#Breaking #BreakingNews
-Data shows DROP & ROLL strategy of #JoeBiden #VoterFraud Org Clearly
-This STILL without FULL FORENSICS NEEDED which will show MASSIVE Nationwide CRIMINAL Cartel Corruption
-HUGE DROPS, then Exact #s
-DROP =Dump MASSIVE # of unexplained votes
-ROLL =Fix remaining vote counts in Exact proportions to keep the lead
-DUMPS = Dump extra at the end
-#Trump was ahead 57% to 42% #Biden HUGE Margin
-Then MASS Dumps (Computer Entries manually & in-network) for hours until Biden takes lead
-Roll=Then for next 53 Batches EVERY SINGLE one 50.05% to 49.95% for Biden.
=100% Machine Done #VoterFraud.
@FBI @TheJusticeDept
#Trump leads for hours 55% to 43%
-DROP= 6:31 AM 141,238 votes Dropped for #Biden
-ROLL= almost EVERY batch after 9:15 batch EXACTLY 50% #Biden to 49% #Trump.
= Can ONLY be Computer generated! Image
#Trump leads for hours 52% to 46%
-DROP 308,000 Dumped for #Biden
-ROLL All remaining batches 50% to 49% #JoeBiden EXACTLY. IMPOSSIBLE
= COMPUTER GENERATED RESULTS or manually manipulated tabulation entries. Image
#trump leads for hours by near 700,000 votes
-DROP= Over 1 MILLION Votes from nowhere for #Biden in 48 hours
-ROLL=Then ratios set for remaining batches #Trump only 40% of mail in ballots per county vs election day #s.
=Ratios Set to STEAL. Computer or manual. Image
They used a Drop & Roll & got caught.
+However, they used MANY MORE Strategies also
-Counting Stacks 8-10X for #Joebiden at polls ALL DAY LONG with #Whistleblowers on VIDEO going to COURT
-NOT ONE #Trump Ballot nor downvotes nor other candidates for MILLIONS of ballots. Image
-The internal Steals of votes from Trump in the software, then the switching from Trump to Biden, was MILLIONS of Votes.
-Then internally they re-did all the tabulations, Stealing MILLIONS MORE from Trump with these Pre-Set ratios
-MILLIONS votes for Biden manually entered

β€’ β€’ β€’

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2 Dec
#Breaking #BreakingNews
BillBarr has been appointed TO THE BOARD of #Dominion Energy. He's reportedly received MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from them over 2009-2020 period. O.O It's 911 all over again folks, & you got *******.
Gates, Buffet, CIA, #Deepstate Image
-This is a literal snapshot from their website.
-The CEO just stepped down, w' key board members dumping shares, & they sold their Pipeline to Warren Buffet, HUGE funder of Clintons & Who is giving ALL HIS MONEY to BillGates' "Black Extermination Project" & Vax you Foundation.
TROLLS & Mindless Fools are already saying "This is unrelated"
-Firstly that is completely ignorant & braindead to jump to such a conclusion without all the information & ANY of the facts.
-Dominion Energy/Resources has over 240 Subsidiaries & Dominion Voting COMES FROM THEM
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1 Dec
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Andy Huang, #Dominion's IT Manager, is connected to the North Korean Trojan on Beijing's #Dominion network & has been revealed as "Xuemei Zhang" the owner of ip in China, who has a lot of shell companies in #America & a CCP ChinaTelecom Agent ImageImageImageImage
-Andy uses 3 names.
-He used to work for Blacklisted Foreign CCP Agent China Telecom.
-China Telecom is the Guangzhou link of the #Dominion ips which pass from Beijing & Hongkong into Guangzhou Huadu & Yuiexiu districts where they seem to meet their end. ImageImageImageImage
He also has a consulting company called "OrientalNet" Consulting on Internet networking in Asia, which he claimed "does Jewellery" also.
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1 Dec
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Hard Drive Shredding Truck Shows up to #Georgia #Elections machines facility. It can shred machine parts, server drives, USBs etc. People are calling for the Arrest of #Kemp & the #FBI asleep on the job. Judges & Kemp seem Complicit w' Crime ImageImage
First #Raffensperger Shredded what seemed to be MILLIONS of ballots over HOURS of a lady videotaping them several times before police arrived.

Now they are sending E-Waste trucks to do Shredding the Hard drives? WOW. MASSIVE CRIME going on here for all to see. VERY OBVIOUS
#GwinettCounty hard Drives & #Election Machines by #Dominion & USBs & Evidence being SHREDDED along with the MILLIONS of ballots on video that were shredded ALSO as #FBI does NOTHING. Can you imagine if this was done in a bank? RAIDED in 5 minutes!! OBVIOUS @realDonaldTrump
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1 Dec
#BREAKING #BreakingNews
CCP #China gives 400 MILLION to #Dominion!!
The parent company of #Dominion received $400 million from a CHINESE Investment Bank in #Switzerland
(75% CCP ownership of UBS Securities Co LTD. The other 25% is owned by UBS Securities) Image
PDF documents confirming the above details were provided by #Austin Security and Investigation Solutions. Go #Texas!

#Dominion is now definitely the #1 most well CCP funded #Elections machines company on earth, AND one of the most well funded by CCP CHINA companies on earth. The influence is obviously Extreme, as well as them being a Radical-Extremist-Political group according to Staff.
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1 Dec
#Breaking #BreakingNews
#Dominion Unethically Officially Removed the "Mobile Server" From #FultonCounty #Georgia, they Confirmed it. Without notifying ANYONE, nor supervision, to of course wipe the CRIMINALLY incriminating evidence from it
zerohedge.com/political/powe… Image
-A "Mobile Server" what kind of "MS?" as in one that takes data from the MOBILE CARDS inside the machine that send the data WIRELESSLY so it can be manipulated? So they can FRAUD the #s they REFUSE to show to anyone as they run cut & hide like a pack of Crack dealers? Right.
One contributor states the obvious. Courts should be CHALLENGED to PROVE #Dominion's results. The judge CAN NOT. He can NOT provide ANY assurances to the people that the results are secure in ANY WAY WHATSOEVER, PERIOD! So they have to be thrown out or called in to be proven.
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1 Dec
#Watermarks issue:
There are rumors on this & outright Nonsense garbages also on this. Let me clarify in this thread.
1. GENERIC watermarks are not something special, they are in many ballots. They are NOT QFS Blockchain NOR GPS
2. Ballots are NOT GPS capable
3. RFID chips are NOT GPS functional!
4. There is ZERO evidence that ballots have "rfid chips" in them. (it would be possible but very expensive to do & there is ZERO sign of this being done ANYWHERE, nor any legitimate confirmation)
5. REGARDLESS you put "Nano-gel, or Rfid or 'radioactive dots' on them" this WILL NOT make them GPS trackable nor trackable by Location IN ANY WAY. WRONG!
6. Watermarks are NOT NEW. They have been used before. They are "newer" but NOT brand new. Just most ppl aren't aware.
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