Black-pilled Twitter is indeed a rabbit's hole, where you find yourself compelled to give edgy & cynical takes on issues without actually taking into account the immense progress made in such a short span of time.

Kashmir is one such issue, and I find the cynicism disgusting.
You may have your grouses with the Govt for various reasons, but they've delivered what they promised with regard to Kashmir (370), something I never imagined seeing in my lifetime.

There is a complacency that has set in because the bar of expectations itself has been raised.
Has scrapping Article 370 solved all the problems? Definitely not.

Kashmir's an extremely unique issue, which cannot be compared to Israel's handling of Palestine.

Nonetheless, I still find Israel-like settlement of "bhaiyas" from UP & Bihar to be the most viable solution EOD.
I find this solution even more practical and possible than re-taking PoK.

Sadly, those who support this solution are also accused of having a so-called "Vishwaguru complex", a term that is casually & indiscriminately thrown around to negate solutions while offering none.
Demography is Destiny

I staunchly believe that this is the root cause of 99% of problems in Kashmir, as opposed to the Pak-sponsored terrorism narrative that most believe.

Pak wouldn't be able to sponsor terrorism had the demographic reality in the Kashmir Valley been different
If criticism is our right, then giving credit where it's due is our duty.

The GOI has done a stupendous job of rallying international support before its move to officially integrate Kashmir, a move that would otherwise be seen as an "illegal annexation of a disputed territory".
The rest is currently work in progress.

Several districts have been declared terror-free zones in Kashmir, including the likes of Chenab Valley & Tral.

Radicalisation can't end over night, and is in fact directly proportional to the presence of security forces in the region.
If UK's handling of the IRA and the Irish rebellion is anything to go by, continuing to beef up security hoping that it will end militant activity in Kashmir is a fool's errand.

Until we rectify the demographic problem, the "Kashmir issue" can never ben nipped in the bud.
Allowing non-residents to purchases land in the Valley is a welcome step, but not nearly enough.

The demographic replacement needs to be forced and aided by the State with clear-cut objectives and district-to-district planning that take into account the % of locals & non-locals.
As I said, there is a complacency that has set in, because at least in terms of national sovereignty & security, the entire bar of expectations has been raised by difficult decisions that most never imagined to see pre-2014.

Be pragmatic, not pessimistic.

• • •

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21 Nov
When relativists say "everyone views the world with tinted glasses" & hence morality can't be objective, they're admitting that the world itself is untainted. All one has to do is remove those coloured glasses.

That untainted, uncoloured view of the world is the universal truth.
It's easy to dismiss objectivists by negating their stance by attributing it to their "social conditioning".

It's tough to get rid off our social conditioning & our biases to explore the objectivity of the world, but that is what we must strive towards.

Another Freudian slip that subjectivists & relativists make is asserting that "our understanding of morality is constantly evolving".

If it is indeed evolving, is it not reaching an ultimate stage wherein we understand what is right & wrong without ambiguity?

Example: killing.
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21 Nov
I just wish I wasn't born in this generation. Everything is decaying. The very moral fabric has been turned on its head. Victimhood is the best selling product. The very foundations of civilisation are under attack, not by external enemies, but by brainwashed youth themselves.
It's all so tiring.

Absurdity is thriving. There are no fence sitters anymore. Everyone knows from the get-go what they believe, and social media algorithms further that bigotry by showing them only what they want to see.

Polarisation is killing middle ground & reasonableness.
At this point, it's almost like the centuries of wars were better for our species as a whole. Literally feels like we're fabricating our own struggles to replace the great wars. Evolution left us behind when we took shelter under the comfort of technology.
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21 Nov
~Stop wasting time trying to explain Love Jihad & the proposed law against it to people who don't understand Jihad to begin with

~Stop painting every case of a non-M woman marrying a M man as LJ, it defeats the purpose

~LJ usually involves fraud/false identity
And to those on the Left, stop behaving like morons.

There's nothing unconstitutional about the proposed legislation & it doesn't negate I.F marriages under SMA, it merely criminalises & nullifies such marriages if done for the purpose of conversion.

There are already laws against marriages done through false representation/identity, the new law will merely extend the same offence to cover marriages done through false representation for the sake of conversion.
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19 Nov
When you desperately jump to promote Hinduism as some all-accepting, all-tolerating symbol of meekness & humility, you're not helping.

Journos, media outlets, IPS officers, liberals etc. choose to take potshots at Hinduism over Islam because we've made it an easy punching bag.
We've all seen those tweets about how "a true liberal would decry Islam" etc etc.

But a "true liberal", or whatever that means, is also a human being at the end of the day who weighs the pros & cons and understands the contrasting consequences of outraging Hindus and Muslims.
You decry Islam, you risk having fatwas issued against you & in many cases an eventual beheading.

You do the same with Hinduism, or even intentionally mock it for the sole purpose of attention-seeking, and you have Hindus themselves behaving like apologists and taking your side.
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25 Oct
The Govt's Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme has been indiscriminately underappreciated & uncovered by both media & the party itself.

Here's why it's the biggest boost yet to both Make in India & Atmanirbhar Bharat, and adds momentum to the Boycott China movement:

Under the PLI scheme, manufacturers of mobile phones & electronic equipment in India get a 4-6% incentive on their annual revenues if they meet certain targets.

This comes at a time when companies are leaving China, disillusioned by the CCP & seeking greener pastures.

The scheme is available to companies that manufacture mobile phones worth ₹15,000+, with different targets for global & domestic handset makers.

In case of global handset makers, the companies must achieve manufacturing revenue of more than ₹10,000 Cr in the base year.

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23 Oct
I see a lot of people both defending and attacking him. But why?

After spending the 19th & 20th centuries blazing through fossil fuels & degrading the environment during their era of industrialization, the West lost the locus standi to give sermons on protecting the environment.
The West is where it's today because of those 200 years of unchecked & unapologetic industrialization. It's our time now & we don't owe anyone an explanation.

Despite having no moral obligation, we're still doing FAR more than any developing nation in terms of achieving our SDGs
We are far ahead of our own targets under the Paris Accord.

Share of non-fossil fuels in power generation:
2030 target: 40%
2020 status: 38%

Reduction in carbon footprint:
2030 target: 33-35%
Est figure: 45%

Bonus: Cheapest solar energy in the world…
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