This is the second server farm to be raided in Germany. The first one was a child sex porn site that was the biggest child porn site in the World and it was located in an abanded military bunker that took a group od over 100
special forces military and swat teams from the German police departments.
Now we have this server farm set up by Sysctl and other nefarious companies that have used Dominion Voting machines that have old software inside but packaged in shiny new boxes
there have even been mini WI-FI cards hidden inside the shiny new machines so that someone sitting in a Minivan or Van sitting right outside the building can have access to how the votes are tabulated. Would you believe me that at 3 an in the morning Joe Biden all
of a sudden received thousands upon thousands of votes placing him ahead of Pres. Trump in an instant.
also would you believe me if I told you that Nancy Pelosi is connected to Dominion Voting Machines anong with several other high ranking Democrats…
And then you have ex Generals and high running officials from our Alphabet agencies working as private companies that are currently running what they call a "Color revolution" on US soil and what a "Color Revolution" is , is when our Gov wants to make a change
in a foreign Government to someone we can control or would treat their people better, this story confirms this is happening on US Soil.…
How did these retired Generals and leaders of our Alphabet agencies get their hands on this technology to use this on American soil well I wrote a thread about this
Remember when Hunter Biden and John Kerry's step son make that 1.5 Billion dollar loan to open a whatever it was they were to open well would you believe me if I told you that John Kerry's stepson the Heinz kid sat on the board of directors of the company
that created all the technology that made our nuclear submarines very quiet and yrt the Chinese Submarines were still very noisy that you could track them from halfway across the Ocean well right after the Heina kid and Hunter biden got the 1.5 Billion dollars
saddeningly the Chinese Submarines became a whole lot quieter, still not as quiet as US submarines but they made a very drastic improvement in quieting down their submarines.
China wants pres. Trump out of office almost as bad as the New World Order does. The people behind the NWO want to create a One World Government and the one Country standing in their way ia America. If the NWO & China can get a puppet in as POTUS then
they can complete their plans, China will take over the entire S., China Sea BC Biden has already promised to remove the 7th Fleet from the S. China Sea first taking over Taiwan so they can have access to Taiwan's Technology corporations then China will finish
Building their military Islands and when they are finished they will invade Japan and of the technology companies take it over and the all the small Island Nations in the S. China Sea and what's worse is that China will use US Military aircraft and navy to accomplish this
BC Biden has promised China our Military as well. then the NWO people will overtake all of Europe which should not be to hard BC they already have their Muslim Army placed all across Europe ready to take over then the One World Government will be formed
and the World will ironically be reconstructed into basically what is the World is described as in the Book and Movies "The Hunger Games" Coal rich areas will supply the coal, tree farms , industry , Farming all divided up so the minions being we the people
will work to provide for the rich and famous and the elite. If you are a "Common folk" like 90% of the world's population will be you will be provided with a home and a food allotment but here's the problem the strong in these areas will take control over the food supply
and take what little extra you have and sell you the food allotment that you were supposed to receive in the first place.
Folks I can go on and on but I think you get the Idea of what the Democrats and the New World Order want to do if they can
get a puppet like Biden in as POTUs someone they can control and from all the evidence we has seen so far from the Chinese Gov. they have on Hunter they most definitely will be able to control Joe Biden so it is imperative we keep Pres. Trump for another 4 year term as POTUS.

• • •

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More from @SamRobersonJr

18 Nov
Here I will try again to explain why China wants Biden to become POTUS.
BC of the tariffs Pres. Trump has placed upon China they no longer can produce any of their "Smart" products BC their Chips and boards are all
made in the USA and other Countries like Taiwan that is why China has been threatening to invade Taiwan for several Months now, No other POTUS in the history of the US has used Tariffs this long and it is damaging their entire economy also why China has been
using fake Gold as collateral to other Countries for loans and they have been caught by many Countries using this fake Gold and now no Country will take Gold from China as collateral.
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17 Nov
"Q" came out and everyone got excited, BC we thought there was finally going to be justice in the government but as it turned out "Q" is really a Psy-Op designed to keep patriots from taking action. Everytime we go pised off and were readt to orginise
and take our Country back "Q" would make a post that would calm everyone down and that's what we did we calmed down.
Time after time after time this happened when we the people got pissed "Q" would make a post and we would like good little dogs lay down at our masters feet.
There is so much evidence out there to place people under the jail and yet they are walking free making book deals and yadda yadda yadda.
The one guy we did catch red handed because he changed an official document well he pled guilty and did not even get
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2 Nov
My friends Tuesday November 3rd is going to be a day the history books will dedicate an entire chapter to and College courses will teach nothing but what really went on during the 2020 election of the President of the United States of America.
There is so many different factions working to get rid of Pres. Trump that this is going to take a while to break it down.
We will start with the Military Industrial Complex;
There is a group of military Generals and Naval Admirals who have made backdoor deals
with the companies that make the Bombs, Bullets, and all the High-Tech equipment we use in War, Now President Trump is the first President who has not started a new War with any Country and is actually bringing our troops home from the Wars we are currently in.
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9 Sep
This is a very eye-opening story but it does not tell the complete story, for one we still have our 2nd Am. and a good majority of Trump supporters are Vets a& if need be, we will put down a color rev. The new internet is supposed to be up
before the election and to be completely honest I follow "Q" and according to their posts all of this has already been factored in way back in 2017. Sure, there are some Gens who are neck deep into the Military Industrial Complex making money hand over fist thorough
backdoor deals but I don't believe there are enough to pull off a successful coup against the POTUS. I think the Left have greatly underestimated the support that Pres. Trump has from his military gens and an attempted coup will only backfire on them.
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5 Aug
There is going to be a whole lot of pear clutching about China not living up to their their part of the Phase 1 trade deal but allow me to reassure you that China has no choice but to honor their part of the deal but they will be purchasing even more Grain
and hogs from American Farmers than what is required in the Phase 1 Trade Deal.
Let me lay out for you what is happening in China right now.
China has been experiencing massive flooding in the South of China for Months now.…
and today a typhoon is hitting the South of China adding to all of the flooding and most likely will burst the 3 Gorges Dam.…
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3 Aug
My friends all of the Democrats keep claiming that Russia is Americas biggest threat when in fact it is China that is the biggest threat to America right now.
China tried to wait out Pres. Trump's Tariffs but when they realized he was not going to back down
they went to their secondary plan after their economy crashed they "Accidentally" released the Coronavirus-19 BC they knew they had to crash the Worlds economy along with theirs or their days as a ruling party would soon be over, China is experiencing massive flooding
in the Southern industrial area and they are experiencing drought in the northern growing area. They also have had to destroy whole Hog and Chicken farms BC of a Swine and Bird Flu. China has been caught using 40% of the Gold they used for collateral as being fake Gold Bars
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