#Thread : Proofs that #TipuSultan was a Jihadi !

What is this obsession of the leftists,seculars and liberals to term #TipuSultan as some kind of benvoelent king? eh ? He was nothing less than a fanatic Muslim whose main purpose was the convert the masses into Islam
and his own biographer has mentioned it in his biography. In the book, History of Tipu Sultan, by Mohibbul Hasan he write,"Tipu was bent on converting the entire population of
Kerala, and specifically the Raja of Travancore, to Islam"
Link to the pages :
He was a Hindophobic but he also wished to convert Christians into Islam and this is the proof of it.The screenshot below is from the 'Select Letters of Tipu Sultan by William Kirkpatrick
Link to this book : archive.org/details/select…
After the battle of Kodagu(Coorg) in 1773, Haidar defeated the royal family of Coorg and this was it was mentioned in Nishane
Haidari "Haidar seized many of the women of Kodagu
and gave them to his own soldiers.
(Tr. The History of the Reign of Tipu Sultan, page 75.)
archive.org/details/in.ern… Link to this book ! Read it for your self !
in 1784, When TIpu son of Haider attacker Coorg again he mentioned this :
Where he clearly mentions,those who will resist him,will be converted !
Following are the stats which show the number of people Tipu converted into Islam and these are mentioned in the books written by Islamic Writers themselves ! I hope,liberals don't term them as Sanghis now !
Letters written by himself to various functionaries are the greatest proofs that he was a fanatic ! Here are few letters he wrote to his military officials guiding them to convert the masses into Islam.
During his times in Malabar,Tipu committed horendous atrocities against residents and Christians and we find the mention of his atrocities in the the book (A Voyage to the East Indies, pages 140-42.)
There are 'n' number of proofs which prove that he converted,looted many Hindus and Christians throughout his reign and Tipu himself took pride in admitting that he is doing a great service of spreading 'ISLAM' in his memories, and letters !
But it is of a great surprise to me that people who always talk about religious tolerance and these things never utter a single word against his fanaticism! Tipu wanted to make the souther part of this nation 'Darul-Islam' and
that is the reason he was fighting against British as well as Hindus ! he had no love for this nation but for his religion only ! He never wished to accept this land as his motherland ! So, he was not a freedom fighter as people suggest but was just another jihadi..
with a clear agenda of spreading Jihad and usual by the means of Violence !
Thanks to Gajanan BHaskar Mehendale for writing a book 'Tipu as he really was' and has made it available for free !
here is the link !
मराठी readers must also read this thread by @Theprasad_2001 !

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22 Nov
#Thread : लव्ह जिहाद थोतांड की सत्य ?

'लव्ह जिहाद' वगैरे थोतांड आहे आणि हे सगळं धार्मिक तेढ निर्माण करण्यासाठी केलं जात आहे असं म्हणणाऱ्या जागतिक दर्जाच्या करोडो follower असलेल्या @waglenikhil यांचा ट्विट पहिला आणि हे तरुणांची कशी दिशाभूल करतात हे पाहून आश्चर्य वाटलं!
(1/21) Image
त्या खालच्या या वाक्याला समर्थन देणाऱ्या लोकांच्या कमेंट पाहून या लोकांच्या डोळ्यात आणि डोक्यात साठलेल्या 'मळामुळे' यांची दृष्टी पुसट झाली आहे हे जाणवलं. मुळात एक गोष्ट लक्षात घेतली पाहिजे, कि "दहशतवादाला धर्म नाही", " लव्ह जिहाद थोथांड आहे" ,'गंगा जामुनी तेःझीब्",
"दिवाली मे आली है, मोहोर्रम मै राम है" हि सगळी वाक्य हिंदूंना खुळं बनवण्यासाठी तयार केली गेली आहेत,वास्तविक पणे या वरील सगळ्या गोष्टींचा अवलंब फक्त आणि आणि फक्त हिंदूच करतो हे वेळोवेळी सिद्ध झालं आहे.
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20 Nov
#Thread : ताज महाल भारताची ओळख ?!

जगातील 7 आश्चर्‍यांमध्ये आपल्या भारतातील 'ताज महाल' येतो, पण मला कधीही हि वास्तू या यादी मध्ये असावी असं वाटलं नाही !माझ्या या विचाराला अनेक पैलू आहेत,जे मी एक एक करत इथे स्पष्ट करू इछितो! कृपया करून शेवट पर्यन्त वाचा आणि अभिप्राय कळवा!
आता अनेकांना वाटलं असेल कि हि इस्लामिक वास्तू आहे म्हणून मल्हार च्या मनात या जागेबद्दल असा विचार आला असेल,अनेक हे खरं असलं तरी याला इतर कारणं आहेत. आता ताजमहाल मुळात मुमताज महाल ची कब्र आहे, जे शहाजहान ने तिच्या प्रेमाखातर बांधले आहे अशी आख्यायिका आहे.
'सिम्बॉल ऑफ लव्ह म्हणून या जागेला उगाचच लोकांनी नावाजले, पण या मागे डाव्या विचारसरणीच्या आणि हिंदुद्वेषी लोकांचे मोठे षडयंत्र आहे.आता भारताला परिभाषित करण्यासाठी म्हणून एखाद्या इस्लामिक वास्तूची आवश्यकता
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19 Nov
#Thread: Why we Hindus need to become 'UNAPOLOGETIC'?
For many years many of us have hesitated from calling ourselves as 'Hindus' and when asked what is your religion, a common answer I found was 'Well I don't believe in any religion and stuff,but yeah I am a Hindu"
and this ignorance of us towards our own identity has led others to dominate over us for centuries.

From the times when the first Islamic invasion took place, the demography of this nation changed drastically over a few centuries.
They came with a clear agenda to spread their religion as they did in other parts of the world. But we weren't prepared for such an enemy.We always faced enemies who came here just to loot and return, but this enemy was completely new with a completely different mindset.
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18 Nov
A short video on #Madhavrao_Peshwa on his 248th Punyatithi !

Paid my tributes to Sati Ramabai Peshwa and Madhavrao Peshwa, at Theur 🙏♥️
Paid tributes to these two great souls on their 248th Punyatithi 🙏♥️ we need tell the world the contribution of these great people 🙏 ,
Whenever you in Theur, don't forget to visit this place !
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18 Nov
Let's admit one thing here, many of us who write threads about history in any language we prefer, find our inspiration in @tlinexile_ . The suspension of his account right after a debate with some IPS officer,clearly shows us how one uses power.
Already,when we are surrounded by the likes of Devdutt Patnaik and many other historians who are busy defaming our Dharma and its core values,there's only one handle which is fighting such hypocrites day in and day out.
I am not against that IPS officer, but wasn't it her duty to accept the fact when the handle presented it with proofs.
The leftists,islamists and comies wants the indic voices to get suppressed, !
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18 Nov
#Thread : #Madhavrao_Peshwa एक अद्वितीय योद्धा !

इतिहास के स्वर्णिम पन्नो में कुछ गिने चुने विरों के नाम लिखे जाएंगे जिन्होने भारत माता का शीश सदैव ऊँचा रखने केलिए अथक प्रयास किया,उनमे से एक नाम होगा "माधवराव पेशवा" का ! आज उनकी २४८ वि पुण्यतिथि है !
सन १७६१,अहमद शाह अब्दाली और मराठो की बिच घमासान जंग होने के बदल भारतभूमि पर मंडरा रहे थे.दो विशाल तकादे एकदूजे के सामने भिड़ने केलिए पूरी ताकद से उतरने वाली थी.पानीपत की रणभूमि रक्तरंजित होने के विचार से कांपने लगी थी
.मराठो की ताकद आएदिन बढ़ती जा रही थी और इसके कारन दिल्ली सल्तनत ने अहमद शाह हो मराठो को पराजित करने केलिए बुलाया था.

तब पुणे के शनिवारवाडा में पेशवा के पद पर विराजमान थे बाजीराव पेशवा के पुत्र नानासाहेब पेशवा और
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