Logically — if they stole one election they stole other elections. Look back and find patterns.
I have no special info. Just looking.
“Air America Radio's Mike Malloy gave the most succinct and passionate explanation in his Wednesday, November 3, 2004, program” — **2004**

“The American vote count is controlled by three major corporate players, Diebold, ESS, Sequoia, and a fourth, SAIC, Science Applications International.”

Sequoia — these 3 connect

2007 - Diebold Election... became Premier Election...

Dominion acquired Premier in 2010

2009 ES&S acquired it

Gobble Gobble...
“Before Dominion Voting Systems acquired Sequoia on June 4, 2010....Dominion bought Premier Election Solutions, also known as Diebold/Premier, in 2010.” elamerican.com/dominion-the-f…
“With the sudden acquisition of Sequoia and Diebold/Premier, Dominion now has —in approximate numbers— 50 % of the private electoral market of the electronic vote in the United States.”
“There were two competitors left: ES&S, with 40%, and Hart InterCivic, with 10%”
“A press release distributed by Dominion on May 19, 2010, highlights the agreement with ES&S —

“Premier Election was a wholly-owned subsidiary of ES&S...acquisition of...intellectual property, software, firmware and hardware of its voting systems.”
Remember this is 2010 - Obama is President.
Eric Holder - AG.
Robert Mueller - FBI Director.
Leon Panetta - CIA Director.
At this point Dominion has 90% market share
Consequently —> ES&S...is forced to sell Premier Election Solutions by a Department of Justice requirement due to potential monopoly concerns”
Wow is this confusing. It looks like Dominion had to find a workaround so that they were not technically a monopoly.
“According to Dominion, the agreement was approved by the U.S. Department of Justice and nine state and federal attorneys general”
“while retaining ‘the right to hire current and former Premier employees and to enter into agreements with Premier distributors experienced in implementing and supporting these systems.’”
I see why this is confusing. The DOJ got involved when ES&S bought Premier, which belonged to Diebold.

When Obama’s DOJ forced ES&S to sell Premier, Dominion (which of course brought the same exact concerns!) swooped in.
Dominion took the most valuable thing about the company: “the company’s main assets, including intellectual property, software, firmware and hardware of its voting systems.”
The deal was done under Holder. Dominion not only got the IP/IT, it got

“the right to hire current and former Premier employees and to enter into agreements with Premier distributors experienced in implementing and supporting these systems.”
Functionally Dominion literally had it all.
“It’s not exactly an oligopoly, but it’s like one,” — Charles Stewart, MIT prof of political science — and this was back in 2010.
Now remember we have to tie this back to Smartmatic.
“Behind that pair of acquisitions [Sequoia and Diebold/Premier]
that positioned Dominion at the top of the electoral market, there was a black hand related to Smartmatic.”

We are still here 👇
Just to backtrack (how did we get here)

- Election night, wee hours

- Swing state votes flipped from Trump to Biden in the middle of the night

- All of them used Dominion voting software
Dems want to hurry up and name Joe president

Remember he hid in his basement the whole time and avoided campaigning
Remember @POTUS got involved with Venezuela and there were headlines about the people starving - I was never really clear on where this story came from - now a public overture to Biden rt.com/news/506135-ma…
In between 2010 and now we overthrew the government of Ukraine
Not to dwell on it, but we have historically had a “destabilization policy” when countries have leaders we don’t like
You know like the Arab Spring
“On April 11, 2000, three young Venezuelan engineers, Antonio Mugica, Alfredo José Anzola and Roger Piñate, founded the company Smartmatic in Delaware, United States.”

Very easy to incorporate in Delaware.
Four years later: “at the beginning of 2004, a Venezuelan government financing agency invested more than US$ 200,000 in a technology company owned by the same owners of Smartmatic: Bitza.”
Watch as they all converge
“Venezuela was going through a severe political STORM. The Venezuelan opposition, after months of demonstrations against the government of Hugo Chávez, managed to arrange a referendum....on August 15, 2004.”
Guess who won the contract to build the voting system?

A “consortium” between “Smartmatic, Bitza and CANTV, the Venezuelan phone company.”
Chavez was *not* our guy.

“Here’s Juan Forero in the Washington Post (1/10/13):

‘A central ideological pillar of Chavez’s rule over 14 years has been to oppose Republican and Democratic administrations in Washington, which he accuses of trying to destabilize his government.’”

(Meaning the you know who)
You see, Maduro was *our guy* - it’s not about socialism but rather about who plays ball.
“In the event that he dies or becomes too incapacitated to recover, Chavez has said that Vice President Nicolas Maduro, a confidant of the president and a former union leader, should be the successor.”

“Has said” - says we
“Maduro is considered an ideologue close to Cuba’s Communist leadership....

“But Maduro is also seen as a negotiator, and the Americans have begun their exploratory talks...by seeking him out, said a senior U.S. official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity”

What Maduro did IRL: “extrajudicial executions, disappearing political opponents and torturing protesters with such techniques as electric shocks, genital mutilation and asphyxiation.” nypost.com/2020/09/25/un-…
You remember Victoria Nuland.

“Install a Political Puppet in Ukraine, “F— the EU” says Victoria Nuland in Leaked Tape”

“‘If the Venezuelan gov & if the Venezuelan people want to move forward with us, we think there is a path that’s possible,’ State Dept spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said....’It is just going to take two to tango.’”


Ok. To make a long story short, Chavez stayed in power and Smartmatic got rich.

Smartmatic bought Sequoia.

Lots of pressure on Sequoia due to Chavez link.

Dominion bought Sequoia.
Note: Eric Coomer went from Sequoia to Dominion. (He remained with the company.)
Smartmatic had voting technology.
Sequoia had Smartmatic’s technology.
Diebold/Premier had voting technology.
Dominion bought ALL OF IT.

• • •

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