Jin: Here comes the billboard No.1 singers!!
JH: Oh wow you called the No.1 singers!!
V: Happy birthday too!
JH; Oh right wow No.1 on B-day!
JK: Oh yes
Jin; Guess you don't need B-day gift.
JK: this...this doens't make any sense
RM(?) : we should gift oneself with something
JH: This is the biggest gift!
JK: this is the best gift in my life.. what ..what just happened...
JH: So the announcement was today? Sept.1st?
JK: this is double celebration
RM; they say it's Saturday
[suga came in]
Suga: Oh I'm sorry BB No.1 Singer has arrived too late. I went to bathroom
JH: ajajahaahahaa (clapping hands) I told you!!

RM: Tell us how you feel


(all laugh)
Jin: Okay that was fantastic
SG: Can you treat BB No.1 Singer like this???No seat??
RM: There are six No.1 singers arrived earlier than you
SG: It fixed my health

How was it yesterday?
RM: I went to sleep early, calm,
SG: I felt healthier
JH: I was late to see it too
Jin: I saw what NJ sent me, and had a drink right away, and went to bad
SG: I could't sleep at all
SG: Sorry I was crying
JK: I honestly didn't know it was today
V: Me neither.
V: I didn't know it was today
JM: I thougt it was this evening
Jin: I thought it was 1 pm or sth
JM: I was thinking it would be great..(to get No.1)
RM: Why, you wanna retire all of a sudden?
V: Go ahead, have announcement now lolll
RM: This skit will be legendary
SG: Im gonna do music till I die
(all laugh)
RM: musician-for-life announcement lol
JH: Are we going for a drink? or what?
V: we should
SG: Let's have quick short drinking
RM: yeah why not
V: "BB No.1 Singer Could not Get O-An-Chi (today dance practice cancel)"
SG: We should do dance
V: (laugh uneasy)
JH: Okay let's make it short and sweet
JK: What's for today?
(pd: what we were working on. No more dream)
JM: No more dream... Guys, don't worry
RM: No we are doing "back to first mindset"project practicing NMD when we're No...1...+
RM: No hyung look. How cool it is? BB No.1 singers practice their debut song on the day of No.1 announcement?
V: Write that to a song
JM: that IS interesting thou.
JM: Practicing NMD today.
SG: Ahh.... for reall......
(someone sighs)
SG: Do we really have to do rehearsal today..?
RM: I woke up in the morning and watching news... and..
JM: It's so great. You guys are so great!!
RM: You are ! (Jin; You are!)
JH: (brushing it off)Nooo what's so great about No.1....
SG: It's regrettable if you say so
JM: I want to do stage so bad looking at this
RM: Hobe-a, don't you think this is what happiness is like?

[fade out]
thanks for reading♡_♡

• • •

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