THREAD: This is from a dear friend/former colleague, Seth Keshel. His background as an Army Intelligence officer and natural gift as a writer, and data analyst, has blessed him to be of invaluable assistance to current events and also shed light on why this fight is so critical.
In case I'm picking you up on the fly, here is why there is so much energy going in to exposing the truth of recent events.
I read a book once called "More Than A Carpenter," by Josh McDowell. In fact, I read it in a tent that smelled like 12 junior Army officers in the middle of a miserable desert, in the middle of the war in Afghanistan.
It's an apologetics book aimed at skeptics of Jesus's claims of being Savior. It lays out three undeniable positions, which anyone of any persuasion would agree with.

Jesus was either Lord, Liar, or Lunatic. And from there, the case was made to the audience.
I welcome skepticism. Without it, we are tribalized hordes, deeply rooted in factions, what the founders feared. Disagreement is wholly American, and is the reason we have a system (very tenuous at the moment) in which the citizens register grievances peacefully.
In the sense of the above paragraph, there are two possibilities surrounding this election, and I beseech you to think about what both mean for the future of this country.
The first possibility is that the results are true and genuine as rendered by the talking heads. This makes me and everyone else busy flinging red pills nothing but complete fools to be mocked and jeered.
Zealots with no other purpose than to disrupt and destabilize. We are never to be taken seriously again.

However, if I am right - then you are watching a real time coup unfold before your very eyes.
"It can't happen here" you say, even though it has happened many times in the past century in nations that are very much considered civilized, sophisticated, and advanced.
The president was not supposed to win in 2016. Few saw the coalitions shifting in the Midwest, and such gains and even flips of key states were not anticipated by those in the business of consolidating power.
Then, when it happened in the blink of an eye, there were not three days authorized to produce "absentee" ballots to erase very slim margins.
I remain flabbergasted by those who cannot get past their sheer hatred of this president, and that hatred is never based on accomplishments or achievement, but on style.
I'll tell you this, the same people would have hated General Patton, too. He said that it is best for our soldiers to sneak up on Nazi soldiers in foxholes and beat them to death with a "sock full of s***." How's that for style? What would he tweet?
Patton's purpose in life, which he fully embraced, was not to be accepted around the cocktail party generals. It was to forcefully destroy the Nazi army, in the snow, in the dead of winter, with a hungry and freezing force of America's finest.
The politicians elected in this country for decades have betrayed the people, and that includes Representatives and Senators, state and federal, governors, and absolutely presidents.
The Bush presidents are two of the worst of all time. Disagree? Well, how about we list some accomplishments. Bush 41 and Clinton arranged trade deals that devastated the area we now call the Rust Belt.
We have waged war in nations that the naïve among us (raising hand here) felt were worth the sacrifice of blood, with no results, other than to produce elections that are cleaner than the ones we run in this nation, and more transparent.
Bush 43 literally has no meaningful accomplishments, only the memory of his weeks in the sun where he was a strong presence after 9/11, with one hell of a first pitch in the World Series.
We got two wars we can't win or get out of, and a pathetic chief justice who stabs the people in the back on every key case. President Obama had a chance to unify the nation, but instead, continued on the path set forth by the Bushes and criminals in our legislative bodies.
Trump didn't bring division. Division brought him. He even endorsed wimps like Mitt Romney, and when they failed to show one single ounce of fight, he finally ran.
So, regardless of your opinions on President Trump, you should care, particularly if you smell foul play. This is the consequence of this injustice being upheld - you will never again see a fair election in what is now known as the United States.
Because he was not supposed to win in 2016, those planning to seize power in this fashion will not allow for a new system in which they can be defeated.
"Well, we need to hold the Senate, and maybe get the house back in 2022, and Pence can run in 2024," you say. That's the ticket, I'm sure Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philly will be playing by the rules then so we can win.
A 90 seat Senate majority does not matter if unelected kingmakers can choose your president for you. A house majority is meaningless.
The system of grievances will be shattered, and the only remaining political future will be determined by the county commissioners and sheriffs of red America ...
...drawing a line in the sand and literally nullifying every single directive that comes from an unhinged and unthreatened federal bureaucracy.
Don't believe me? Go watch a video on Bundy Ranch from Nevada in 2014. Then multiply that times about 70% of the counties in America who are left with no voice in politics and government.
The political system was designed to prevent clan unrest, as seen in Europe throughout the middle ages before enlightenment principles began to change things for better - the same principles that created our system.
So, to sum it up - if you think it's all on the up and up, even though the last four years have been one conspiracy and coup after another - then you will never wake up.
If you agree that this has the foul stench of death on it, then this is the reality. Accepting this is consent to the eventual breakdown of a civil society, if we aren't already over the Rubicon.
If you are still in doubt, I am more than happy to treat you with respect, embrace your doubts, and present what you need to see. This is a point of no return.


• • •

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