in all seriousness though, @taisoleil is right, ppl who practice sidereal generally do subtle remarks — & tbh i am not here to judge, ppl aren’t obligated to like them. but what i want to point out is, they generally do not react as violently as tropical astrologers can do, like—
like that time earlier this year when sidereal dates surfaced through an article that was going around on twi. & so many tropical astrologers went on to vehemently say how this article is false & these dates shouldn’t be taken in consideration.
like.. was it not,
in a certain manner, a behavior that was demeaning to the existence of sidereal astrology?

the rhetoric was on some “only the dates that we have been using up till now (tropical dates) are legit.” ... was it not a “supremacist” behavior?
i am asking a serious question right now because if we are going there, i think we should have an honest dialog. were such reaction necessary when people look up to us for astrological information & some people will consider sidereal irrelevant after such demeaning remarks?
because, with honest intentions to respect all kinds of practices, in the case anyone learning from us had asked for clarification about all these dates we should have seen answers along the lines of “yes, there are multiple dates because multiple systems—
exist, there’s also sidereal that is used on rarer occasion, the tropical is aligned with the season while the sidereal zodiac is aligned with the stars”.
simple, clear clarification. but instead of that people have been dismissing sidereal or only acknowledging it—
in relation to Vedic astrology, & instead of calling Vedic astrology “Vedic” or “Jyotish” — as this is the actual name — people call “Vedic” “sidereal” & most ppl getting started w astro think sidereal only exists within Vedic & not within western..
western sidereal erasure.
this HAD to be said at this point.

because, if we want to talk about respecting all practices let’s just make sure EVERYONE is being held accountable, no bad faith, all honesty. & again i am not here to judge, if anything i just want to have an honest conversation.
at this point i am not here to blame anyone, just here to say “okay but if we’re really doing this forreal, let’s make it right”.

y’all know i use both zodiacs anyway, i even wrote a thread on it & i know many astrologers/gists saw it.
yes, i do have a clear preference for sidereal but it doesn’t change anything that i said in regards to the behaviors i have observed on here.

i speak without resentment & everything i said is simply an honest observation. if you ever want to react to this, please remain kind.
am not someone that enjoys arguments & will not partake in any. thank you.

• • •

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