Tucker has been blowing it since election night. He has the biggest megaphone in the country and he seems to be reluctant or unwilling to use it to fight this narrative war. WHY? The fate of America hangs in the balance and he’s not acting like it.
His coverage should be ELECTION FRAUD every night but he’s talking about polls, defund the police, and fact checking Sidney Powell? What’s going on???
Sorry but America doesn’t need anymore fucking journalists. Spare me the sanctimony about “honest reporting.” We need POWERFUL voices who will articulate our cause, we need warriors and fighters! Not somebody to tell us “well akchually!” in the hour of decision.

• • •

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21 Aug
It’s completely sensible and obvious that people might be concerned about the efficacy of mail-in voting on a massive scale but now it’s like a moral wedge issue if you don’t have unconditional, unquestioning confidence in the Post Office lmao.
What’s more is that the reverse was true for Russian hacking in 2016. Apparently you have to be obsessively paranoid about Vladimir Putin “hacking our democracy” but simultaneously you cannot express basic concerns about even the logistics of voting by mail. Joke country.
Sort of reminds me of other seemingly arbitrary things which cannot be questioned 🤔
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10 Aug
Aftermath of the looting in Downtown Chicago last night:
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25 May
The Karen meme isn’t funny and at this point it’s just used to ridicule anybody that actually still holds this country to a high standard. If you’re not apathetic about the descent of our country into total decay and dysfunction then you’re a “karen.”
People have not even begun to consider the countless ways in which our quality of life will deteriorate once we live in a society of people who simply don’t give a shit about anything. 1900s USA vs 2000s USA will be like those memes about Chick Fil A vs KFC or Amazon vs UPS
After a certain point the Romans just forgot how to build or repair their own bridges. I think about that a lot
Read 4 tweets
13 Mar
On January 9th, a producer from CBS emailed me requesting to do an interview about my youtube channel for a documentary about “political commentators online.”

Today that documentary was published on the CBS News Youtube channel titled “Extremists Next Door.” ImageImage
This was a calculated and deliberate set up from the start. The email implies the documentary would be an innocuous piece about Youtube commentators or even censorship, the final product is an unambiguous hit job. Fortunately I suspected this and declined!
Later that night, after receiving the email, I exposed their little scheme on my show and called out these producers for trying to set me up. They clipped that and used it in their documentary:
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2 Mar
It’s not “America vs Socialism”

It’s Americans vs Globalists!
The elites that are running this country into the ground actually have diverse ideological positions on the economy, but what they all have in common is a post-national, trans-national, or international worldview that rejects the EXISTENCE of America or allegiance to one nation.
Billionaire donors like the Koch Brothers are economically Right, they are libertarians, they hate socialism. They’re also destroying America by lobbying for open borders. The “America vs socialism” dichotomy is literally designed to prevent this conversation from happening.
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2 Feb
Any serious person thinking about globalization and demographic changes should actually care a lot about racial differences in intelligence. But this subject doesn’t “interest” you because it’s not convenient for your trojan horse brand of kosher nationalism.
Fwiw, at dual citizen Yoram Hazony’s “National Conservatism” conference last year, John Bolton was a keynote speaker and Peter Brimelow was blacklisted from even attending. This arrangement is exactly the opposite of what we should expect from a true Nationalist movement.
Going forward, we will continue to see the same failed, toothless conservative ideology sloppily repackaged as “nationalism” by the usual suspects. This is a big problem because they will suck all the oxygen and funding out of the room while blacklisting us.
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