I just feel we're in danger of making the same mistake that the Communists made. They believed the West would make the jump from where they were to Communism. But even people who complained about the West and flirted with Marxism ended up fighting the Communists.
It is like constantly saying you hate your parents and then someone says "Okay, I'll kill them for you." It immediately puts things into perspective.
The Communists eventually accepted that the West and even people sympathetic to their cause weren't prepared to make the jump. So they created stepping stones to get people from A to B. Socialism being halfway. That's what I feel we need to do.
The mistake we make is in not making our side look attractive to young people and the Left takes full advantage of that. The Left's main message to young people is "the Right-wing are evil bigots who hate and will kill anybody who doesn't live a strict religious lifestyle."
And they're very good at getting us to jump through hoops to seemingly prove their point. This is why I've long preached the benefits of creating stepping stones; of making our side less scary to cross over to. So that young people will leave their comfort zone.

• • •

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22 Nov
The white Left-wing's whole ammo is you're a racist. I can't stress enough how quickly it disarms them when you point out their hatred of their own race is internalized racism and their romanticism, appropriation and fetishism of other races is racism. I've had success with it.
They've been taught "racist" is the worst thing you can be and they love the sense of superiority it gives them when they call you a "racist". So ignore the Right-wingers who roll their eyes at "the Left are the real racists" argument and start using it because they are.
Racial romanticism, racial appropriation and racial fetishism are recognized forms of racism and the idea of racist love was conceived by the Left to defeat arguments put forward by slavery era apologists that slavery was about labor, not racism.
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22 Nov
I don't watch porn. I observe it. Porn is usually the barometer by which you can measure the progress of Cultural Marxism and predict where they're going next. Everything is about sex. Sex is about power. Porn is political propaganda.
Most of your favorite amateur porn stars are kept alive by medication. They don't fear catching STI when they're engaging in risky sex because they already have them. They're in the business of popularising the risky behavior that led to their infections, so you get infected.
I pretended I was American and wanted to hook up with the owner of one of the most viewed amateur porn channels to prove a point to somebody. Within an hour, they had replied to my message with "I'm HIV+. That okay?" My point was proven.
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20 Nov
The trick is to look at everything together. Mass-migration, the use of terror attacks involving vehicles to pedestrianize the cities, the rise of the word Islamophobia to try and stop you from complaining about them bringing in the workforce, the pandemic and the great reset.
They pedestrianized the cities to stop terrorists from using vehicles to commit terror attacks. That's when the barriers went up. Once they had banned non-essential cars from the cities, they began building the bike lanes, the bus lanes and the trams.
They must have already known what their plans were. Notice how all the buildings they have thrown up in recent years were made out of glass and scaffolding. Easy to put up and easy to pull down.
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19 Nov
"White Christmas". White Right-wingers are saying every year Christmas commercials focus on non-white people. Then you've got white Left-wingers, who try to pass off their racist romanticism, appropriation and sex fetishism of other races as anti-racism, calling everyone racist.
RE: White Christmas. I have never ever met a white Left-winger who wasn't either a racist racial romanticist of other races to their own, a racist racial appropriator of other races to their own or a racist interracial sex fetishist. And they sure like calling people "racist".
RE: White Christmas. The recognised pattern of the fake anti-racist is: They usually have a hatred of their own race and a romanticistic, appropriative and sexually fetishistic fixation on other races. They like to call everyone racist as a front for their own racism.
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19 Nov
I don't think we're going to be able to prevent "The Great Reset" (allowing for the various definitions of what that means) at a foundational level. However, if we play it right, we can stop it reaching an advanced level. I don't think it will end us at a foundational level.
But, whatever way I look at it, we've got to change our approach considerably. The exclusion we've seen online is starting to spread offline, too. They will thin us out by picking us off one at a time.; by making examples of us. I'm monitoring censorship closely and it's coming.
The trick is to learn how to say things in such a manner that you don't break the law while simultaneously not losing the potency of the message. Many of us are going to have to adopt Left-wing alter-egos so we can destroy our enemies from the inside out.
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