Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a George Soros lieutenant, whose company Smartmatic, is tied to Dominion V.S

Interestingly I touched on Lord Malloch Brown in my Brett Sutton thread.

💥The adorable 🦉 Rockerfeller 💥

Lets breakdown this article-full of symbolism

Printed in both the Aus News site and NYPost with subtle changes

Have to be blind not to see the symbolism here.

🦉 found in 2020 Rockerfeller


“When it comes to wildlife there is always a bigger picture, it’s not about an owl in a sweater, there’s a bigger educational picture,”

“The adorable owl — nicknamed Rockefeller — was lucky to survive after having its home cut down and then getting wrapped up in plastic for a bumpy 200-mile (320km)truck journey to Manhattan.”

What is 320kms from Manhattan?
First Rockefeller.


Secretary-General Accepts $8,500,000 Gift for the Purchase of UN Site
Secretary-General of the United Nations, receives from John D. Rockefeller III, on behalf of his father, a check for $8,500,000 for the purchase of the 6-block Manhattan
The adorable owl – nicknamed Rockefeller

The poem and its moral were used in World Wars I and II. The owl poem was a favorite of industrialist John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)


Funny how the owl is Moloch, the owl known by many names including —Moloch, Molech, מֹלֶךְ mōlek, Μολόχ Milcom, or Malcam. In hebrew it quite literally translates to King


The music of Fire Finale begins, offstage. An aura of light begins to glow about the Owl’s head, gradually silhouetting the colossus.

During the ceremony, a record-
ing is used as the voice of The Owl. For many years the
recorded voice was club guest Walter Cron kite
Malloch-Brown is Chairman of

🔥 International Crisis Group 🔥

Alexander Downer
Frank Giustra (Clinton’s top donor, Uranium One)
George:Alexander Soros
Larry Summers (David Rockefeller founded/chaired: CFR, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, etc)

Alexander Downer was a major player with the FBI investigation into Trump


Robert Malley served under Obama, ties to electoral campaign
I spy with my little eye that Alexander Downer spies for the Five Eyes independentaustralia.net/politics/polit…
The highest calibre delegation of Australian political alumni ever to visit Israel was honoured on Tuesday evening at a cocktail reception hosted by the Zionist Federation of Australia and the Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce jwire.com.au/cocktail-recep…
Katherine Keating

Ambassador Council of the International Crisis Group

Keating worked for Berggruen’s 21st Century Group:

Nicolas Berggruen, Billionaire Investor, was on the Epstein Island manifest.


The international Crisis group looks much more like a board of intelligence operatives.
Malloch-Brown, a former deputy secretary general of the United Nations and Britain's foreign ministry

For 6 years he was Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

🔥 UNDP- First Printed the 🍩 Economy 🔥


Lord Mark-Malloch Brown shares his views alongside philanthropist investor David Rubeinstein

David Rubenstein co-founder and co-executive chairman of American private firm

💥 The Carlyle Group 💥



Inside story of how American political spin was sold to the world.

Below is the synopsis for 2009 book Alpha Dogs: The Americans Who Turned Political Spin Into a Global Business , in which Mollock Brown plays a prominent role👇 wrongkindofgreen.org/tag/mark-mallo…

The adorable🦉Rockerfeller
“worst-case scenario would have been that bouncing limbs ruptured the eyes or such a tiny little body crushed by a limb above, if something’s pushing on him he’s going to wiggle out an into a position so that something isn’t”
Song birds return to nests every year, those are the things everyone should be up in arms about what you should do is check for any nests, if there are none that’s a wonderful thing, you’re supposed to check for those nests and move them to another tree,”

During the ceremony, members wear costumes and cremate a coffin effigy called “Care” before a 40-foot-owl,

The High Priest descends to the water’s edge.

Hail Bohemians!
With ripple of waters and the

🦅 Song of birds

“75-80-year-old tree likely had a slew of empty song bird and robin nests that’ll make the birds homeless when they return in the spring looking for them.”

Joe Biden is 78 years old.

Someone may be home less I’m thinking.
Rockefeller the owl — was lucky to survive after having its home cut down and then getting wrapped up in plastic for a bumpy 200-mile truck journey to Manhattan.

And just happens to be:

Distance from New York to Washington DC 204 Miles

Thanks @BoliqueAna
Owl of Moloch Washington DC.

And a great article on the reference of Song Bird and predictive programming

truth11.com/2020/11/07/new… @BoliqueAna 🦅🦉

It’s not the first time Song Bird has been used in reference to Trump
With all these coded messages, symbolism and rituals the so called elite use.

It may give the impression they have some type of power over us.

They have nothing.

It comes down to us and the power and control you decide to relinquish.
Checkout this video on The North Face and pay attention to the message that is being told.

Small is how they want us to think about ourselves.

You are more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

And they fear you knowing this.
Aldous Huxley, 1958 on the consent & enjoyment of the masses in servitude to the state.

"dictatorship of the future will be very unlike dictatorships with which we have been familiar... ."

Checkout @TightWhiteCoat 👇💪

• • •

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19 Nov
So you are aware the real symbolism regarding 🍩
First published in 2012 in an Oxfam report by Kate Raworth, the concept of 🍩 Economics rapidly gained traction internationally, from the UN General Assembly

Kate's 2017 book, Doughnut Economics:  further explored the economic thinking needed to bring humanity into the Doughnut
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Living in the confines of the donut

There are 5 keys factor to work on to live in the safe and just space for humanity:

1. Population
2. Distribution
3. Aspiration
4. Urbanization
5. Governance

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18 Nov
Let’s for arguments say Scott Morrison is signalling to us that Australia is in distress.

Clearly we are under attack from foreign and domestic forces

So what can we find that might represent Morrison sending up a distress signal.

✅ Inverted Aussie Mask

✅ Get off the grass


This is a military metaphor. If you served you get it.

Was Morrison using this metaphor to warn us?

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17 Nov
Are we all familiar with this logo now ✅
This is part of the fake right wing narrative being played out right now by ASIO in the mainstream media

Evans claimed he had to google what "neo-Nazi" meant after public outcry over a 'Black Sun' symbol
The now-deleted post showed a cartoon of a butterfly with the ‘Black Sun’ symbol embedded inside its wings.

The symbol was recently used in the manifesto of the Christchurch shooter.


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17 Nov
Ok here we go again..
Scott Morrison’s turn with the dog codes

Winston and Hooper- White House

White House says Trump's infamous church photo-op was like WINSTON CHURCHILL

Winston Churchill has been placed back in the White House’s Oval Office.

There are so many references to Donald Trump and Churchill it’s insane.

But what about Hooper.

Non stop references with hooper and Obama

My president was a hooper

The White House gets a new resident. Will Donald Trump keep the outdoor hoops court Obama installed in 2009?

Intra dogs- Dogs for ex veterans

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17 Nov
Scott Morrison was caught with his Australian face nappy being worn upside down.

Gave me hope for half a second that he was putting out a distress signal.

On closer inspection...

He is just a dopey prick who is happy to sell out Australians.
Hunts latest post


Might be a good time to remind people what you are continuing to cover up for #RedCross #CSL.

The Red Cross was willingly using blood infected with Hepatis C and moving it onto CSL.

The secret plan to sell donated blood.

But we know who you sold us out to don’t we @GregHuntMP

Nice reading

The Great Reset

If you haven’t seen:

"Your guide to the great reset"
By The Corbett Report now is the time.

See what Greg likes to keep on his shelf

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16 Nov
💥Palantir Victoria Australia💥
💥Strong Cities
💥Institute for Strategic Dialogue

Read this first 👇
As you have seen my posts about Yemini and co as well as the fake protesters.

No way in the world its authentic.

So let’s finally look at the intended outcome.

Strong Cities is certainly part of it, and we have all fallen for the belief that its CCP.
This is in fact (linked through Its board members) Mi5/ASIO/CIA who have a long history of working with so called right wing and terrorist groups for disinformation and destabilisation.

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