Frustrated with everyday mask believers? You need to remember/read the story of "THE LITTLE DUCK WHO COULD NOT SWIM". Here we go.Danny was a little duck. He was a clever little duck. He could waddle just as fast as any other duck. He could quack as any other duck.
There was only one thing he could not do. He could not swim. The other ducks could swim. He could not. He was unhappy.

The big ducks said Danny was hatched by a hen. The little ducks said he was a little stupid. They were all wrong. It was not true.
Nobody taught[8] Danny. Nobody taught him to swim. His mother could not teach him to swim. Somebody took his mother away after the was hatched. Danny wanted to swim. He wanted to learn to swim, but who would teach him?

He tried to swim. He tried to teach himself to swim.
He tried hard for days. It was no use. Every time he tried to swim he would sink. He would just sink to the bottom of the pool. He could not swim.

The next morning Danny got an idea. He could ask someone to teach him. He wanted to ask his friends to teach him to swim.
He went to Mrs Beaver’s house. Nobody was home.

He went to Mr Rabbit’s house. He rang the bell. Mr Rabbit answered the door. ‘Why, hello Danny! How are you?’ asked Mr Rabbit.

“Very well, thank you, ‘ answered Danny.”

Please come in, Won’t you come in? It’s very cold outside.
Now what can I do for you, Danny?

“Well, Mr. Rabbit, can you teach me? Can you teach me to swim? I really want to learn.”

Mr. Rabbit thought. He thought for a while. Then he said, “I’m sorry, Danny. I can not help you.
I can not teach you.. You see, I can not swim. I’m sorry.”

Danny went away. He was very unhappy. He tried to ask another friend. He asked so many friends. It was no use. None of them could help him. None of them could teach him to swim.
Then Danny remembered on other person. He was Mr Owl. He would know the answer for sure. He lived in the big old tree. The old tree was on the other side of the pool. It was far away. Danny ran. He ran as fast as he could. He ran to the old tree to see Mr Owl.
“Oh, boy, I’m tired from all that running. I’d better knock on the door.”

“Knock, Knock, Knock[11].”

“Come in”, said a deep voice. Danny walked into the tree.

“Welcome. Please come up here so I can see you.” The deep voice was more friendly now. “Oh, It’s you, Danny.
What would you like to know?” asked Mr Owl.

“Well, Mr Owl, I ask you to help me. I’m a duck, but I can not swim. I always try to swim. I try hard to learn, but I can’t. So today I went to my friends. I asked them to teach me to swim. They could not help me.
You are the only one who can. Can you teach me to swim?

‘Ah, I’ve got the right thing for you, Danny. It’s a skyhook. Here it is. When you go swimming, you hook it in the sky. Jump into the water, and then move your feet. When you can swim well, you can give the skyhook back,
said Mr Owl. He smiled.

‘Oh, thank you very much. Mr Owl.’

Danny ran out to the pool. He hooked up the skyhook. He hooked it in the sky. He jumped into the water. He kicked his feet. Soon he was swimming. He could swim very well..

Everyone came to see him.
That night there was a big party. It was for Danny. Everyone was happy.
IDK the original author of the skyhook story, but many thanks to this blog page, which has the whole story:…
For SOME people, the mask is just their skyhook. And as convinced as they are by all the MISinformation around about C@vid, they as just as naive & unconfident as little Danny the duck.
The sad truth is that there are ducks who are CONVINCED that they can't swim, and the "vaccine" IS the skyhook for them. They're counting on that, RN, because they just don't have the capacity, yet, to seek (or even ask about) the truth about "the pandemic" on their own.
And, until they get that, they're holding onto to their masks just to survive.
It's difficult being a witness to such suffering in everyday life, not knowing when these little ducks will figure out that they CAN indeed swim.
The Qwl is certainly wiser & more patient than me, with his skyhook solution.
(Much simpler & more effective than trying to explain all of Qniversity's information to little ducklings!)
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