I’m getting a bunch of new followers because of my thread, so I thought I would make a quick thread about myself for my new followers.

I use this twitter account to talk about religion, politics, and whatever else I feel like.
I’m part of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. It is a Byzantine Catholic Church. We are in full communion with Rome. I also attend the TLM frequently.
My theology is a mix of Byzantine theology, Franciscan theology, and Thomism. I don’t adhere to one school and take each point of theology on its own. Each school has something to offer the faith.
I also have an interest in the biblical theology of James Jordan. If you see something I post about biblical theology, odds are that I got the idea at least partially from him.
Politically in America I’m a paleoconservative. I think old America, before it was ruined by men like Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and Lyndon Johnson, was a great nation.

I think what matters though is the spirit of the American nation. We should not be concerned with...
...strict questions of constitutionality. America precedes her constitution. We must defend America from the left even if it means changing our system of government.

Either secession or a right wing dictatorship are the ways forward, depending on which is more feasable.
In terms of policies, I support strict social conservatism, lower taxes (especially on the middle class), anti usury laws, and more localized government. My policy is a mix of different things so I probably agree with you on something and disagree with you on something else.
In terms of an ideal government though, I think the long term goal is integralism. Christ came into the world to disciple all nations, and He really intends to do that. We are the footsoldiers to build up Christendom. Our weapons are not guns though, but prayer and evangelism.
I think this means more than a mere Christianizing of the state though, but a destruction of the Hobbesian state itself and a return to a decentralized feudal structure. Absolute monarchy is not the answer to the errors of democracy.
I don’t think integralism can be achieved though until we’ve evangelized the country. Our policy right now simply has to work for the flourishing of America on a natural level.
We must work to convert the nation though so that our government’s natural end can be ordered to its supernatural end.
I’m always open to dialogue with other views though so long as you’re acting in good faith.
Also definitely actually the 16th century theologian I claim to be and not a gen z american.

• • •

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20 Nov
I did it. Thank you to everyone following me. I hope you enjoy my hot takes. Image
I'll inevitably fall back below 1,000 soon though as my takes scare away some new followers.
Also, please follow some of my OG followers:

@EmoHoppean346 @MattRayLiberty @EVKLCoop @NokooTV @pennysizedbrain @JradRabel @nbgHoppean @AveCristoRey @SpaceForceCdt @Gravelord_ @judicialist @MScarince

(to name just a few, sorry if I left out any major ones)
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20 Nov
Where to begin?

Freemasons infiltrated the Catholic Church starting in the mid 1800s. The alta vendita is a real document.
Establishment republicans are part of a moloch worshipping cult called the Bohemian Grove and regularly engage in homosexual orgies at it.

This is pretty well documented. Alex Jones actually showed proof on his recent Joe Rogan experience. Start at around hour and 8 minute mark.
McCarthy was right about pretty much everyone he accused of bring a communist
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19 Nov
Thread on why you should become Catholic:

If what the Catholic Church believes is true, then reading this thread is very essential. I know it's long, but I ask you to read it thoughtfully and prayerfully when you have some time. I will pin this post so you can find it easily.
Many of my followers are not even Christian, so I will start by addressing them.

I was not born a Christian either. I was born into a secular Jewish family. However, I found such strong evidence that Catholicism was true that I had to become Catholic.
I will not go into a debate about whether or not God exists because I find this debate unconvincing. The goal is not to prove some abstract first cause, but specifically the Christian God.
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18 Nov
This dude thinks the Kurds (sunni muslims who have been well documented to kill Assyrian Christians) are Christian and that the their enemies are commies (when the Syrian Kurds are literal communists)

This is the level of education warhawks have on middle eastern politics.
Syrian Arab Christians are all in Assad’s army, which is also the army that fought ISIS
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17 Nov
No. Shelton is based. Silence boomer.
"Shelton, 66, a former informal adviser to Trump, was long known for her advocacy of a return to the gold standard, ultra-hawkish views on inflation and opposition to federal deposit insurance."
The fed's policy of inflation is literally enriching the banks. How do you think the new money is loaned into the system? Through banks.

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