CM Rightwing Positions:

Free Speech
IQ, Class, Race
Affirmative Action
Social Security
Child Support
Free Speech: 'Hate Speech' Laws shouldn't exist. We have the 1st Amendment for a reason.
IQ, Class, Race: IQ is a valid measurement of intelligence. It explains wealth inequality between classes, and racial groups.
Gender: There are psychological differences between men and women driven by biology and genetics, not just social training. Gender is NOT just a 'social construct'.
Affirmative Action: Shouldn't exist. Affirmative Action is a euphemism for racial discrimination; holding different candidates to different standards depending on what racial group they come from.
Social Security: Is and always was a ponzi scheme. It was a terrible idea from the start. Never should have existed.
Welfare: An abomination because it is directly subsidizing single motherhood. It is not a coincidence that single motherhood skyrocketed in prevalence in the decades following the creation of America's welfare state.
Alimony: Shouldn't exist; it is directly subsidizing divorce. Alimoney is telling women "I will pay you to divorce your husband."
Child Support: Shouldn't exist; it is directly subsidizing single motherhood. Child Support is telling women "I will pay you, to have a child out of wedlock."

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21 Nov
THREAD: Traits You Need To Know
2 best predictors of long term life success?

Life Success = Grades in School, Performance in Complex Jobs and The Corporate World, Income, Net Worth
If you are smart and hardworking (High IQ + High Energy), the overwhelming probability is you will succeed at life; end up towards the top of the macro hierarchy, rich and powerful.
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Which entrepreneurs fail, and which entrepreneurs succeed, is *NOT* random.

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If you found out I am a billionaire, you would take my writings more seriously.

If you found out I am homeless, you would take my writings less seriously.


This is because you think...

Worldly Wealth = Qualify of Man


Quality of Man = Quality of Writings
In truth...

The quality of who a man is, and his level of worldly wealth, are 2 separate matters.

The quality of who a man is, and the quality of the writings he has created, are 2 separate matters.
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Worldly Wealth = Quality of Man = Quality of Writings

The Truth:

These are 3 entirely disparate things.
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-High IQ (1)
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-High Energy/Industriousness (3)
-Low Agreeableness (Capacity for Ruthlessness) (4)
-Low Neuroticism (High Stress Tolerance) (5)
If you are smart, cunning, energetic, ruthless, and calm, the probability you will succeed in War, Politics, and Business is very high. I

f you are dumb, naive, lethargic, compassionate, and neurotic, the probability you will succeed in War, Politics, or Business is very low.
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1970 America: There is a middle class.

2020 America: There is no middle class.
25 Year Old American Man, 50th Percentile of Income...

1970: Has a job in the local factory, owns a house in the suburbs, is paid enough to support a wife and 2 kids.

2020: Has a garbage low paying job. Can't afford to rent a studio apartment. Lives with his parents.
Boomers: You had the option of being average and getting a decent quality of life.


Zoomers: If you are average, your life will be terrible.

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20 Nov
There are 2 forms of foolishness:
Belief Without Evidence: A person believes something intensely, and they have little or zero evidence to support the belief.

Disbelief Despite Evidence: A person refuses to believe a thing is true, even when there is overwhelming evidence to support it being true.
When a Rightwing American thinks "There is a God in the sky with a son named Jesus", they are guilty of 'Belief Without Evidence'
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