Way to go, @TuckerCarlson. It was pretty obvious which side you were on when, in response to Oliver Darcy's creepy stalker piece, you fired your lead writer. But now, you have confirmed that you are cast from the exact same mold as Darcy.

Good luck reclaiming your audience!
What whiny special pleading: "I emailed her a bunch of times to ask for confidential or top-secret evidence so I could send it to coordinating counsel on behalf of my boss, who called the election for Biden two weeks before it happened. She said 'stop emailing'. She has no case!"
Really just no time for Murdoch stooges now. Tuck had a shot & he blew it. He is now nobody, though he may not catch on for a decade or so. Expanded role at a failing network.
It was pretty obvious. But you hate to see it.
Hope your pieces of silver were worth it, @TuckerCarlson.

Going to follow pundits with integrity. Your "I am shitting" face and dopey "aw shucks" Mr. Deeds Goes To Town voice got old a while ago, anyway. Also your haircut is stupid and face ugly.

I don't think the Fox powers-that-be fully grok that there are realistic alternatives to Fox now.

Exit > voice. People are exiting Fox News in droves. And it's about time.
I'm open to an effort to make Hannity bigger than Tucker. It's a much bigger "fuck you". But really, given that Tuck is obviously going along with management's directives, it's obvious the source of the problem is Fox itself.

Partnering with you on this one, libs!

@mattyglesias can you pull up that old Tweet you made about how maybe Tucker could truly experience America at its fullest and its privileges & immunities if minatory crowds gathered around his house brandishing slogans and weapons? it time
This was me giving him the benefit of the doubt. I gave him the benefit of the doubt after Fox's AZ call. Gave him the benefit of the doubt after "we did it".

Giving @TuckerCarlson the benefit of the doubt has had dubious benefits.

100%. No excuse. Revealed who he is and has been and ever shall be.

Take it from me, a savvy media consumer: Tucker is trying to push a media construct to slow down the narrative from the conference this afternoon. He is doing it at the behest of his bosses as a bid for money and status. Tune out.

I think he made an unreasonable request for confidential info with no assurances he wouldn't share it with people like Murdoch friendly with the Biden side, and then used the ersatz request to frame a story to make it seem like there's been no evidence.
He did this at the behest of Murdoch / Fox powers that be since he thinks he can take over the network and eventually run for president.

He is wrong. He gives his fans too little credit.
125 IQ max. And that's generous. He is a little boy playing in the deep ocean
Yep. Hope it was worth it to be yet another CNN megashrew screeching about Orange Man, tuck!

If your reaction to the Tucker segment is to say, "but she has given no evidence," you're one of the rubes the narrative construct he's building is aimed at. She has given evidence, Tucker's gripe is she won't send him an extra-special packet for Murdoch.

I'd also note that this is an extremely time-limited construct. It's meant to just buy a day or so while the Biden team retrenches. Pretty telling they were willing to burn Tucker for such a limited purpose.
Separate thread with additional background.

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20 Nov
This Tweet makes me like Sarah Cooper considerably more, since she's at least forthright and honest that she is looking to have scary possibilities explained away.
More people (men in particular) could stand to learn the trick of just blurting out what they are feeling, rather than coming up with some elaborate rationalization.
(I enjoy thinking about weird and upsetting things, but it seems most do not share that preference.)
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20 Nov
People seem to still not grok that the way the MSM lies is typically not through overt untruth, but by framing and selecting stories. You can tell a frame is on when everybody frames the story in the same artificial way in order to further some point.
this was like the "who shot first, Han or Greedo" debate for the mid-Trump generation (time moves 20 years per year now)

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20 Nov
I am a long time Trump hater, always have been, even called myself a Nevertrumper until he won and it looked silly, and I assure you that my view that he is being rude and should give up is driven entirely by the merits and strongly confirms my view of Trump.
Some wags of course will be tempted to speculate that I just started with my bias and then lazily ported it to this new context, as I've been doing for the past four years. Not so: my hatred of Trump proves I can evaluate him in an unbiased way
Dissimilar from all those so-called "conservatives" who care for trifles such as, "ever winning an election."
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20 Nov
The craziest conspiracy theory that I think might be true is that Trump somehow had gotten reliable info on Obama's birth certificate, but people under Brennan's direction hacked the social security website to insert the certificate of live birth.
Completely nuts, of course, but it makes so much sense from a story perspective—Trump's birther kick was truly strange, even for him, and I don't think anybody expected him to take things this far after Obama humiliated him at the WHCD.
And there are enough circumstance elements to at least give the story a proper Oliver Stone treatment.
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20 Nov
Gonna try some Q-poasting. Ready?

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20 Nov
The nice thing about Trump is that he's got the amoral playing-to-win quality of the left without the patina of compassion and woolly universalist values that makes the left ineffective at winning consistently.
I read a Tweet the other day along the lines of, "well yes, but if Trump wins in the Supreme Court and disenfranchises the people it won't be a real win," and I laughed, and I laughed, and I laughed.
It's irrelevant to me if Trump cares about me; in public life, judge by actions, play against pieces. Personally, I don't think he's nearly as narcissistic as he play-acts (he's been self-consciously branding himself for a long time), but matters little.

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