1/ Before I go to bed I want to leave you a good night decode here. Sleep well later Fam 💜
@stormis_us @stars @Dovetail1221 @DanAuito @DianAandDennis @lightheartanon @HevSent5 @GematriaTruth @ValiantThor12 @SonCharlemagne @PetahJane @yogibear951
Games are fun
Perfect storm
Divine Alignment
Checkmate end times
Problem solved ( Would fit the drop 435, which is also mentioned here )
Christ is ready
We need to fight back
Save humanity
Heaven is for real
Calm down and love ❤️
JFK jr living M Cue
Digital Gold XRP 💥
Go with the plan
Merkel is finished ( in German )
Great awakening V ( V for Vendetta ? See the mask the man beside Robert F K. wears )
Here we have some numbers I checked
158 = 14 = 77
Someone knows what's on the pic cue is mentioning?

• • •

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19 Nov
1/ This is the biggest decode I ever had. 222 terms and many drops. I hope you enjoy it and get red pilled. 💜💥
@stormis_us @Stars4P @Dovetail1221 @DianAandDennis @lightheartanon @HevSent5 @DanAuito @ValiantThor12 @GematriaTruth @PetahJane @yogibear951
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15 Nov
" I stand for law and order and took action"
Do not be afraid because I am real and I love you
Donald Trump is divinely protected
Millions of ballots left to be counted
Remove all censorship from social media
No accusation can stop the love train
Every little thing is gonna be alright
We are already here just need to be visible
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12 Nov
1/ Hi Fam, her my new decode. I found some new terms. Enjoy it 💜💜💜
@DoveLoves1221 @stormis_us @lightheartanon @HevSent5 @DanAuito @DianAandDennis @GematriaTruth @yogibear951
" I thirty five"
Ashtar Command crew
Seven Lions
It´s game over
Martial Law placement
Bringing love to the Earth
Two lanterns
Trust the plan ( in German )
Army of light
Global Blackout
Never give up ( in German )
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11 Nov
1/ Hi Fam! Here is my new decode for you. Enjoy it. ❤️
I´m watching "the christmas chronicles" right now and I love it. 💜

@kimrunner @Dovetail1221 @stormis_us @DanAuito @HevSent5 @ValiantThor12 @yogibear951 @aDeo_creata_est
Stay tuned
Unleash new reality
America will be unified again
It´s coming get ready
Trinity swords
It´s already happening
Military intel channel
My wife and I help you ( in German )
Always keeps to planned dates ( in German )
We´re still winning
It´s going to be amazing
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9 Nov
1/ 6 My latest decode with interesting informations.
Some of them I do not know if it is true. But I am curious if anyone knows more about it.
@Dovetail1221 @yogibear951 @HevSent5 @lightheartanon
@DanAuito @ValiantThor12 @DianAandDennis @PetahJane @stormis_us
November 22 ?
You have six days ( the post was on nov 8th, 8 + 6 = 14 ), 11/14/2020 = 11
The lion is soon to roar
Love is draining the swamp
Supreme court justice
Everything is going according to plan. Even faster ( in German )
You are working for Christ
You are the news now M Cue ( M stands for message )
Pleiadians perform miracles
Thank you Lightworker
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8 Nov
1/ I was curious what "watch the water" could mean. These are the results that resonate with me.
@Dovetail1221 @DanAuito @WhipLash347 @lightheartanon @stormis_us @kimrunner @ValiantThor12 @SonCharlemagne @HevSent5 @BriceHobbs
I tould you so
Jesus is ready
Biden doesn´t know if he´s alive
Germany first ( after America ?)
Father of all bombs
Freedom forever
Event is coming
Grand solar flash
CuaAnons are heroes
A hidden President ( ?? )
The good news ( in German )
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