When you have no FBI and DOJ this is what can occur. The entire breakdown of the American system of voting. The FBI should have been intercepting those Biden trucks filled with votes, as should Homeland Security. Query, what should Americans do when every institution is corrupt?
The answer is in the constitution my friends and is spelled out as clear as Day. It’s called the right to bear arms. The obligation that if the government becomes oppressive to its own citizens not only is it a right but an obligation to fight. The founders were very wise....
It’s all explained in that remarkable document and the writings of the people that made it. To ignore it is to do so at your own peril. #americafirst #trump2020 @Nefertari_25 @oannasoro @newsmax
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21 Nov
Tucker, I write this with a sad heart. As I am probably your most ardent follower of yours. But, your attacks on Sidney Powell are outrageous, and they are for a number of reasons. They are emotional, illogical and dangerous at a time when Americans need a voice of reason.
Saying that lets look at the facts:

1 Biden said on National TV he had the most sophisticated voter fraud in history. Now why he said that is most likely the same reason he bragged about having the Ukraine Prosecutor fired. 47 years in DC and you think you are above the law
2. Biden followed up with a statement on national TV telling people I do not need your vote, but I will need you after the election. (combine that with his first statement and you have a confession to election fraud)
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19 Nov
I usually agree with a lot of what you say, but honestly you are in left field on this one. Do you actually think Sidney Powell would get up and lie about something that is easy to disprove? And BTW have you done any research yourself into the validity of what trumps legal..
Team has said? If not why not rather then speculate as to weather dominion would sue? I will tell you the very last thing dominion will do is sue? Why because they do not want the truth to come out. I am surprised at your shallow column. But you are still one of the few..
I look to for guidance on legal issues. #americafirst #TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica
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19 Nov
You stop it by several thousand people insisting on being present, and not taking no for an answer. If there was nothing to see, then why have an emergency meeting to change the procedure. The military should step in and secure all the machines and ballots immediately.
It’s obvious the FBI and DOJ cannot be trusted. So you have to start using Military intelligence to get involved. Trump should invoke the insurrection act and secure all recount areas so appropriate recounts can be made along with an analysis of the machines. What could be more
Important then assuring your election infrastructure is safe and the American people get an honest count. I can think of no better reason for invoking the insurrection act at this time. #AmericaFirst #Trump2020 @Nefertari_25 @oannasoro @newsmax @RudyGiuliani @LLinWood
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17 Nov
Everyone is concentrating on the wrong thing. Ga comes down to controlling voter fraud pure and simple. No fraud, both Republicans win easily. Fraud and they both may well lose. Why haven't Dominion machines been deactivated? Why is mail in voting allowed on these two races?
What is being done to prevent people traveling to Geogia to establish temp residence to vote, and then leave after voting? If everyone just sits back and ignores all of this then there will be the same mess after the election we are seeing now. The voters are already behind
the two gop candidates. So, voter fraud is really the only issue before these elections. And so far I see no one from Georgia changing a thing. Still Dominion, Still mailing out massive mailing ballots, Ballot harvesting and now dems traveling there from other states to vote
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16 Nov
Actually there is an in between, it’s called reality. You have a Senate that refuses to give Trump the people he wants, so he has to negotiate to get his cabinet. With that backdrop he has to work with people that are not 100% behind him. In many instances they work against him.
Now I am not saying Barr is corrupt or working against Trump as their is a lot that goes on that no ones knows. But he has let people off the hook to further undermine America. He has not indicted one person for financing Antifa. He did however indict Bannon.
So, the fact is it is not as simple as you make it out to be. Trump has a lot going on right now, he has to win an election before He can even consider who he is going to send packing. Nothing is as black and white as you put it, especially in politics. #americafirst #trump2020
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15 Nov
The problem is where to move. It is hard to imagine that the options are so limited. Who would of thought Mexico would start looking more attractive then the western countries. Myself I have been considering Costa Rica. But. As we are seeing, things can change
On a dime now. In addition before this is over and run its course Americans will not be welcome in many places. Unless of course you are a globalist billionaire. They are destroying hard working , family loving people all over the world. America was the safe haven. Not anymore.
America will soon become a no go zone. And you can think the corrupt ruling class. Populism is like a cross to a vampire to them. They cannot survive long with a populist movement. So they crush it. MAGA will be under relentless attack soon. #AmericaFirst #Trump2020
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