With the virus spiking again, it's worth revisiting why we think it's important to take precautions not to spread it.

In the post-industrial era, when the economy treats us as expendable, protecting ourselves and each other is a political act.

A thread.
We are being treated as a surplus population for structural reasons much bigger than #COVID19.

The virus may pass—but economic crises and climate disasters will continue. That means that right now, we are modeling the solidarity that our lives will depend on from here forward.
Unsurprisingly, some of those who yell the loudest about "personal responsibility" are being the least responsible about protecting others. Their religion and moralism are an alibi for evading responsibility—an old story in the history of religion and morality.
It's hard to keep being safe when the economy forces us to take risks to survive. Just keep doing your best however you can. Resist resignation.

Remember, they want us to get used to the idea that some of us must die to keep their economy running. Don't let them normalize that.
If you are from a targeted demographic, taking precautions can be a way of expressing solidarity with others like yourself.

Let those who seek to profit on crisis be the ones to die, if anyone has to—not the ones who usually die for the benefit of the wealthy.
Some people imagine that without governments to tell us what to do, we wouldn't know how to protect each other. On the contrary, the state gives people an excuse not to develop their own analysis of how to be safe.

Anarchism=real personal responsibility.
Our lives and our freedom are precious and inextricably linked. We have to work together to preserve our safety and to defend ourselves against tyranny.

Being able to define and obtain freedom for ourselves is the best way to guarantee our well-being.


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7 Nov
Joe Biden didn't beat Trump. It was grassroots resistance from anti-fascists, anarchists, abolitionists, and—above all—courageous members of targeted communities that stopped Trump.

Permit us to make our case in this thread—one small step towards a history of the Trump era.
When Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, it wasn’t Biden that blockaded the parade route and left a burning limousine as an emergency flare summoning people to action.

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Donald Trump could never be so dangerous if government and the market didn’t concentrate power in the hands of a ruling class. The fundamental problem is that any one person could wield so much power in the first place.

This is why we are anarchists.

Whoever comes to power in this election, we will continue working to create a social context in which people can fulfill their potential on their own terms, fighting against all forms of oppression.

Tyranny is not just a question of stolen elections.

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As the election looms along with the potential of street conflict, here's a thread listing an array of informative guides. Let's review everything we've learned over the past several years.


Organize with those you know and trust: cwc.im/AffinityGroup
Basic security in protest situations: maskon.zone

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1 Oct
A day after Trump told the Proud Boys to stand by, a member of the @nytimes editorial board published a hit piece platforming an amateur conspiracy theorist who blames anarchists for the unrest in the US. Here is that conspiracy theorist reaching out to the Proud Boys 8 days ago. ImageImage
It's shocking that it's so important to the @nytimes to blame anarchists for the unrest caused by police violence that they offered their platform to a hack with no credentials—calling his conspiracy theory "The Truth about Today's Anarchists" with no other firsthand evidence. Image
There is so much to correct in this article. It attempts to render the efforts of BIPOC anarchists invisible (mic.com/p/how-black-an…). It advances an "outside agitator" narrative that has been discredited for decades (cwc.im/agitators).
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17 Sep
Nine years ago today, the #Occupy movement initiated the occupation of Zuccotti Park—an ambitious experiment in self-organization.

This was a crucial breaking point at which a critical mass of people realized that capitalism is never going to benefit most of us.

A short thread.
Capitalism had rendered so many people precarious or redundant that it had become difficult to fight from recognized positions of legitimacy within it as “workers” or “students.”

Emerging from a wave of global unrest (cwc.im/2012/01/01/nig…), Occupy represented a new strategy.
While politicians around the US coordinated to evict the occupations, the movement was hampered from defending itself by liberal attempts to impose "nonviolence" and by confusion over whether its assemblies should serve to govern the movement or simply help to coordinate it.
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26 Aug
Like the gun-waving couple from St. Louis who spoke last night in the Republican National Convention, 17-year-old murderer Kyle Rittenhouse is the face of Trump's Republican Party and the joint state-vigilante strategy they are pursuing to preserve capitalism and white supremacy.
The US police system did not emerge as a means of preserving order for everyone's benefit. It emerged out of the brutal colonial theft of these lands from indigenous peoples and the enforcement of the laws of a society based on slavery.

"Blue Lives Matter" vigilantes are still playing "Cowboys and Indians" in the streets of our cities, assuming they can murder demonstrators with impunity because they are defending the same racist order that secured their privileges to begin with.
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