Quarter of people may already be immune to coronavirus..
I’m delighted that mainstream newspapers are picking up on ‘prior immunity’. It’s a lot more than 25%, arguably >50%. 1st paper MID-APRIL!! It’s normal & expected. Only Q, how much. SAGE said zero. telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/11/1…
In my paper, “What SAGE got wrong” I simply pointed out they’d erred badly & unaccountably. Vallance & I share a educational & work history. He knows what I know.
So why does he persist in misleading the PM & public?
I now think prior immunity was 50% but % infected lower at...
15-20%. Net effect is HERD IMMUNITY. I was right months ago & respectfully I submit I’m right now, too.
But if we’re at HI, it’s impossible to have the National outbreak, this 2nd wave, that we’re told is happening.
Given 2nd waves are impossible & SAGE refuses to disclose the science underwriting their modelling predicting one, they must be fools or knaves. I don’t think they’re fools. I don’t know why they’re talking of immunologically implausible 2nd waves. But I now think I know how.
See Dr Julian Harris article in Lockdown Sceptics today. Also a BBC report & I think newspaper article in the Independent a few weeks back. HSE served several H&S notices for serious breaches at a Lighthouse Lab. Their expensive facility produces PCR mass testing results. I put..
..it to you that an org incapable of meeting basic H&S doesn’t care about sample integrity from arrival of swab bags to ultimate PCR positivity. Contamination is the destructive bane even of small scale (<100 tests per day) research work. Bluntly, I do not believe that these...
...PCR mass testing Lighthouse Labs were EVER capable of avoiding catastrophic but unmeasured levels of cross contamination, completely undermining Govt & SAGE’s case to continue depriving you & I of our liberty. There is NO OTHER source of information supporting the most odd...
...idea that there is a ‘2nd wave”. None. These “positives” flow from “cases” all the way to “deaths”. I’m simply pointing out that a label (“positive” in PCR) is NOT proof anyone has the virus, if the integrity of the sole testing system is in serious doubt, which it is.
Liverpool LFT results show there is little virus in this national hotspot.
Please consider that I might be right (I’m sure I am) that there isn’t even an epidemic. Prob a few cases from endemicity, which isn’t even a big public health issue LOCALLY. So why are we still ‘locked...
...down’?? I have no idea. It cannot be anything to do with a virus. The jury is in: Lockdowns don’t prevent spread of respiratory viruses. We’ve known this for months. In any case the virus has either gone or reduced to non problematic endemic levels. Furthermore, we also now...
...know from Denmark that masks don’t do anything. We knew this months ago from the worlds largest RCT run in Vietnam in 2015. We’re at herd immunity, because of prior immunity plus some infections & recovery, always leaving you immune & no longer involved in transmission.
Lockdowns don’t work. Masks don’t work. Officials are lying to you.
The only major source of excess deaths & growing is our fellow citizens dying unattended at home. What did they expect from restricting access to the NHS for 8mo & growing? Ans: excess non covid19 deaths.
And that’s what we’re seeing.
I cannot save us. I’m barred from mainstream TV & I’d be no good at it anyway. So we’re at the point where you, collectively, need to put a stop to this lethal deceit & nonsense. I don’t think Hancock or the PM know any of this. If every one of you..
...sacrifices a little time & lobbies your MP, repeatedly, with this information & threaten that you will actively campaign against their reelection, we might stand a chance. But if you don’t, your liberty will soon go under the steamroller, or whatever it is that is driving...
...intelligent people on SAGE, to perpetuate this ghastly situation.
Remember, what we’re witnessing is no longer a natural phenomenon, so it won’t finish on its own.
It’s not for me to guess at motives, as I’m a scientist not a detective. But I’ve consistently told you the...
...truth, a lot earlier than others, because that has been my job for over 30y, where it comes to this field of life sciences.
I’m utterly exhausted & have no other motive to keep telling you the scientific truth because it’s my liberty too that’s at stake & that if my family.
I’m asking you all now to retweet this all day.
I’m also asking that you stop whatever you are doing (unless you’re saving life), put in a few hours & start to reclaim our country. If you don’t, no one else will.
Do it, if for no other reason than our children & grandchildren.

• • •

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21 Nov
In large measure, I’m telling you this so that you should be in no doubt that:


Obviously I mean also those many other helpful, clever people with insights about prior immunity, PCR testing...
...flaws, results from LFT testing, nature, number & causes of excess deaths, the persistent cruelty of useless & redundant ‘lockdowns’, mask mandates & illegal restrictions. How dare they tell you that you must do this & that you must not do that?
The MPs are the people who voted to renew the Coronavirus Act (2020) on or close to Sept 30th. Almost all of them did. 7 Tories voted against & we’d briefed 4 of them. Bone, Davies, Hollobone, McVey, Swayne, Walker & Wragg. 6 Lab MPs voted against: Long-Bailey, Butler, Jones,
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21 Nov
A bit of feedback from recent discussions I’ve had with Westminster MPs. One who I won’t name said “Mike, you’ve moved from being a somewhat fringe figure to being mainstream & in the vanguard”.
Put another way: numerous MPs know of & agree with my position on the virus.
Isn’t that great? I don’t know how many MPs hold this view, but Clare Craig FRCPath & I, who hold fundamentally the same view, have each briefed a decent handful of people & of course they talk (& we always give them a reading list). I’m guessing we’re looking at a few dozen.
The very bad news is: they’re not going to do anything because they’ve no power. None of them can speak to Hancock or the PM. Their calculus is Dec 2nd is a lost cause (because Labour wouldn’t put Boris out if he was on fire) but maybe they can have a crack in mid-January.
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17 Nov
Thanks JE! Up to date info, total weekly deaths, which are very close to normal for early Nov. I say again: you can’t have a lethal pandemic stalking the land yet not have excess weekly deaths. The explanation: we’re in a PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic. If anyone wants to...
...do battle & claim there are excess deaths, once adjusted for population change, there’s little to nothing. And can’t you think of an explanation that isn’t covid19? Restricting access to NHS for a population for 8mo & counting will lead to avoidable non covid19 deaths. This..
...pandemic was over in June or earlier, due to herd immunity, reached quickly because half of us already had prior immunity. We’d been infected by common cold causing coronaviruses, so cross immunity, like cowpox/smallpox & the very invention of vaccines.
Everyone surviving...
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15 Nov
Were MPs given full information about claimed (unusual) stresses on the NHS before the vote on LD#2?
ICU loadings weren’t unusual for time of year (as I told you, 81%. Turns out it was 79%). MPs not told.
Oxygen use entirely normal. MPs not told.
No excess deaths. MPs not told.
Crucial adjustment to deaths data: adjustment for population. Thanks TheStatsGuy. So not only no excess respiratory deaths which I’d been flamed for (correct,but MPs not told) but with this view, no excess deaths at all. But we’ve had thousands of covid19 deaths recent weeks.
The resolution is thousands of normal deaths (620,000 each year in U.K.) are wrongly coded Covid19 to scare you. That happens because the pitifully poor mass PCR test generates immunologically unfeasible nos of positive results. Meaningless without the operational FPR. Govt...
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15 Nov
@earnestobob @MLevitt_NP2013 This isn’t as big a surprise as I’m sensing. If you’ve seen a related immunogen, you’ll have T-cells responsive to epitopes (short peptides) in common between the old immunogen & a new but related one. Several papers have proven this occurred between common cold causing CoVs &
@earnestobob @MLevitt_NP2013 ...SARS-CoV-2. I confess I haven’t explored the corollary on the antibody side but in principle the same could apply. I haven’t looked because it’s the T-cells that dominate responses to most viruses & respiratory viruses. On T-cells I’m aware of at least 7 full papers showing...
@earnestobob @MLevitt_NP2013 ...very substantial immunity (T-cell responses) to SARS-CoV-2 in prepandemic leukocytes.
A recent paper showed 81% of subjects having this distinct recognition. Again, epitope analysis demonstrated the shared origins as common cold coronaviruses. I mused that if there’d been...
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14 Nov
I demand we halt mass PCR testing. Everyone should campaign for this. It’s the single action needed to save our society.
1. It’s untrustworthy. Govt admits it’s out of control: basic QC hasn’t been done, ever. If was a diagnostic test in the NHS, it would immediately be stopped.
2. It’s not necessary. Track, trace & isolate might once have been useful but it’s proven to be a hopeless flop. It finds few contacts & far too late. Only a small minority of contacts are reacted. Of those contacts, 90% don’t do what was asked of them. It helps no one.
3. It only causes damage. Because of a positive test, almost all of which now aren’t of live virus, it damages lives & livelihoods for no gains. “Cases” aren’t true but drive lethally bad adaptations like restrictions to NHS, leading to excess deaths.
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