Dear @femigbaja I know you may not have slept well per your 2am tweets in response to the allegation that your security detail killed an innocent vendor you stopped to greet in Abuja.

If there is any truth or conscience left in you, I hope you see that it has hit home.
While you deal with this matter you have bought, Mr. speaker, @femigbaja I hope you can see that this is the very essence of our #EndSARS protests which you and your colleagues ended by ordering and being complacent about the death of young protesters... the hand of the Nigerian Army, exactly today, one month ago. We have trigger happy security personnel. I have very pertinent questions and I hope you can be happy to respond @femigbaja while you deal with the market you just bought...
1. You said 'unidentified men' obstructed your convoy...
a. Were there steps taken to identify them?
b. Do you identify persons by shooting live rounds in the air, around a place where there are innocent persons?
c. If you shoot in the air, do u expect the bullets to remain up?
c. Were the unidentified men armed?
2. Was your live in danger @femigbaja such that the only solution was to shoot live rounds in the air?
3. Have you seen that security details in Nigeria are law less, lack control and basic de-escalating skills and only love to kill?
4. Will you, @femigbaja now push for laws to demilitarise the Police and other security personnel because we are not at war?
5. Only that we are at war with corrupt politicians who misuse public funds are you one of them? Otherwise, why will your convoy be scared of common men...
...approaching your convoy such that rather than identify them, they kill them?
6. A lot of money is spent on your bullet proof cars @femigbaja, why will you be in them and at a slight apprehension of 'obstruction' of your convoy by unarmed Nigerians, your security resort to guns
7. You see that it can really be anyone @femigbaja... What do you do to Ifeanyi's family now? Compensate with public funds? For something totally avoidable in the first place?
8. Do you agree now that the #lekkimassacre happened and in exactly this fashion?
I hope you take time to answer these honest questions. What is important is demilitarising the police force. We hope to see you respond in that fashion Mr. Speaker @femigbaja.

• • •

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13 Sep
❤ this and I will write something about you.
Florence, I have interacted with you once about helping with a sexual violence matter and you were helpful. Keep being a voice for those who can't find justice for the ills done to them.
@AkotaAmeen I am seeing your handle for the first time today🤧🤧
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31 Aug
I have some questions for the New Nigerian Bar Association. I hope I get answers.

1. Is this for a New Nigeria or another Nigeria?
2. What legal standing would they have to affect the rights of lawyers in Nigeria?
3. Will they be calling lawyers separately to the Bar?
4. The NBA is recognised in a lot of statutes that regulate the profession... Where does the NNBA stand?
5. Seal and Stamp nko?
6. Right of Audience?

It's not like I care about what any sect decides to do, but it is easy to see the folly.
Ours is a generation of impressionable youths who think after they act.

The fact that this is not even the parallel bar touted. It should be a crime for things like this to happen, the right to freedom of association not withstanding.
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31 May

Over the years, there have been conscious discussions about sexual offences on Twitter and other social media platforms. A hashtag trends and that is it. No follow ups, we just move on. I am tired and I no longer want to just retweet.
It is true that there are few convictions on Sexual Assault. I checked in April 2019 and indeed, there are less than 100 reported convictions on sexual assault. While the HC usually convict, at the Court of Appeal (CA), some of the judgments were upturned.
Specifically, I identified 16 CA judgments, upholding the conviction of rapists, 15 Supreme Court(SC) affirmation of convictions, 11 CA Judgments upturning the HC judgments and 6 SC Judgments upturning the decisions at the HC & CA & discharging the accused. Please do the maths.
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19 Dec 19
I woke up to the news of Trump's impeachment. I hear it doesn't mean he is out of office as there is more to be done. Tbh, I don't know, I probably would read up and Trump will be fine.

Let me focus on acquainting us with HOW BUHARI SHOULD BE IMPEACHED. (seems an impossibility).
Buhari doesnt have d National Assembly where he wants it out of his ingenuity, u people voted APC as majority. 🤡

The constitution says, Buhari can be removed when:
1. 1/3 of the members of @nassnigeria bring a Notice of any allegation in writing to the President of the Senate.
1/3 of the members of NASS is app 157. Are we trying to say PDP does not have up to 157 members in the NASS?

2. The allegation shall state in detail and specify how Buhari is guilty of gross misconduct in d performance of d functions of his office. What is this gross misconduct?
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9 Jul 19

I met a guy on the TL in December. From one funny comment, he requested a follow back and I obliged him. In seconds, he was in my DM. He introduced himself, said he works in a bank in London, he was quite forward, asking a lot of questions... As usual, I
...was put off, but it was Christmas and I was happy, I obliged him with some answers. (he basically wanted to 'know more about me').

He asked for my number and I gave him. He called immediately with a Nigerian number. He said he was in Lagos for Christmas and I was in PH.
He 'fell in love with my voice', my pictures, he was literally everywhere. I could not be bothered cos from his pictures, he was not my kinda guy and from the way he typed, my patience with him was thin.

I however, indulged him cos he liked to talk a lot about his family and I
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25 May 19
My ex was not all bad to me. I had good conversations with him as taciturn as he was and here's one of them.

E: So as a husband, I do all I'm supposed to do for you, what will you do?
I started ranting : I'll cook your food, lay your bed, wash your clothes'...
The words did not come out right, but what did I know. I had just finished school.

Unfortunately for me, he said, 'I'm not marrying a maid'. I felt even worse. Lol!

He was sensible enough to want to know what else after the domestic.
Bottom line is, when you talk about the kind of value you should add to your husband, to your family as a woman, it should be something uncommon. Something he cannot get from his maid or any other woman.

I learnt that day, that it goes beyond being a domestic wife.
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