By Vangie Beal. Abbreviation for terahertz. A unit of measurement of frequency, also known as cycles per second. One TeraHertz (THz) is equal to 1012 (10 to the power of 12)hertz (Hz) or one thousand gigahertz (GHz). See also Hz.
Researchers from Hiroshima University and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology in Japan have announced the development of a terahertz (THz) transmitter
capable of transmitting digital data at a rate exceeding 100 gigabits per second over a single channel using the 300-gigahertz band.
Terahertz signals with the frequency linewidth as low as a few kHz can be generated by photomixers. The frequency of the terahertz signal can be tuned by tuning the wavelengths of the lasers.
The output power in conventional photomixers falls from 2 μW at 1 THz to below 0.1 μW at 3 THz.
Terahertz radiation or sub-millimeter radiation is a region of the spectrum from about 100 GHz to 30 terahertz (THz) between microwaves and far infrared which can be regarded as belonging to either band.
In engineering, the terahertz gap is a frequency band in the terahertz region of the electromagnetic spectrum between radio waves and infrared light for which practical technologies for generating and detecting the radiation do not exist.
Most vacuum electronic devices that are used for microwave generation can be modified to operate at terahertz frequencies, including the magnetron, gyrotron, synchrotron, and free electron laser.
Similarly, microwave detectors such as the tunnel diode have been re-engineered to detect at terahertz and infrared frequencies as well.
However, many of these devices are in prototype form, are not compact, or exist at university or government research labs, without the benefit of cost savings due to mass production.
tunnel diode or Esaki diode is a type of semiconductor diode that has effectively "negative resistance" due to the quantum mechanical effect called tunneling.
Another type of tunnel diode is a metal–insulator–insulator–metal (MIIM) diode, where an additional insulator layer allows "step tunneling" for more precise control of the diode.
A semiconductor diode, the most commonly used type today, is a crystalline piece of semiconductor material with a p–n junction connected to two electrical terminals.
A crystal or crystalline solid is a solid material whose constituents are arranged in a highly ordered microscopic structure, forming a crystal lattice that extends in all directions.
In 1935 tobacco mosaic virus became the first virus to be crystallized; in 1955 the poliomyelitis virus was crystallized.
SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped virus, which means that the RNA is packaged within an outer fatty or lipid membrane.?
A virosome is basically a liposome that is covered in the envelope glycoproteins of a virus.
Influenza virosomes are produced by the detergent removal of viral membrane proteins and lipids (Stegmann et al., 1987).
Aluminum is considered one of the contributing factors to oxidative stress, as it generates ROS.
Aluminum has been shown to cause oxidative damage to neurons through Iron (Fe2+) (37). It has been reported that aluminum stabilize ferrous (Fe2+) ion by reducing its rate of oxidation.

(God bless you all).

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19 Nov
What was the first virus in the world?

Tobacco mosaic virus

Two scientists contributed to the discovery of the first virus, Tobacco mosaic virus.

In 1935 tobacco mosaic virus became the first virus to be crystallized; in 1955 the poliomyelitis virus was crystallized.
An automated procedure was developed to determine the geometrical and chemical interactions of crystalline virus particles using the crystal parameters, particle position, orientation, and atomic coordinates for an icosahedral asymmetric unit.
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@Light2020To Omnidirectional phased array antennas... ultrasound.
@Light2020To In this study, ultrasound-mediated cavitation of microbubbles was investigated as a mean of enhancing the delivery of a liposome designed for chemo-radionuclide therapy targeted to EGFR overexpressing cancer.
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The nature of man on Earth was formed after the nature of things in Heaven, and man had all things contained as potential within
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Graphene quantum dots



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We should ban quantum dots all together.
Stop the vaccine cycles.
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