1/n Last year I had spoken about how fiction of " #TipuSultan the freedom fighter"was created(quoted thread).

Today ,I share his bigotry through his own writings & dreams(he had documented them).

Read this thread that follows & RT to spread info.

@KanganaTeam ma'am have a look
2/n First I'm using "The dreams of Tipu Sultan" as source.

This is snippet from Dream-3

Here he is dreaming to punish Unbelievers of Delhi and strengthen Islam
3/n In the Dream 17, Tipu mentions of praying God to convert all Unbelievers to Islam with the desire to strengthen the Islam.
4/n In Dream 24, Tipu Mentions of corroborating with French & getting into Jihad along with his Muslim Men.

In reality, Tipu was trading parts of India with French. His idea was to replace Brits with French (I have discussed same in the thread quoted in tweet 1/n)
5/n In the dream 33, Tipu mentions his hatred for "Shaligram" & how he desires the rule of Islam throughout.
7/n In the dream 37, Tipu again mentions of seeing the army of Unbelievers being destroyed.
8/n From 1/n-7/n I have explained how Tipu saw even dreams of Islamic rule, hated Kafirs and destroying Unbelievers.

From 9/n onward I'll mention about few more writings of Tipu which explains how Bigoted, Islamist, Jihadi he was.

• • •

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19 Nov
1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within u Rana Ma'am.

Muslims never laid foundation for scientific temperament. Muslim world copied the works of Indians &Greeks. The article of @ThePrintIndia that u share is total bunkum.

I explain in this thread. Respond shud u hv enough substance.
2/n The Brahmasiddhānta of Brahmagupta (6-7th Cen) was received in the court of Al-Mansur(8th cen).

Alfazari translated it into Arabic as Az-Zīj ‛alā Sinī al-‛Arab, popularly called Sindhind.

Source:A Survey of Islamic Astronomical Tables
by Edward S Kennedy,pg 7,16
3/n @iamrana ma'am, another source "The Hindu-Arabic Numerals" by David Eugene Smith, Louis Charles Karpinski too mentions "Sindhind" being a translation from Hindu Works. (pg 9)
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19 Nov
1.Not necessary that every tradition has mention in Smritis, Puranas, Itihasas considering, that we don’t even have access to all of them.

Many were burnt too.

What is though important to understand that manufacturing+ raw materials has mention in Arthashastra, Sukraniti.
2. So it will be utterly lame to make a claim that “Chinese” brought crackers to India. Even Chinese writing of 7th century acknowledged India to be knowing of “gunpowder” earlier than them.
3. Also Diwali Crackers have minimal impact on environment though it has. So in case ban is needed, it should come nationwide forever with alternative employment for those involved in industry.

In fact more crackers are used in New Year.
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18 Nov
Truth: Red meat is one of the biggest cause of Global Warming & you prove it that Islam has everything to do with own taste, lust etc.

When Ganesha’s head was stuck, he goes on to become deity to be worshiped first, but in your case you keep killing innocent lamb. Diff!
Ganesha himself is “symbolic”, so is Shiva, Parvati. It carries bead of wisdom.

Like when one says Sun God sits on seven horses, it doesn’t mean so literally but seven horses are white light (VIBGYOR) travelling at great speed.
You try to tell story from a scripture that too by putting it wrongly. Irrespective of that in our Symbolism we worship one whose head was chopped, we don’t kill an elephant for so as you kill lamb.

Mentality of symbolism matters!
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17 Nov
1/n In Islam, Al-Taqiya is a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief & practice in the face of saving self from being turned away from Islam.

In short, Islam let’s a Muslim not tell truth of Islam as an strategic ploy. This thread elaborates.
2/n Quran 3.28

It clearly instructs to tell lies about Islam if it helps to spread Islam further by keeping it safe.

Why would God be worried so much that he will suggest to tell lies even about Islam?
3/n Ibn Kathir quotes Muhammad's companion, Abu Ad-Darda', who said "we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them," and Al-Hasan who said "the Tuqyah is acceptable till the Day of Resurrection.”
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16 Nov
1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within you @ShashiTharoor ji.

I have compiled my opinion in this thread "on your conversation with @ShekharGupta ji," wherein I have large disagreements specially on subject of Hindutva.

I'll love to hear back from you as you have done in past too.
2/n Interestingly @ShashiTharoor ji, u yet again make a claim that, Hinduism is inclusive "Religion" while Hindutva is exclusive "doctrine".

Almost 5 months back I had clarified it for u that how Hindu+Ism is an "Oxymoron"&Hindu+tva more apt,but it seems I need to refresh again. Image
3/n Let us again begin with word "Hindu" itself to which -ism & -tva get added.

Hindu is derived from the Sanskrit word Sindhu, which means "a large body of water", covering "river, ocean".It was used as the name of the Indus river and also referred to its tributaries.
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16 Nov
1/n MK Gandhi on "Cow Protection":

"I worship it(cow) and I shall defend its(cow's) worship against the whole world. "

(Young India, 1-1-1925, p. 8)
2/n "The central fact of Hinduism is cow protection. Cow protection to me is one of the most wonderful phenomena in human evolution.

Cow protection is the gift of Hinduism to the world. And Hinduism will live so ling as there are Hindus to protect the cow…
3/n ...Hindus will be judged not by their TILAKS, not by the correct chanting of MANTRAS, not by their pilgrimages, not by their most punctilious observances of caste rules, but their ability to protect the cow."

(Young India, 6-10-1921, p. 36)
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