[BE Press Conference]
JM: I was the PM (Program Manager) for this album BE. Suga recommended it so I became the PM. I organized the members' opinions and delivered the company's thoughts to the members. When we started creating this album, the keyword "live goes on" came about.
JM: RM said that it would be nice if we expressed the meaning of how life goes on no matter what, ways to maintain our lives amidst change and then expanded that into making this album. This album's name is "BE" and it's a word that has an open meaning and fits this album well.
RM: For music, JM gathered our opinions and it's a difficult task in a company, but I want to say thank you to JM for doing a good job. For album, concept, jacket, MV- members participated in that. V also worked really hard in the visual aspects of the album
V: I wanted to show great things to ARMY, but the process wasn't easy. But was able to complete it thanks to support of the members & fans. I wanted to show members' everyday, natural selves. I took polaroids on a trip they came out well, so that was where I got the first idea
V: RM was the one who came up with the room concept idea. Each person come up with and decorate their own rooms, and was the concept photos. I was really nervous being in charge of the visuals, but ARMYs and members cheered me on a lot, so I succeeded. Thank you!
JH: If members take the photos and film videos, we can show our comfortable selves. We wanted to share that w/ fans. For the concept, instead of the dazzling BTS on stage, we wanted to capture the ordinary, everyday lives of men in their 20s so we tried to capture that
NO i accidentally deleted Hobi's second part
JH: We did it as if a group of friends gathered together to hang out, so we took mirror selfies, chatted, and had fun. I remember having fun while filming.
RM: #1) Life Goes On- no matter what happens, life goes on. We created this even before Dynamite, but the roots are the same. BTS always started from- "What can we talk about now? What should we talk about now?"
RM: We created Dynamite during the summer. Fun, disco track to move past the depressing mood. Life Goes On is a bit more weighty than Dynamite, but it's a song that gives comfort in our own way. It's a track BTS tried to express that life goes on in our own heartwarming BTS way
JM: #2)Fly to My Room- I think people must've thought it was unique when the tracklist was revealed. It's my, JH, SG, and V's unit track. It's also a unique combination. We can't go around freely right now, so it started from how the idea of travel might change. It's a fun track
V: #3)Blue&Grey- it's a song that I participated in writing, acoustic pop genre. I wrote about the anxious and depressing internal emotions as colors blue & grey and I wrote the lyrics that way. The lyrics might be sad, but the guitar sound is very calm & heartwarming
SJ: #5)Telepathy- retro pop disco. It's retro so it's fun. Suga made this track. Bc of COVID, we expressed the sad reality of not being able to meet with fans. We're the happiest when we're with fans. We're apart now, but we're always together. It captures that hope
JH: #6)Dis-ease. It's a song that I participated in a lot and think it has a lot of impact for the current times. Every person has a mental disease. The break that I got bc of the pandemic wasn't calming but uncomfortable. BTS overcomes a lot of things well, so we captured that
JK: #7)Stay. I, Jin, and RM's unit track that we participated in. This unit is v new so a song with a new kind of vibe was made well. Fun track but overwhelming. We may be far apart, but we're always staying. It's fun so pls listen to it a lot
RM: We thought a lot whether or not to include Dynamite in this album. But like I said earlier, it has the same roots as Life Goes On. We aren't able to do concert rn and it ends with fireworks. We put in Dynamite like a firework finale of the album.
RM: Skit- it's our first skit in 3 years. We're not good at following a script for skits, so we turned the mic on and naturally tried to freely capture, record and edit the moment we got No.1 on Billboard Hot 100
JK: I feel too embarrassed to be called the director but I usually like filming videos, but I tried to my best job. When I heard Life Goes On, the important part was reality & sincerity, so I spoke with directors and members about the individual aspects they wanted to show
JK: Bc of COVID, our tours were cancelled so we wanted to capture the sadness and yearning of missing the fans. It feels cool that what I worked hard to film is being released as an MV. It was a good opportunity and I now have a dream of filming a really great MV
SJ: Everything stopped for everyone this year bc of COVID. It's an album that captures our frustration & sadness, that others can relate to, and captures our hope we can comfort those around us. It's not all sad songs though- there are fun songs that we retold in Bangtan's way
SJ: Even though the world seems as if it's stopped, it's ongoing. So I hope we can all find small joys. Let's all cheer up and live on!
JM: Life Goes On's 1st perf is at 2020 AMA. 1st debut stage but we're also up for 2 nominations. I hope many fans and reporters look forward to it
RM: It would be a lie to say we're not nervous at all [about upcoming Grammys announcement]. It's something we've always talked about in interviews, so we're all anxiously awaiting the 25th. It would be great if it came true. We're probably going to stay up and watch.
JK: We included skit for the 1st time in 3 years. The day that Hot100 was revealed, we had recording planned. But it was a sudden thing that happened to us too so it was so hectic on the day we recorded the skit. I don't even know what I said & have to listen
JK: It's a skit that captures that much of a nervous, overwhelming moment so it has captured a really big moment for us.
Q: why share behind the scenes process of this album?
RM: I thought we had to. We were in untact. We thought the physical connection we had via perfs and concerts with our fans could break, so it was a new kind of attempt. As a result, you can feel more connected w this album
JM: Our goal- with this BE album, we have a lot of desire to give comfort to many people. We would feel so grateful if we could comfort people with this album.
Q: BTS = world stars. Who do you want to BE in future?
JH: It was really clear when I debuted. #1 artist, etc. What kind of person I am, how can I express more through music and performance more healthily? I always think about being consistently staying true as an artist
Q: personal achievements
V: 1st time time being in charge of visual so I was nervous. But I got a lot of help from ARMY, members, gathered research, asked ARMYs, made PDF for the first time, explained to staff members. I was so nervous but I think I have talent in this field
Q: more goals?
SJ: Suga used to always answer this but I'll try this time. Tbh probably Grammys. We have the honorable Billboard Hot100 achievement, but it would be great if BTS could be named on that Grammy nomination stage. BTS fighting!
JM: Thank you for watching what we prepared until now. Preparing this album gave us a lot of comfort too. I hope many people feel comforted while listening as well. Thank you for watching + would be thankful if you continue to watch us as we grow.
[Livestream, Q&A from foreign press ended]. Q&A from K-media taking place off air.
*as most live translations go, there may be some minor typos/errors. thank you for your understanding! 💜 enjoy the comeback! Happy BE Day!

• • •

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