The GOP hold on their base is through a mixture of gerrymandering, racism and lies.

The lies are more critical than you'd think.

That's why they're working overtime on the bullshit.
They know full well they aren't convincing the rest of the country.

All of this is aimed at their base.

They're lying to themselves to stay alive.
They can't turn to their base and say "Joe Biden won fair and square, but we really want Trump to be President so we're trying to cheat"

It would play in the inner sanctum cult and the extremist set but not the GOP rank and file.
They really, honestly have to get their base to believe that the Democrats cheated.

And as a general rule, they didn't. But they're coming around because everyone who is supposed to be a serious, legitimate figure in their lives is brazenly lying to them.
I mean think about if every news channel and politician you knew had decided to get together and tell the exact same outrageous lie.

You'd have a hard time trying not to believe it.
If you are a casual GOP member, and you catch Conservative news, you would have to think

"Nobody would go on TV and tell a lie this big. Much less many people who are actual professionals and public officials. There MUST be something to it."

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21 Nov
Ok Legal Nerds. I have some questions.

Where do you jail an ex-president?

Do they keep their Secret Service detail in prison. (And how would that work?)

Would a convicted ex-President keep their lifetime Presidential pension?
Has @greg_doucette already done a thread on this that I missed?

Maybe @LegalEagleDJ ?
Like I'm well aware that America gives a tacit pass to its Presidents and does its best to shield them from any consequences or personal responsibility at all costs.

But OFFICIALLY there has to be some sort of stated procedure or guidelines, right?
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20 Nov
In order for it to have been effective, it would have needed to peak during a period of national uncertainty.

They missed the window, so they lost the period where they could have made a compelling argument during which no clear decision had been reached.

But they whiffed.
They will successfully cause unrest and disorder and death in their futile tantrum.

But they won't succeed with the coup.

They blew it.

But they ARE ushering in a new era of government by constant sedition and conspiracy.
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20 Nov
To be fair, the Supreme Court came TO Bush and Gore.

That case was solicited BY SCOTUS.

It wasn't a case that bubbled up through the courts like normal.

SCOTUS invented new law just to hear that case.

Bush v Gore was illegal as hell but nobody could stop it.
Everybody trying to rehabilitate 2000 as if it was the legal GOP response to losing.

It wasn't. It was a naked power grab. It just worked.

Bush v Gore wasn't an ethically moral affair. It was the biggest stain on SCOTUS since Dred Scott.
SCOTUS knew this and tried to hastily argue that this one case didn't count for the purposes of any precedent.

They realized that the case was so corrupt that it shouldn't be a model for SCOTUS behavior.

So they declared it didn't count as precedent

Just a one-off intervention
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20 Nov
Not sure which is worse:

1) Tucker Carlson being praised by the Left for siding with reality for the first time in ever.

2)Tucker Carlson being dragged by the Right for siding with reality for the first time in ever.
I'll leave it to you. Which is worse?
For the record... Carlson in the lead up to this clip defends his show as being reasonable because it accepts evidence that the government is lying about UFOs for which there is evidence.

"If people are yelling 'Conspiracy theory' you're probably over the target"
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20 Nov
America has been content for so long to just give these people a pass as "crazy cousins."

No matter how much they kill, no matter how heinous their plans, at the end of the day they're white and so white America will continue to excuse and support them.
If a bunch of Brown people had been discovered to have a plan to take over a government building and kill officials, we'd already be dropping bombs in their home countries.

But here?

Economic anxiety. White boys will be white boys. Both sides. Fine people. Salt of the earth.
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18 Nov
The problem is that the spread in the general population is so astronomical that what would normally be considered a totally unacceptable level of transmission at the start of an outbreak is now perfectly fine in comparison

We literally lowered the bar for pandemic safety.
Places that have Covid-19 under control will literally shut down whatever is necessary in order to properly contain ONE case.

There's a reason for this.
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