Today is the birth anniversary of #TipuSultan

There were only two kings that the British feared the most.

1) Tipu Sultan
2) Ranjit Singh

Tipu Sultan & Ranjit Singh did far more than any other Indian ruler to stop the British from taking over the entire Indian subcontinent. 1/6
The 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was the last time when an Indian ruler (Tipu) dictated the terms to the Defeated British.

After the defeat in the 2nd Mysore War, the British under Lord Cornwallis formed a triple alliance with the Marathas and Nizam of Hyderabad against Mysore. 2/6
FACT : 1784 Treaty of Mangalore was seen by many in London as the beginning of the end of the East India Company (EIC). After the Treaty, stock prices of the East India Company dived and Pitt’s India Act was introduced

Inshort, the Nizam and Marathas gave British a lifeline. 3/6
The British feared the Mysorean rockets & Treaty of Amritsar kept Punjab safe. The British feared the Sikhs and largely ignored them.

Their main aim was Deccan and Eastern India. After the fall of Tipu, things got easier for the British and then they turned towards rest of India
The Nizams of Hyderabad
The Marathas
The Travancore Kingdom
Patiala State
Gwalior State

All 5 have helped the British in the one way or the other. But all 5 are decorated today in history.

That's how Indian History works. The heroes are demonized as villains & cowards as Heroes
The above painting is the real Painting of Tipu Sultan. Tipu at 30 years of age, painted by Johan Zoffany (German neoclassical painter) in 1780.

The painting is now in Darya Daulat Bagh, Srirangapatna, Karnataka.

Tipu Sultan once surrendered his weapons at Kollur Mookambika temple and offered his prayers to ‘Devi’.

Tipu also made a Paccha lingam (Jade) and installed it in Nanjangud temple, and offered prayers to cure his blind elephant. He even had ring, inscribed with the name of Ram.
Many hate Tipu and Many love Tipu. But the fact remains that British were very scared of him.

There are few entities that really scared the shit out of British Empire : Napoleon Bonaparte and the German Panther & Tiger Tanks.

In India, it was the 1946 naval Mutiny.
Like Girish Karnad once said, "Tipu Sultan would have enjoyed the same status as of Maratha king Chhatrapathi Shivaji, if he had been a Hindu and not a Muslim."
To the people who are praising the Nizams and Marathas in my replies;

In 1766, the British - Marathas - Nizam of Hyderabad entered into a triple alliance and attacked Mysore. The alliance lasted just 48 months. The alliance was soon back.

'An Advanced History of Modern India'
One more historical fact which many don't know.

Hyder Ali wanted a marriage alliance between Tipu and Nizam's daughter, but it was rejected by the Nizam, on the ground that Hyder was just a commoner. The Asaf Jahi dynasty were proud of their Samarkand roots.

• • •

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3 Nov
i) Gunpowder was invented by Chinese alchemists in 850-900 AD in the Tang Dynasty.

ii) Gunpowder reached India for the first time in 1258 AD, when the envoy of the Mongol ruler Hulegu Khan arrived in Delhi.

iii) Mughals commercialised Gunpowder use in India.

Just like Portuguese brought Chili to India in the 16th Century, the Mughals commercialised Gunpowder use in India in the 16th Century.

Babur successfully used gunpowder for the first time in India when he exploded his cannons at the Battle of Panipat in 1526.
The Mughals then brought firing rockets from China as they terrified horses and elephants.

Tipu Sultan made his rockets so effective that the British copied them to make their own Congreve rockets, and these rockets were used against Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig (1813).
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3 Nov
Book recommendation: 'Every Man Dies Alone' by Hans Fallada.

Everyone knows about Sophie Scholl but this book tells the story of a brave elderly German couple who conducted a three-year resistance campaign against the Nazis in Berlin.

Their names: Otto and Elise Hampel.

Based on a true story, this book by Hans tells the tale of an elderly German couple who, after the death of their only son during the conquest of France in 1940, realize the true horror & wrongness of the Nazi regime, and as a consequence, they become resistance fighters.
This book by Hans Fallada gives a powerful view of the terror, fear, violence, and paranoia which was the everyday experience of those living under the Third Reich and Gestapo.

Read the book in 2015 and the ending of the book haunted me for weeks.

'Not for the faint-hearted'
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2 Nov
After World War 1, Britain and France (The Two world Superpowers) created the Sykes-Picot Agreement, and created borders in the Middle East without any regard to existing ethnic diversity. The Kurds were left without a homeland.

Thus began the problems in the Middle East. 1/2
The 1946 USA - Saudi Agreement
The CIA coup against Mossadeq in 1953
The Suez Crisis

The ripple effects can be felt even today.
As the world was sleeping and ISIS was rampaging across the Middle East, the Kurds decided to stop them and during the Battle for Kobane, the Kurdish PKK defeated them in 2015.

Same Kurds who are still homeless. Trump then backstabbed them. The world is always ungrateful.
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1 Nov
When you sleep through your History class in high school.

Let me explain.

1938 & 1939 were two huge years for the Indian National Congress. As I always say, the 10-year phase from 1938 - 1948 shaped modern India & Pak, and it began in 1938 Haripura session.
Netaji Bose was elected as President of the Indian National Congress at its Haripura session in 1938, and every single Congress delegate from South India voted for him.

During his inaugural speech in Haripura, Netaji quoted Lenin.

The quote is here :…
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30 Oct
So Cute.

Back in April 2017, the Jain community of Bhopal organised an ‘Ahimsa Rally’ to stop the slaughterhouses and trading of meat. Some even in that rally said that India should turn into a vegetarian country.

Imposing your food habits on others is also intolerance.
"Most of them want illegal slaughter houses to close and trading in meat stopped. Some of them also want that no animal should be slaughtered at all and India should turn into a vegetarian country."…
The Emirates also serves vegetarian Jain meal (VJML) on its flights. They also have Indian Vegetarian Meal & a Non-Beef non-vegetarian Indian Meal.

And People here talk about tolerance.
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27 Oct
“Chichina” Ferreyra, the girl from Cordoba (Argentina), with whom 22-year-old Ernesto Che Guevara fell in love in 1950.

Before leaving for his Latin American motorcycle Trip on Jan 1952, Ernesto gave her a gift: a young, wriggly puppy. Ernesto has named the puppy as “Comeback.”
Chichina gave Ernesto fifteen American dollars to buy her a scarf when he reached the United States.

For Ernesto, the ensuing romance was serious but Chichina’s family didn’t like him. Ernesto was still in love and nagged by doubts about leaving on the trip. And soon it ended.
Before entering Peru, Ernesto was still carrying the fifteen dollars Chichina had given him to buy her a scarf, his friend tried to persuade him to spend it but Ernesto refused. Chichina might have broken up with him, but he was determined to keep his promise.
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