We all have a Christ Light.

Our Christ Light has a lower self, which is our Higher Self. The main purpose of the Christ Light is to return to its point of creation as a Perfected Being. To become perfected, it utilises its lower self (our Higher Self).
The Higher Self, in turn, utilises its own group of dimensional souls across many dimensions in many worlds to follow the cycle of rebirth & ascend in consciousness & vibration until finally
The dimensional souls can return to the Higher Self free of karma with the lower 7 chakras perfected. All these lives/souls of a single Higher Self contribute to the ascension of the Higher Self.
1 of these souls will pass the 5th initiation first,leaving the cycle of rebirth first. This single person then has the sole &soul responsibility to assist in clearing all the karma of all the other dimensional lives,whether in body or not,of the Higher Self’s collective of souls
Part of the process of moving from the 5th to 6th initiation is to clear the karma of all the dimensional lives through the perfected chakra system. The perfected chakra system allows karma to be cleared at a greater rate.
When the karma is cleared from each individual dimensional life, that soul no longer contributes to the Higher Self’s ascension. The soul, with all its past lives, is taken back into the Being of the Higher Self as part of the consciousness of the Higher Self.
They become part of the greater being, and in turn, ascend into a greater collective consciousness thanks to the work of their dimensional brother or sister who passed the fifth initiation first.

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20 Nov
💎The Diamond Souls💎

It's time we open our starseeds to spread information about all the important formations of energies & light beings that exist in the universe.
With an understanding of starseeds & their original origins, more souls will have greater opportunities of knowledge for a clearer & more complete wholeness about themselves. This inner key may give us a new meaning & direction in life.
Many life bearers are diamond star seeds that originally come from the planet 55 Cancri, in the star system Cancer. Rhocancrians are ancient souls who have traveled in eons of time to spread their diamond star seeds.
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20 Nov
We all exist as part of a collective of dimensional lives.

These dimensional lives are occurring concurrently with the life you are living now. Each of these lives is occurring in a dimension unique to them.
So, if you have 9 dimensional lives, these lives are occurring in 9 different dimensions.

***No one in this universe has the same dimensional collective as you – your dimensional collective is unique to you.***
Dimensional lives are often erroneously thought to be lives of an individual replayed across dimensions. Not so. Each dimensional life in your collective has a soul that is unique to them.  Each is a unique individual just as you are. They are separate from you.
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20 Nov
⭐️🌎The EARTH STAR assists in keeping us grounded in our life experience. It is also the receptacle that holds our past lives within the Mother Earth when our soul is between incarnations. The Earth Star is usually 6-12 inches below the feet.🌎⭐️
We all have an Earth Star.

It is the connection of conscious life to the Mother Earth. The Earth Star is our anchor; it keeps us in body. The Earth Star is our link to the Mother Earth & this dimension.
When a baby takes its 1stbreath, the Earth Star arrives, holding the conscious life force to the Earth. When we die, the Earth Star goes into stasis. It does not cease to be, rather it waits for our return to body once more on the cycle of rebirth.
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From Nov. 18 to 21, 2020, as darkness falls, use the waxing crescent moon to locate the gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn, now headed for their once-in-20-years great conjunction on the December 21 solstice. Jupiter is the brighter of these 2 worlds, outshining Saturn by 12x. Image
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A similarly close conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn won’t happen again until March 15, 2080!

Look first for Jupiter – brightest star like object up each evening – and that nearby golden “star” will be the planet Saturn.
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What’s your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?

The Nile:

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✨⚡️Global Energy Forecast November 20-26⚡️✨

Nov 20: A breakthrough moment arrives, as the recent ‘heavy energy’ now shifts.

Nov 21: The spirit of freedom now envelops the globe. Look ahead with optimism.
Nov 22: Mercury retrograde season ends. The post-shadow is over. Move ahead...

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