Thread re: my tweets on the addictive cycle narcissistic abuse victims experience:

"Behind the scenes (in our head), the brain has established an intense bond to the psychopathic or narcissistic partner.[O]ften the last thing it wants to do is let go."…
"[L]eaving an abuser is not solely a cognitive decision (based on thinking), but rather one that is also tied to neurochemical, psychological and emotional anchors."
"Relationships with power differentials and fluctuations in treatment create stressful bonds that cause the victim to feel on edge. . . . It is a bond that the victim or survivor may actually desire was not there. Some even feel ashamed and responsible for the traumatic bond."
"In the aftermath of psychopathic and narcissistic love relationships, for many, oxytocin and dopamine become imbalanced and unregulated.

These neurochemical changes will place the victim in a tough position . . . "
"The imbalance of chemistry can cause the victim to experience intense cravings and wanting her partner. Her thoughts will often follow to make sense of her feelings and behavior."
"[I]t is extremely difficult to think clearly when oxytocin and dopamine place such importance and value on the abuser.

This combination of neurochemistry (along with endogenous opioids) can create an addictive attachment [to the abuser] that is difficult to break."
"Having reactions of craving, dependence and withdrawal can occur even if the victim is aware that logically the partner is a poor or dangerous mate."

[My comment: this manifests as an addiction to his insane cycle of jacking our nervous systems with tweets and wild actions]
"Due to the surge in oxytocin and dopamine, the victim will require a connection to the abusive individual to keep from going through the painful feelings of withdrawal. She or he has become dependent."
"This particular dependency is not co-dependence, but rather a reflection of the same neurocircuitry we associate with drug dependence."

[My comment: In other words: even when he's abusing us, and we know he's abusing us, we're addicted to the cycle of his abuse like a drug.]
"Symptoms of withdrawal, craving the toxic relationship, or deciding to stay are not a reflection of personal weakness on the part of the victim.

It is simply normal brain responses to an abnormal situation (the kindness/abuse mixture)."
"Those with insecure attachment foundations will unfortunately respond more intensely to these circumstances."
Lastly: "[N]ote that when there is an emotionally charged environment, such as continued engagement with the abuser, seeking contrition from the disordered partner, or retaliation, the healing road will naturally be more difficult."

Let's break our national trauma bond. For God's sake, cut the addiction.


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20 Nov

Michigan’s 2020 election was secure, transparent, and the results are an accurate reflection of the will of the people.

Michigan had record turnout of 5.5 million voters, including 3.3 million absentee votes.

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This election has been one of the most scrutinized elections in Michigan and across the country.

If there was any actual evidence of widespread fraud it would have been uncovered by now.
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You know, I'm gonna say it for the third time today.

People with big platforms really need to stop inflaming the general public, especially to sell books.

The Democratic AGs are ALL OVER what Trump and his people are trying to do.

There is NO WAY he is going to be successful.
I'll add: if @JocelynBenson is calm, I'm calm.

If @RepSwalwell is calm, I'm calm.

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Also, just so no one flips out, I am not subtweeting @sarahkendzior. This is 100% not directed at her. She’s awesome.
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You would think at this point that we would have learned the narcissist’s playbook by heart.

Trump wants you freaking out. He wants your attention.

Biden is leading from a place of calm and trying to save lives. Let him do it.

Everything hinges on GEORGIA.
And I’m gonna add: a name is floated for the cabinet? Don’t flip out.

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I had to go search this out, but I’m just gonna say that the best sex I ever had in my entire damn life was with a man who practiced yoga, had a sister who taught yoga, had pro-sex parents, and knew how to wait until the yummy and juicy was good and ready.

If you know, you know.
Don’t knock the support.

Also the dunking tells me that way too many women have only had piss poor sex their whole lives, which is really sad.

Every woman should at least once in life get to have like seven, eight, twelve orgasms in one night at the hands of a great partner.
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/end TMI
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OK, I'm stumped on what to do next. Medical twitter, advice please. To recap:

1. Ex-husband exposed to COVID unknowingly on 11/6.

2. Gets on plane to visit kids on 11/8. Negative test on 11/8. Spends six days in our house because I am worried about exposing kids to public.
3. Ex tests again on 11/11 to comply with then-NYC return requirements from California: negative. Stops wearing mask in my house.

4. 11/13 ex is advised that he was exposed at work on 11/6.

5. Early 11/14, ex gets on a plane full of people and flies home to NYC.
6. Today, 11/17, ex tests negative again, eleven days from his exposure.

7. Ex is refusing to get tested again on the 14 day window of exposure on Friday, says it's enough.

8. Yes I know the regs don't require me and the kids to quarantine at second level potential exposure.
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16 Nov
Candace Owens has plainly never seen Outlander.
Because honestly.
Come on.
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