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20 Nov, 30 tweets, 6 min read
I'm trying to extract a font for the generator, and I can't get the game to finish booting.
BUT the error message appears to be in the font I need... maybe I can just steal the font from the failure screen? :)
It's Spirit of Excalibur for the Apple IIgs, which is a system I have very little experience with:
oh, I'm an idiot. it was released on a lot of systems, including MS-DOS.
I know a lot about MS-DOS... sorry apple IIgs.
ahh, yes, the whole of Englande.
This font is embellished to the point of being almost unreadable. I love it.
"peperony and
argh. this game uses some of the same colors for the randomized stone-coloring as it does for the font shadows.
so I can't cleanly extract the fonts here because random dots might affect it!
they are, however, randomized every time the screen is displayed.
Maybe I should just capture every letter three times, then pick the mode-average of each pixel?
I'm implicitly assuming they're truly random though. they might not be, and that could throw off my image-merging.
well, to be accurate, they can't be truly random. They're pseudorandom at best.
but they might be very badly pseudorandom
interesting. I took five pictures and merged them and these are all the pixels that differed between them.
so it looks like some of the rock-specs are burnt into the base image, and don't move.
and with 25 versions
I wanted more data.
so I took a thousand screenshots
but this shows that it's pretty good about arranging the pixels, so I can assume that it'll be fine at least for that middle rectangle.
I'm still gonna overkill the pictures and do like 5-10 images for each character, to avoid getting very unlucky and having a random dot in the same place for each one
time to take 2,560 screenshots!
it's... a kind of progress?
I have extracted the width of one (1) letter.
maybe I should let it run on more letters than A
these look like I'm not extracting them correctly, but no, this is what this stupid font looks like
wow this font jams the letters in there tight.
They're slightly overlapping
I wired up a test but the width is all wrong.
it looks like my "unadvance" code to let characters overlap has completely broken somehow
ahh, yeah.
Part of my migration to webpack stuff has broken some functionality because SCOPING
just gonna write some code that randomly switches all "vars" to "let" and vice versa until it works
oh god, no, it's not scoping, it's because MODULES.
Because I'm dynamically loading the config info as a module, it now has a .default member.
There's some magic to make JSON work as expected for most things, but .default doesn't get the magic because it EXISTS
and where is my options for "unadvance" stored? in a json key named "default"
FIXED. I just need to remove the .default magic when I load the module.

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21 Nov
Decommissioning Arecibo is a very sad move for science, but I understand why it needs to be done.
Google maps even confirms the sad news. Image
But people are already talking about what might replace it, and the various benefits of having it in different places... Have they considered placing it in space? Maybe at the earth-sun L2?
Obviously we can't name it like Arecibo and just call it by the local city, so maybe we could, I don't know, name it after an old deceased NASA administrator or something?
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21 Nov
So there's a bay area (Cupertino) estate sale tomorrow, which has some interesting pictures.
And weirdly, it ties into something I posted a month ago.
It's the estate of Chuck Colby. Image
I posted about the Walkmac, a modification of a Macintosh to be portable, back in October, and remarked that it was odd that it said "from the estate of Chuck Colby" but I didn't see any mention of him being dead elesewhere.
but yeah, the estate sale has oscilloscopes and audio generators... ImageImage
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20 Nov
So remember that neat Twilight Zone trick I talked about a long while ago? I found a video that's using it for a different use, but in color.

I found it here, but the "source" that's reblogging is a memes page that seems to be focused around getting ad views and scam giveaways
this is that twilight zone effect I was talking about:
as for the top video, lemme know if you know where it's from.
also I wonder if it's being done in real time? it certainly looks like it is.
with a remote controlling red and blue lights you could certainly swap the colors very quickly
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20 Nov
I've run into one of the (many) holes in my electronics knowledge and Google is not helping here, so:

I have a switch I want to use with a microcontroller. The switch has high resistance, though (a couple mega-ohms)
How do I detect the state of the switch?
Googling it either gives me solutions that are way overkill (like how to build a multimeter), not practical (academic abstracts about measuring super high resistance in the gigs-ohm range), or anti-answers (get a different switch, one that doesn't suck)
I seem to vaguely get that there's some trick where you set up a matching(ish) resistance and the switch changing state causes the current flow to switch direction, enough to be detectable?
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20 Nov
I'm always vaguely amused by seeing those industrial trucks drive by with this "warning sign".

Although I swear the one I just saw only said "non flammable" and didn't specify gas.
And I thought: wait, doesn't that apply to most trucks, then? Why don't they have warning signs?
But clearly some trucks DO have flammable stuff on them. Like, I saw a truck for a shredding company, it's gonna be full of paper, right? That'll burn quite well.
There's no warning for flammability there!
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20 Nov
every day I wake up mad that there never was a computer with a built in VHS slot
we seriously got TWO (ok, really one, but the other existed enough for people to take pictures of it) video game consoles that integrated a whole-ass LASERDISC PLAYER and yet no one built a console with a built in VHS port?
those two are, of course, the Pioneer LaserActive and he RDI Video Systems Halcyon. ImageImage
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