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20 Nov, 16 tweets, 4 min read
Yes, we can do multiple things at once.
Yes, convos about the Biden/Harris campaign need to start now.

But ALSO, Guiliani was on live TV talking about throwing out Black votes, today.

And ALSO, Warnock & Ossef need help.

And ALSO, Trump is about to sell arctic oil rights.
And ALSO, COVID numbers are rising at rapid speed.

And ALSO, McConnell still sitting on a stimulus plan.

Should they be talking to Biden? Absolutely. A public demonstration sends a different signal to voters...
Trump also pulled protections from the Tongass National Forest like 3 weeks ago.

So, yes, we can do multiple things at once, but they're camped at the DNC while homeboy over here is hustling to destroy shit before he leaves
Meanwhile ain't nobody even AT THE DNC
One of the appointments they're protesting is a Black representative from Louisiana.

So here's where we reach crosshairs: Biden promised to address the climate, he *also* promised representation.
He also HAS appointed climate experts on his team, and made a spend commitment already…
So my issue is not that they want to hold the transition team accountable, but that demonstrations imply any other attempt at communications have failed, and suggest folks are offsides.
They couldn't have a sit down? A zoom call?
A mini-summit?
We jumped straight to protesting the president-elect?
While the right is protesting the president-elect?
While the transition team is still working without support of the white house?
This is one of the appointments they're protesting. He's literally a member of congress serving along side them.
They could have had a round table discussion with him directly.…
I really do feel like it's a practice of talking AT instead of working WITH, which concerns me. And like I said, it also suggests the Biden team WOULDN'T communicate another way.
So again, bc people keep saying "what better time..." my issue (as I said more than once already) is that a public protest is adversarial energy, and we don't need THAT.

I also think there's a deliberate overlooking of Richmond being a Black man, not just a fossil fuel guy.
Biden picked a Black man to lead his public outreach team. The progressive narrative, though, is Richmond's appointment is a signal to the fossil fuel industry.
Let me also repeat: Biden HAS made appointments to his transition team who are climate experts, including several members of Obama's former Climate teams.

They are demonstrating over ONE confirmed appointment…
DYNAMIC selective reading skills.

• • •

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20 Nov
I think we all know this, but just a reminder (spurred by a convo I'm having right now), about why we can't sleep on what's Giuliani and them are doing, or on local GOP wins, or court packing, or any of it...
The US census projects that white people will be the minority in the in the US in another 25 years. Hispanics will be a quarter of the country. Black people will be 13%. They've been panicking about this for over a decade now.…
So the goal - spoken in some rooms I'm sure, unspoken in others - is to slow that down as much as possible (fighting immigration) and putting fail safes in place to ensure that white people (men) will stay in control even once they represent a minority population of the nation.
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20 Nov
This whole ridiculous exercise by Trump's team has been a stress test, looking for one weak spot. They finally found it.

If they somehow succeed in keeping the Detroit vote and ONLY the Detroit vote out of certification, it's a DISASTER...
... if the state somehow goes around them, STILL a disaster.

Honestly the delay even going this far - that there would be any real discussion about leaving out one segment that's 80% Black votes - is a disaster.
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20 Nov
This man is about to be the GOP's Obama. Watch him.
He's straight out of central casting. He's built a motivational speaking career after being partially paralyzed in a car crash, and his disability will inoculate him against some criticisms and fire. He's already dodged accusations of sexual harassment. ImageImageImage
I can hear it now - accusations of ablist behavior everytime someone comes at him.
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20 Nov
I gotta say y'all... I really don't like talking about "who won" after #Verzuz. At this point in the series I feel like it's not even about that.

We knew this was a grudge match; Gucci doesn't have Jeezy's hits, Jeezy doesn't still have Gucci's same hunger and energy.
I DO UNDERSTAND that we're going to debate as fans. But this #Verzuz ... they showed up with different agendas, and I think Jeezy was doing "Whoo sahs" when he turned around
And I heard someone say Jeezy kind of bitched out after a point, but I think 2 things:
1. He knew Gucci needed to get that shit out PERSONALLY more than he needed to respond.
2. They both got too much to lose.
3. They were there on Tim & Swizz's back, and promised no bullshit..
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20 Nov
Guys, please don't take us through no stress like that again @THEREALSWIZZZ @Timbaland
I straight kept turning the volume down in between tracks bc my nerves were bad.
Tim & Swizz are on live doing their post-mortem, saying people kept calling them to shut it down but they had faith in Jeezy and Gucci. That the two said they wanted to do this
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19 Nov
They DNC needs to get their shit together in no small number of areas, but the GOP is literally prioritizing efforts to undermine the entire foundation of American Democracy over a life-thretening pandemic in the midst of a RAGING second wave.
And as much as it's easy to just be like "Look how racist Trump's ppl are" I've seen a lot of Bernie supporters say "Biden only won because of (varied phrases that mean Black voters without saying Black voters)," also implying they're somehow less valid.
All this *gestures at the circus* is a reminder that the idea that Black folks votes don't matter is a jedi mind trick. Discouragement and apathy is the point.
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