As if the whole "shut it all down" concept was not a ploy to concentrate power and economy. This disease has like what; less than 1% fatality rate.

The whole "Do you want to kill Grandma?" was used to prevent any rational discussion about consequences of lockdown.
I do not think lockdowns and curbs are going away anytime soon. Every year it would be 'but, but, Corona' excuse, even though people are dying from other causes

Increased God complex of Babus in India; and concentrated economy further in hands of Amazon and Walmart types in west
Mudi bhajan mandali gang could not be forgiven for their low IQ venality shown in cheering mindless lockdowns.

Peak vishwaguru behaviour. A case study on how a government which exist for PR crashed economy so bad that their country became worst performer.

• • •

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3 Feb
Solid midwit take.

When Muslims starting bombing campaign of Europe, it was not clear that they are going to achieve results. Initially, it appeared to be counterproductive. It worked because they persisted and their supporters remained steadfast.
Terrorism works like instrumental conditioning's punishment with added variable of reaction of other side. It should be random, substantial, & should be frequent enough that it does not cause extinction.

Every political movement would have people prone to unsanctioned violence
It is job of overground faction to have contingency plan to integrate that random violence in his political universe and benefit from it.

Problem with terrorist on his side is that their side is made of hypocrites, not as in hypocrites in stated policy but to themselves.
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3 Oct 19
@karma9_ @bahutbadadanda @PostEnd_Peasant First. It is not that non-leftists do not love art, music, movie etc. I am not a leftist and I have degrees (not completed though) and diplomas in piano and fine art. I despise movies, but more for political reason and crap storytelling.
@karma9_ @bahutbadadanda @PostEnd_Peasant It is true that majority of professional artists are leftists, but this has not been so in past. Most artists in past were more into religion than modal population. There are may reasons- some material some spiritual as to why this has been the case. For professional artists:
@karma9_ @bahutbadadanda @PostEnd_Peasant (1) Patronage and Zeitgeist: Art could not feed you without a patron, thus ideology of artists mirrors those of his patrons. Modern art was memed into existence by CIA. If not a patron, you need to appeal to zeitgist (movies do it).Hindus are drunk of duratma ghutti so you know..
Read 8 tweets
25 Mar 18
A big part in this was played by geography & pattern of settlements. Iran is basically a mountainous and desert region with few tracts of fertile land around which settlements agglomerated. This leads to centralization and urbanization, and also allow invading armies
to go from one agglomeration to another meticulously converting or genociding them. This has also been true in India where geography favored agglomerations . Kambhoja and Gandhara were ethnically cleansed of Hindus by Islamic armies in very short time.
Even Kashmir's total Islamization was possible due to its agglomeration of majority of its population in valleys. In contrast to this, Indo-Gangetic plains are fertile rolling plains of 700,000 Sq Km area. Since whole plains are fertile, it leads to dispersal of population
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28 Feb 18
Look at this in an objective manner. Diameter of Holi balloons vary between 40 to 100mm. For this diameter, volume of a balloon vary from 268 ml to 4188.8 ml. An average health male produce 2-5 ml of semen, on average, on first ejaculation.
Thus in order to fill a single holi balloon with semen to same size as a water balloon, between 54 to 2095 people would need to contribute their semen, depending on size of volume.

Is such semen collecting drive even logistically possible?
Error: *depending on size of balloon, not volume.
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24 Dec 17
India also possess world's largest Thorium reserve. Contrary to popular perception, Thorium is a fertile material than could be used to make nuclear bombs by conversion to fissile material, Uranium-233. India, USA, and USSR have tested experimental Thorium fission bombs.
In order to attain U-233 from Thorium, Thorium-232 is bombarded with neutron which cause it to transform to Thorium-233 which decays to Protactinium-233 by β-decay which further transform to Uranium-233 by β-decay.
The reason why Th-232 to U-233 method is not a preferred route to develop nuclear bombs (U-235 or Pu-239 is preferred) is because of U-232 impurity present in U-233. U-232 is highly radioactive, and thus could not be handled manually, has to be heavily shielded during transport,
Read 8 tweets
27 Sep 17
Hate to break it to you,but you (you henceforth would stand for anyone giving "my tax" argument) are a bigger freeloader than a "gareeb".
You consume much more public goods,paid for by every citizen,than a "gareeb".A gareeb does not need good roads,you do.
Even tolled roads are heavily subsidized by state's money. A gareeb does not need efficient police,you do for your safety and protection
Read 11 tweets

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