I see it's "All Hands On Deck" to defend #ABTraceTogether, with the Matts and the Minister going at it flat out trying to convince Albertans that the app is just fine.

It's not, and it never will be - here's why: #abpoli #ableg /1
At the end of the day, it's using iOS APIs in ways that they are NOT supposed to be used. _EVER_. This is a hard line in Apple's iOS environment.

I had a similar experience professionally a number of years ago which is illustrative as to why this is a bad idea. /2
At the time, the company I was working with was migrating our product to Windows, and the decision was made to use Microsoft SQL Server (MSSQL) with Microsoft Clustering Services (MSCS) for redundancy.

All of this is fine - in fact both choices made sense. /3
Then someone decided that our own redundancy software had to control MSCS and MSSQL directly and spent a significant amount of time attempting to crowbar WCS into behaving the way our software did. /4
Except they didn't take in the little detail that WCS didn't do "demand fail over" quite as expected. It took it as a request, and would then proceed to ask MSSQL if there was any reason to fail over. If there wasn't it would refuse to do so. /5
No amount of tweaking of our software would change this behaviour - basically MSCS took ownership of it and said "nah - we're not going to do that today", and it would result in all kinds of strange behaviours. /6
For the next number of years, my team spent somewhere around 30% of its time investigating failover problems associated with this design.

Every time, the logs would show exactly the same patterns, with predictable side effects. /7
Eventually, I looked at it and decided to change it by lobotomizing the connection between our redundancy software and MSCS - and just treat the clustered MSSQL as a service we talked to.

Once rolled out, the bug reports that were consuming 1/3 of my team's time disappeared. /8
So, what does this have to do with #ABTraceTogether?

Everything. The #TraceTogether platform is doing the same sort of thing - it is using API services in ways that they should not be used, and it runs into unresolvable behaviour problems. /9

@shandro and his pet Matt, @SteveBuick2, can yammer on all they like about uptake, but underneath it all, there is a fundamental flaw in how the app does things that cannot be fixed by "tweaking" the software. /10
You do not fix fundamental design problems by "tweaking" things. The problem will come back and bite you on the ass.

Unlike Singapore, where most people use Android devices, in Alberta there are a lot of iOS users. Ignoring this reality doesn't make it go away. /11
The fix is to use to API that Apple and Google collaborated on for contact tracing purposes. This is what the Federal government's COVID Alert app does.

I don't care if it hurts the collective feelings of the @UCPCaucus and @jkenney or not, Alberta needs to get on board. /12
PS: In rereading this, I inadvertently used WCS as a synonym for MSCS - my apologies for the confusion.
PS 2: As the tweet below points out, cross-border mobility is also a significant issue, which is another reason that we should be using the Covid Alert app in Alberta. #ableg #abpoli

• • •

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18 Nov
The UCP wants to remove this "because of costs". #ableg #abpoli /1

This is a classic example of the UCP government making penny-ante changes in the name of "cost savings". Meanwhile, the government is funnelling millions in money through the "War Room" and other blatantly political expenditures. /2
Saying that the living wall is an "unnecessary expenditure" is really more of a "let's poke people in the eye again" to see if they react. /3
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16 Nov
"Religious gatherings aren't the problem"... /1

#abpoli #ableg #COVID19AB Image
So ... quick google search turns up the following: (and this is in the period from August through October) /2 Image
... a quick sum of the total cases this covers is some 292 cases. /3

Why is this?

It's pretty simple: Religious gatherings _ARE_ social gatherings. By far, the majority of people attend church in part to meet their social needs.
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24 Oct
O'Toole is, once again doing the standard conservative tactic of lying.
First of all, it wasn't exactly the case that First Nations were supporting the Northern Gateway project in the first place:

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enbridge_… /2
Second, Enbridge's general inaction on the conditions imposed on approval strongly suggests that the project was already shelved by 2014/15. /3

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24 Oct
[Thread] So, let's have a little talk about the significance of Pierre Trudeau's "middle finger salute" and Alberta politics. /1
It seems that even 40 odd years on, there are some in Alberta who refuse to let go of what happened in the past, and still want to argue that it was some big slight to Alberta (especially). /2

Except, when they do this, these people forget the context in which that infamous salute happened.

It was protests over official bilingualism, and protestors were hurling epithets at the PM's train as it went by that in today's language would be understood to be racism. /3
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7 Oct
Let's talk a little about subtleties in writing - word weighting, bias, etc. #abpoli /1

Mr. Braid's column seems to suggest that we should be "surprised" at the harsh tone and lack of cooperation between the UCP governing party and the NDP opposition. /2
It would be easy to read this snippet and think "well, it's really both of them that are at fault here". Except it's not. /3
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16 Sep
I'm sure that whatever gets proposed in the Throne Speech on September 23, we will get one response from the political RW: "We can't afford it" - especially if it's any form of UBI #cdnpoli /1
BUT - the real question is "can we afford not to"? The COVID-19 shut-in of the economy revealed some very interesting things about our existing social safety net - especially EI. /2
First of all, it showed us that the employment economy has changed, more substantially than our politicians realized. /3
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