been in business for decades.”

Shelly (mom): “Well sent our military for training for underground…”

Ally: “Yes, the military got different training. Look it up, why would the military get underground, underground training in infrared."
"Why? Want me to tell you why? ‘Cause there’s ventilators underground, there's ventilators, there's a different oxygen life, there's different lights, there's a different world under this ground.”

Shelly: “All over the place.”

Ally: “I don’t like to be interrogated, but, like I said, I know things that your average person has no idea about. About Ron Jeremy. So why would I? Why? Let me tell you why.”


Ally: “Because Joe Biden has a water island."

(Fact check: It is Joe Biden's brother.)
However, we do know that the Biden family is close, did business together, and that Joe Biden has a passion for real estate.
"A common mistake when referring to the lavish holdings of convicted sex offender and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein: He has not one but two private islands in the Caribbean."

"About a mile southeast of St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands lies the 75-acre Little St. James, which Epstein bought through an LLC in 1998 for $7.95 million.

"He later added the 165-acre Great St. James Island for the reported price of $18 million in 2016."
"Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg has purchased a 750-acre property on the North Shore of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Forbes confirms." (9/6/2017)
"The Facebook CEO is trying to enhance the seclusion of his property by filing several lawsuits aimed at forcing these families to sell their land at a public court auction to the highest bidder." (1/18/2017)
It is normal for a billionaire to want to be secluded.

I also can't find that Zuckerberg's island is near a "kid island."
Zuckerberg does go to great lengths to protect his security, which probably makes sense given his prominence and wealth.

"Mark Zuckerberg's conference room has a secret 'panic chute,' report says" (3/8/2019)

Q comments: "People only engage security (+ escape vehicles) when they have something very serious to FEAR.
What is that FEAR for MZ?" (Message #3006, 3/9/2019)
Is there a connection between Joe Biden, Jeffrey Epstein, and Mark Zuckerberg? Ally (xoodyssey) seems to think so, and she connects them through "water islands."
Now, the Daily Dot has published a negative article on Ally. The article seeks to debunk Ally's claims by linking her with Q believers, and by highlighting her seemingly outrageous claims, such as this:

"As noted by Twitter user @dappergander, who investigates far-right movements online, the woman’s Facebook page claims that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton eats babies after boiling them in a cauldron."

I found this claim online.
It turns out that Shelly was quoting another Twitter user and essentially affirming what he was saying.

Here is the Tweet along with Shelly's comment and the attacks alongside it.

The account @Jfkjuni0r posted the original tweet on November 19, 2019, and subsequently deleted it.
I searched "moloch cauldron" in DuckDuckGo (as well as Google) and could not find such a contraption. That does not mean it does not exist.

To be clear, Shelly did not directly accuse Hillary Clinton of boiling babies and eating them, but she did seem to endorse on a Tweet that made this claim. And it is a shocking claim.
Also, Shelly added Hillary's name to it.
But consider Ally's recent video, where she stated that the traffickers keep fish on the yachts, and then they throw the bodies over the edge of the yachts when they're done with them, together with the fish, so that the body is eaten and disposed of at the same time.
To hear someone out is not to agree with everything they say.

But I believe Ally needs to be heard.

That is why I'm doing this.

(There are hours of video to go through. I don't have the link to the above claim at the moment.)
Consider that the life these people live is very weird.
Like, the notion that Ghislaine Maxwell would be hiding in a submarine.
That's weird.

Hiding in a submarine would be weird enough, but Ghislaine actually has a submarine license.

Like, she can DRIVE them.
Water Island (that's the name) purchased by Joe Biden's brother James. "He has previously been accused by former business contacts of seeking to exploit the former VP’s clout for financial gain in court proceedings in NY, KY, and FL, though he has denied."
"Water Island is a 500-acre spit of land in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Department of Defense purchased the island from a Danish company during World War II, using it to protect a submarine base on nearby St. Thomas."

Submarine base
"Since then, it has become an under-the-radar tropical getaway dotted with several-dozen homes, where the largest beachfront estates can fetch north of a million dollars."
A secret getaway near a submarine base where the homes are expensive.

One anon figured out that it was less than 9 miles between Epstein and Biden.

Twitter does not like this link.
Again, remember what we talked about with the election fraud issue.

It is critical to show that the criminal set the stage to commit the crime.
"A submarine base is a military base that shelters submarines and their personnel."

Water Island is 491.5 acres.

Now we will go back to the transcript.

Ally: “Because Joe Biden has a water island. Jeffrey Epstein had an island. Zuck, Facebook owner? He has an island. Guess what neighboring island, he's on? He neighbors right next to Water Island. It’s a kid island. Go figure. What does he own? Our social media.”

“Ain’t that funny? The man who has everybody’s location, privacy and your pictures that you post it every 10 years, that's the one who owns an island right next to Joe Biden and Jeffrey Epstein, look it up. Ask me how I know.”
But Hawaii is not near the Caribbean.

Ally is saying that she, directly, knows of an island owned by Mark Zuckerberg "right next to Water Island."

I will leave that to other people to fact check, but it **sounds like** she is alleging she was trafficked there.
If what Ally is alleging is true -- if even a shred of it is true -- this explains why she is currently on the run, and crying. This video is from 11/16/2020.

At some point Ally says she heard from the Trump administration with a kind of reassurance that they know where she is.

You would think they would have a cavalry of people out to save her, but just like with @SaRaAshcraft @cronsell and Brooke Federline and all the others...no.
Four years into the admin that made it a top priority to end human trafficking, and a girl on the run from traffickers, naming some of the most influential people in the world, one of whom has been "crowned" president by the media...she is helped by the grace of strangers.
And that was sort of the point of my broadcast this morning. How is such a thing possible? It is only possible if our Nation is suffering a kind of "late stage cancer," where operating is extremely dangerous.

Ally: “I don’t like to be interrogated, but, like I said, I know things that your average person has no idea about. About Ron Jeremy. So why would I? Why? Let me tell you why.”

Ally: “It’s coming out. You know that video that I posted? I have somebody in the UK editing it right now. It’s on the underground tunnels, it's under the Getty Museum in LA. I didn't wanna say nothing yet because I could get killed, you know what, bring it.”
Maybe now is a good time to talk about Joe Biden again.

"Mexican Journalist Exposes Joe Biden's Human Trafficking Compact" (10/23/2020)

"After last night's presidential debate [10/22/2020], a Mexican journalist immediately filed a live video event, to respond to the deadly lies of Joe Biden."
"Oscar 'El Blue' Ramirez....gives an excellent breakdown of the U.N. compact that Joe Biden & Barack Obama signed. That compact led to a massive influx of child trafficking and over 20,000 children in cages during the Obama administration."
"El Blue gives a 1st hand witness to the Coyote network of organized crime in human trafficking of children...a massive black market industry that Obama/Biden created by signing the UN Global Compact of open borders."

12/17 POTUS exited us from that. thehill.com/homenews/admin…
Looking at history the cages were implemented in 2014, while Obama entered the compact in 2016 (two years later). In fact it appears that the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2008 actually caused the surge in trafficking!

The Act was actually passed under President Bush.
It said that children at risk of being trafficked back at home should be remanded to HHS.
Of course if you're a child smuggler you rent a baby or steal one (God forbid) and pretend to be the parent.
This part of the issue shows how criminals (including government officials) use the law to thwart the law.

Obama did build the cages in 2014, not to harm kids, but to shelter them temporarily.
The "system" that was supposed to help kids legitimately at risk of being trafficked wound up sending them to HHS where some were further trafficked.
"The United States government placed an unknown number of Central American migrant children into the custody of human traffickers after neglecting to run the most basic checks on these so-called 'caregivers,' according to a Senate report." (1/2016) hsgac.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/…
So, Ramirez' analysis might not be 100% in terms of how the Obama-era trafficking happened, but he is coming forward to draw a link between Administration policy and trafficking, and that is what Ally points to - specifically with respect to tunnels.
Ramirez' report claims that the "compact" (I again think that he means the 2008 law, which was Bush not Obama) had "poorly designed text with loopholes wide enough to build concentration camps within."
Either way, "El Blue says 72,000 trafficked kids have been rescued during the Donald Trump administration because of efforts to determine if the child was actually a biological offspring of the so-called 'parent' who paid coyotes for the use of the child."
And indeed if you look at what CBP was doing under Kevin McAleenan, it was working deep in South America to stop the kids from being trafficked by coyotes in the first place.

Do you know what I was doing at CBP, working under Obama's administration? Now I get how stupid it was.
I actually worked on an anti-trafficking campaign (it was an interagency effort, but DHS had its own, and the Border Patrol had its own) which had fliers to be handed out IN THE BATHROOM AFTER THE PERSON HAD ALREADY BEEN TRAFFICKED
I always thought to myself, why are we making posters and fliers in fifty different languages to reach someone AFTER THEY ARE ALREADY IN THE HANDS OF TRAFFICKERS!
OK. So in order to prevent this thread from becoming gargantuan, I will assume you can search online for mention of trafficking tunnels and how they're used for all forms of illicit trade, and even terrorist purposes.
This part is interesting when you consider what Q has said about the intentional use of gangs to do the dirty work that the elite wants done.
"El Blue also asserts that Antifa is involved in the trafficking syndicate."
I believe that just as Hoover infiltrated the KKK and Black Nationalist groups, and many in the KKK reported to him, our current era of official thugs use ISIS, MS-13 and Antifa...well, you know.

That is why they all do connect.

The fact that most people are good, but that the few bad people are so incredibly bad, is why they have ganged up to "stop Trump." Because what is Trump doing?

"Trump's effective shutdown of the global human trafficking has crushed the 'cash cow' of international trafficking."
It is the international illegal trade of guns, drugs, and people that funds the international trade in terror that represses people, that makes them too scared to speak.

That is why, even as I write this, I know that you all already know - and that *they* know -

and that they know you know as well.
"Coyotes are losing enslaved children when DNA tests verify whose child the youth actually is. Kids from deep in South America are now miraculously returned to parents as a result." -- notice the Democrats virulently opposed DNA collection.

The Democrats would actually rather have a nasty headline to use against Trump ("545 kids still separated...AAAHHH") than return the kids to their grieving parents. theguardian.com/us-news/2020/o…
In case anyone was not clear on the procedure, the gangs used the 2008 law to bring a rent-a-child into the country in the hands of an illegal alien. While they haggled over the alien, the alien disappeared - kid taken home 2 b "loaned" again. archive.is/vC5eg#selectio…
"The rapes and tortures are rampant because the child is purchased property... well, okay; rented property. And these children live in perpetual fear because of the global presence of the black market human trafficking syndicates, even in the USA."

Ally: “This is what's wrong with our f--ed up world, you wanna know what everybody did, everybody took a second to defend who? Joe Biden.”
At 2:17 in the video, Ally mentions many names. I want to be careful though about how the mention of somebody's name without any context or other information isn't a fair way to accuse them of something.
Ok. There is a lot more here to listen to, read and take in. But this is enough for now.
Also see Ghislaine and the Terramar Project
h/t @amycheapho

• • •

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Server patterns—
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Remember the big push for “cloud computing”
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Ask yourself: Why specifically *there,* in that geographical place?

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Easy to take cover?
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Netanyahu: "'Deep State' controls Israel, there's no democracy here"

Netanyahu quick to call Biden after election (11/8), while others held back.

Remember -- Gantz had Hillary/Obama adviser Joel Benenson on his side?

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