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Nov 19, 2020 47 tweets 10 min read
Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) and the Author who created Scorecard in the Serbian team for DVS.
We all know that this election was stolen. Over the last couple days people have been talking a lot about DVS, recently...
I was researching companies to see how many IT people they employ in US vs overseas, and I found a feature which lets me search LinkedIn by region, so I thought I would apply the same to DVS and see if we can contact any developers in Serbia to get them to flip on DVS.
I found about 10 people working in Serbia for DVS, and I started to look into the developers, I started to notice that the developers were linked to the company, but more than a few did NOT have the DVS experience listed on their profile
How does that happen? It happens when you used to have the experience linked but it's since been removed. LinkedIn Caches those employee employer relationships so you stay listed under their company even though you've removed the experience.
That got me wondering WHY would someone want to remove their relationship with the company... only answer is to cover something up. So I started to research each one.
Here is the screenshot of the DVS Employees on LinkedIn:
You can see on this screen shot that I am hovering over Aleksandar Lazarevic and that the link to his profile is showing in the bottom left of the screen. The url being: (… )
Note the handle ending in 777, that will come into play later.
In researching this developer I discover this person wrote the book on how to do algorithmic boosting of datasets over time. The Official name for it is SMOTE (Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique),
I've attached the paper to this email and it's still currently available online here (… )
This is very high level technical, here is excerpt: "This paper presents a novel approach for learning from imbalanced data sets, based on a combination of the SMOTE algorithm and the boosting procedure.
Unlike standard boosting where all misclassified examples are given equal weights, SMOTEBoost creates synthetic examples from the rare or minority class, thus indirectly changing the updating weights and compensating for skewed distributions
SMOTEBoost applied to several highly and moderately imbalanced data sets shows improvement in prediction performance on the minority class and overall improved F-values."
Layman Description: An adjustment will be made based on the top data point to keep the bottom data point on track to balance, or Tie. Now apply that idea to tabulating votes.
When someone views your profile on LinkedIn, you are usually sent an email, especially if you haven't logged on in a long time, that someone is viewing your profile, you probably have seen these. 20 minutes after viewing Aleksandars profile, the profile has been wiped clean.
Not that I don't have access to it, it's permanently deleted.
Proof that it did exist at some point: Note the handle ends in 777 just as above, and this page was indexed in DuckDuckGo's search results. Proof this profile did exist.
Now that I knew I was on to something I started archiving everything, since I still had another browser open I saved his profile picture ( ) and then ran it through a reverse image look up to find that this picture doesn't exist on the internet.
In the paper attached and linked, in the acknowledgment section, it thanks the US Department of Energy as well as other things and a "We also thank Philip Kegelmeyer for his very useful comments". So now it was time to look into who this man is.
Search for him and his profile says: "Philip Kegelmeyer (E.E. Ph.D, Stanford) is a Senior Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. His current interests are machine learning and graph algorithms, especially as applied to ugly, obdurate, real-world data...
which is, perhaps deliberately, actively resistant to analysis. ( )
That sure sounds like changing data that can't be detected. At this point I knew I found something big.
I decided to search again on LinkedIn for Aleksandar, and low and behold there was a profile of the same name, completely different picture, completely different profile but stunningly relevant background and work experience.
He's extremely advanced and is considered a Google Scholar in this world.
Aleksandar's "professional" profile is:… Wiki Page:…
Notice how there is no mention of Dominion Voting Systems in his work experience. If he was indeed hired for positive reasons, why would he not have this listed on his profile?
At this point I am 100% convinced that this is the man behind Scorecard. Looking through his papers and experiences and talks he's a super accomplished Big Data, distributed systems expert, his works is even cited in CISCO patents… ) If you read this Patent, it's a tough read it's a concept of connected close range machines being taught to correct nodes slowly over time by a trainer node. Perhaps Election Machines???
More of his research:… - All read like tech that would use to change data predictably.
Now I had to go hunting for data that will tie this man, to that profile on LinkedIn that is listed under DVS to prove the connection. I found an old paper he wrote about more high end tech concepts.
This document is also attached ( KST-1-102.pdf ), and you can also see here ( )
Notice the email addressed used to contact him, the exact same handle he had listed under DVS, Now it's confirmed this is the same person.
So why does this man have 2 profiles, why did the profile associated to DVS get deleted once they were alerted to be seeing it, and why doesn't his professional profile have any note of working.
If I were going to steal elections I would not want people capable of doing so associated with the company who counts votes...
By now, I hope you think I'm on to something, and that you will find a way to link this man to democrats or Soros, or flat our ask him about it, the rest I'm about to share is nothing I can confirm, just some really weird coincidence that may be true.
Doing Deep searches about this man I came across an article written on a blogspot blog from someone named "Lame Cherry", This person continually blogs about what appears to be deep state Intel and CIA level stuff. Again I have no clue who this is, and it reads like crackpot stuff
“part of me is most interested in the Serbian Dominion Software along with Scorecard in the codex. This software was really acting like the artificial intelligence was having a software breakdown. It was like an autopilot flying a plane into a stall"
"So Guciffer was from the Balkans. Joe Biden was in the Balkans. The Kushners were in the Balkans and the information flow continued to submarine the sickly Hillary Clinton...
The mission or missions were successful to bring down Hamrod. That is why when I noted a data miner mentioning Domnion software out of Canada was in Serbia, and looking for programmers, I knew this lot was returning to the scene of the crime.
Dominion is in Canada, is owned by British MI6, tied to George Soros, and was flipping votes by the millions for Joe Biden..."
Back to Aleksandar's LinkedIn Profile description ( ) "I have successfully created and led new and innovative ways to sift through billions of data records and discover those hidden insights that would drive change and make significant business impact."
Sounds like the exact same person described above, If this "Lame Cherry" is not a crackpot. Aleksandar Lazarevic is Guccifer 2.0 and seems to have the tech chops to be believable.
If that is true, then what was he doing with that LinkedIn Profile? The first Lame Cherry ties it all together, 4 years ago, he was in Serbia recruiting developers for DVS and Scorecard...
and needed a front to contact developers without giving away who he was, but had to be associated with the actual company so he could recruit real people. Once he assembled his team, he forgot to get rid of the fake recruiter account.
Latest Update: All Serbian Developers have removed their LinkedIn Profiles Vukašin Đorđević Nemanja Jelisijevic - Ivan Ćojbašić -
I am unemployed due to COVID-19. If you feel generous please donate to help me do my research. I appreciate all of the love and support from all of you! 🙏🏼 Image
People are requesting me to post my PayPal. Thank you everyone!… Image
I’ve had a few people asking me questions about why I ask for money. It’s because people are asking me where they can send me money. I was laid off due to COVID from my job, I worked in Human Resources.
A lot of us are outraged with the election fraud and I wasn’t going to sit around and not doing anything about it. So I do what I do best: research.
This has turned into a huge blessing for me and I am forever grateful to all of my followers. I sincerely love all of you.

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