Manusmriti Doesn’t Support Caste System; Open Letter to Misinterpreters.
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1.Truth is that Manu proposed Varn Vyastha — which was based on merit and not on account of one’s birth.
Here are the verses from Manusmriti which says that Varna is based on qualification not on the basis of Birth.
2.2/157. As an elephant made of wood, as an antelope made of leather, such is an unlearned Brahmana; those three have nothing but the names (devoid of virtues respective to their kind).
3.2/28. This(human)body is made fit for(union with)Brahman by study of the
Vedas,by burnt oblations,by (recitation of)sacred texts,by (acquisition of)threefold sacred science,by offering(toGods,sages and manes),by (procreation of)sons,by great sacrifices,and by(the Srauta)rites.
4.(The above texts lays the qualifications to be acquired,with great dedication and effort at specified works,in order to become a Brahmin,and not merely by being born to a Brahmin father)Varna of a person(caste or status in society)was decided after completion of his education.
5.Two births were considered for a person in Vedic period : first, when he was born to his parents, and, next, when he completed his education with due thoroughness. It was after second birth (twice born) that the Varna of person was determined.
6.The following text from Manusmriti makes it even more clear.
2/148. But that birth which a teacher acquainted with Vedas entire, in accordance with the law, procures for him (the student) through the Savitr (Sun), is real and exempt from his birth, age or death.
7.2/146. Between him to whom one is physically born and him who gives (the knowledge of) the Vedas, the giver of the Veda is the more venerable father; for birth through arising in the knowledge of the Veda (ensures) eternal (reward) both in this (life) and that (afterlife).
8.A person who remained uneducated and devoid of the knowledge of Vedas was considered a Shudra. That is, the Shudra Varna was not based on birth but on merit.
9.10/4. Brahmana, Kshatriya and the Vaisya castes (Varna) are twice-born (educated) but the fourth, the Shudra, has one birth only; there is no fifth (caste).
2/172. He who has not been initiated with teaching of the Vedas is like a Shudra.
10.Manu also advises not to insult a person of lower Varna:
4/141.Let him not insult thoseWho have redundant limbs or r deficient in limbs,nor those destitute of knowledge,nor very aged men,nor those who have no beauty or wealth,nor those who are of low birth.
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22 Nov
Why Manu started Varn Vyastha?
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1.1/31.But for the sake of the prosperity of the worlds he caused the Brahmana,Kshatriya,Vaisya and ShudraVarna origin in form of the body of the society:as its mouth,arms,thighsAndFeet, respectively.
(the ignorant consider the Shudra as being originated from the feet of God)
2.1/87. But in order to protect this universe He (God), the most resplendent one, assigned separate (duties and) occupations to those as done in a body by mouth, arms, thighs, and feet.
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21 Nov
The real Manusmriti supports Varn Vyastha based on Merit not on the basis of Birth.The adulterated part is thus rejectable.
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Following are the examples of changing of Varn Vyastha in the past:
1. Rishi Brahma, son Manu Swayambhu himself, was born to a Brahmana but became a Kshatriya king.
2. Manu’s eldest son, Priyavrat, became a king, a Kshatriya.
3.Out of Manu’s ten sons seven became kings while three became Brahmanas.Their names were Mahavir, Kavi and Savan.
4. Kavash Ailush was born to a Shudra and attained the highest Varna of a Rishi.He became mantra-drashta to numerous hymns in Rig Veda:10th Mandal.
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