What to do when she pulls back:

Oh yeah, every woman no matter how much she's into you, at some point she'll pull back - text you less, ignore your texts, canceling dates. She'll withdraw the attention & availability.
Why does she do that:

Most of the times, it's a shit test - she's testing to see if you're truly high value. To see if you won't plunge yourself into a hole of neediness. Because 99.9% of y'all the moment she pulls back, y'all become needy - start over texting & calling...
Other reasons:

•there is someone new & exciting in her life (women are like kids, they get excited over the new toy)
•she wants to establish dominance (she wants you to submit to her, yes to turn you from a wolf into a domesticated mut)
•her girlfriends are influencing her

Do nothing - the #1 mistake guys make is try to solve shit to get her back. Never ever chase her, when she pulls back, you pull back too. Never be attached to a woman that you can't WALK AWAY at any point in time.
Options - abundance mindset always. Women are replaceable, they're not scarce, they're plentiful & expendable. You should always have other options so her pullback doesn't even mean anything. When you have options, you'll be the one pulling back.
Have a life - if you actually have a life outside of her, you wouldn't even notice she pulled back. That means have a purpose (job/hustle), hobbies (gym), social life (friends).
Side tip: post a bit about your day on your social media (yes she's viewing) it'll eat her up, seeing you happy without her. The more she's an afterthought to you the more you're her focus. Know this, if a woman thinks that you'd be happy if she left then she will never leave you
When she comes back:

Oh yes, if she truly was feeling you, if you do the above she will come back. But now she must earn your attention. She must know - you move your feet, you lose your seat.
Mirror her behavior, do what she was doing to you - ignore her, text less, be unavailable. Cause if you allow her to behave like this, she's going to do this again whenever it's convenient for her.
If you enjoy this type of content, subscribe to my YouTube channel #link in bio. Plus buy me a beer via DMs if you can. For 1 on 1 sessions (paid bookings) app +27737782802

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19 Nov
Social media
Fast food
Video games

What it really is:

Artificial sexual experiences
Artificial entertainment
Artificial social experiences
Artificial food
Artificial adventures

Open your eyes, you're being programmed & you don't even realize it
You're living the reality that you see on sci-fi movies - simulation theory is now a reality

Getting your dopamine hits from your digital consumption is never going to fulfill your needs

Just like drugs you're going to need more to inorder to reach the highs
PS1 now PS5 (the promise is the graphics get better aka the simulation experience is better)

You're being programmed to get your dopamine hits from cheap, synthetic experiences whose goal is to make you an addict

An addict is a consumer

An addict is sheep
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19 Nov
Every black woman believes she's a queen. But then do queens:

•defend obesity in the name of body positivity rather than actually eating healthy & working out (check the statistics - black women contribute the highest number of obese people)
•celebrate being baby mamas instead of being wives (how can queens be celebrating giving birth to bastards. What's there to celebrate raising a child alone without a male figure? Ain't it funny that they complain about black men yet they're the ones raising them?)
•celebrating "WAP" aka hoe culture instead of respecting their bodies (again observe, the most over sexualized women are black women. They're degraded but they're convinced through mainstream media that it's empowerment. The results - unwanted pregnancies, STDs...)
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18 Nov
Alphas are in control NOT controlling

Never ever control your woman, give her freedom

How she behaves with that freedom will show you whether she respects you or not

The goal isn't to vet her obedience but her character
If it means you're going to risk jeopardising the relationship by allowing her to act freely in questionable situations, then that's a cost you should be willing to pay.

Because you want to see her integrity & devotion to you.

Not her ability to obey
Besides, develop yourself to become independent. Be in a position that no matter what she does, if she leaves or cheats, you can walk away & not feel any sense of loss. There is power in nonchalance.
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15 Nov
A father said to his son: "You've graduated with honors, here is a car (Nissan Skyline R34) that I bought years ago, it's old. BUT before I give it to you, take it to the USED CAR STORE & tell them you want to sell it & see how much they offer you...
The son went to the USED CAR STORE, returned to his father & said: "They offered me $1000 because it looks very worn out". The father said "Now take it to the PAWN SHOP"....
The son went to the PAWN SHOP & returned to his father & said: "The PAWN SHOP offered $100 because it's a very old car". Then the father asked the son to go to a CAR CLUB & show them the car...
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15 Nov
"I'm celibate" means:

•she's not attracted to you BUT down to use you

•she's trying to manipulate you (selling purity, a good girl)

A truly celibate woman wouldn't even be on the market for you to even know that
A woman who was truly celibate wouldn't even entertain you in the 1st place. Celibate women remove themselves from the market & shut out men completely. "I'm celibate" is a con game. You're being played with that bs "i'm just not into sex, my spirit bla bla"
These "celibate" females had sex with a ton of guys & have nothing to show for it, so now they want non-sexual attention & benefits to feel better about themselves. Get stepping bro once she gives you that I'm celibate bullshit!!!
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14 Nov

Former Congo dictator MOBUTU SESESEKO'S mansion is now home to rats, bats, snakes, birds.

This is the house of the former of Zaire(now DRC) dictator, Field Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko Kukungbendu Wazabanga.
The magnificent structure constructed on a large expanse of land (equivalent to a minimal game park) was built in his home village called Gbadolite at the cost £100million. Till now not a single super star or athlete has any mansion even closer to what the former dictator had.
It was considered the "epitome of decor and elegance" in Zaire n beyond. The super structure was decorated with Italian marble, Katangese high - karate gold plated doors & windows, Spanish floor tiles, automatic American air conditioning, Israeli state of the art comm systems
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