Mysterious 12000 year old Tunnels found from Scotland to Turkey.
Göbekli Tepe was a huge Megalithic City and a hub for transporting people some 12000 years ago.
What is the connection??

Majlis al Jinn, Oman
Is the second largest cave chamber in the world by surface area. The cave is so big you could stack 12 jumbo jets on top of each other.
My research leads me to believe this is one of the entrances to Agartha

Bimmah Sinkhole
Qurayyat, Oman
A sinkhole turned swimming hole, filled with turquoise blue salt water.
My question is what collapses below these sinkholes to cause these depressions in the otherwise flat surface?

When Göbekli Tepe was uncovered in 1994, this discovery lead to questions historians could not answer
From this city leads many sub terrainen tunnels..
Why was this city buried on purpose in a sealed time capsule?
80% of the city is still buried

The "Vulture" Stone
One of the oldest stone scriptures historians and anthropologists have
Pillars are decorated with intricate sculptures of lions, scorpions, & vultures, twisting around their sides
This period of time involved an extreme case of amnesia after the cataclysm
Ancient stone carvings confirm that a swarm of comets hit Earth 12000 years ago sparking the rise of civilisations and wiping out the woolly mammoth. Pictured are the stone carvings used in describing past events
Graham Hancock is an expert on this

Let's Change this up!!
I'm developing my own theory on "Princess Scotia" she was exiled from Eygpt
I am coming to the conclusion she fled to Göbekli Tepe
Was married to a strange man with Celtic Roots
This is how Scotland came to hold this name
Named after Princess Scotia
The Stone Of Destiny
This Ancient Stone is in the hands of the British royal family
Göbekli Tepe leads into so many different directions
European & British Royals
Subterranean tunnel networks


• • •

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