Tucker has complained that Sidney Powell won't talk to him about the evidence for the greatest crime in American history.

That's because she can't just yet. It's a matter of national security.
#BigDickAnon, who was an eyewitness on the night, told us that the Trump team watched the votes being switched in real time.

The system worked by sending the raw vote tallies to Spain and Germany, as confirmed by @RudyGiuliani here:

If the Trump team could watch the totals being adjusted as it happened, that tells me one thing.
It means the US military were involved at the very highest level to make sure all of Dominion's communications could be intercepted. Their internal systems are probably compromised too.

The President has raw vote totals and he has adjusted ones. He knows this was a landslide.
This shouldn't be surprising to anyone with an iota of common sense. The impostor playing Joe has dementia, didn't campaign and had no platform. The only way he could win was through fraud.
To summarize: a software system developed in Venezuela to keep Chavez in power, financed by illegal gold mining and cartel money from Venezuela and Cuba, sent US vote totals to Spain and Germany where they were fiddled.
The press conference that the President gave on the 4th is very revealing. You can tell he knew exactly what went on, down to the totals. How he's going to reveal it I'm not sure but it will be devastating. Probably some general will stand up and show the raw numbers.
He will also probably have surveillance evidence of the Biden campaign directing the operation, including the panicked decision to stop the tallying and Fox's signal to call AZ when the horrendous numbers from FL came through.
Besides, Tucker has completely missed the huge clue that Sidney Powell has given. She said the landslide 'broke the algorithm'. This is a fairly hefty clue-by-four that the team knows exactly how the heist worked.
- Dominion has an algorithm (a logical methodology) for switching votes to a candidate
- The landslide was so massive (I believe the 400+ EC votes speculation) that it broke this algorithm
- Somehow the Trump team could discern this
Notice what the Trump team are NOT saying: "there must have been fraud and we need to get to the bottom of this!"

No, they're telling us exactly what happened and how it went down. Ergo, they were more than ready for this amateurish attempt at high treason.
The legal team is a bit hamstrung by the national security aspects of the heist right now. This is a coup and an act of war against the United States by a number of enemies, both foreign and domestic. And you recall who's sworn an oath to protect the country from them.
BDA has oft told us that Trump's goal is to destroy the Democrats for a generation. That means all the rats who crawled out the woodwork on election night to assist in the steal are going down as well, not just the senior leadership. A surprising number of them will be hanged.
Mafia bosses who printed votes for the Dems will be executed. Bullies who threaten state officials who refuse to sign off on fraud will get 20 years in Federal prison. Media companies who took money from China will lose their broadcast licenses. This is not a game.
Have faith patriots.

The Sign

Thrice & then...

1 by 1

What is done in the dark pays the heaviest price in the light.

• • •

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26 Nov
Yeah right.

You evil sick bastards are stupid.
Yes this is comms. Let me have a go:

Reuters: Rothschild owned. This is from the Roths.

Owl: The Owl of Minerva only spreads its wings with the falling of the dusk - Hegel. It means the understanding of a historical condition only happens as it is passing away.
Rockefeller: This message is addressed to the top bloodlines.

Christmas: This will all take place before Christmas.
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26 Nov
#BigDickAnon's CIA Fren Update: What Sidney Knows Edition.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/293… Image
"Since you are a few hours from kick off let me share what Sidney knows. She knows that Dominion was switching votes, she knows the CIA was switching votes, she knows the corruption in Georgia involved both the Republicans and Democrats."
"Republicans were bribed months ago to get the Dominion system in and turned a deaf ear as Dominion programmed the system to switch votes from Trump to Biden. She knows money changed hands to prevent mail in ballots from being checked for signature problems."
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25 Nov
#BigDickAnon's CIA Friend Update: Understanding The Level Of Depravity Edition.

OP asks another reasonable question: What's the point of having elections if they're just going to be stolen?

CIA fren: "You still do not understand the level of depravity. We were going to make sure the Republicans won the two Senatorial seats in Georgia."
"But since we got caught that might just be an honest election except for the niggers and democrats stuffing the ballot box. Look the deal was to fuck Trump, the Republicans pick up seats in the House to fuck Pelosi, and the Republicans to keep the Senate. Who knows now."
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25 Nov
#BigDickAnon's CIA Friend Update: Checked and Heiled Edition.

OP asks reasonable question: "How the FUCK did some senile brain-fucked documented pedogroper who was getting smashed with scandal after scandal before the election and couldn't even get 20 people to turn up at his rallies receive such a FUCKHUGE unprecedented number of votes?"
CIA fren responds.

"Brought to you by your friends at the CIA. Hell we flipped at least 60000 votes in Wisconsin alone. Hell of a night flipping votes from Trump to Biden and drinking fine German Beer."
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24 Nov
#BigDickAnon's CIA Friend Update: The Revolution Will Be Televised Edition.

archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/292… Image
"Greetings from the most beautiful place on earth. The women are beautiful, the fishing is fantastic, I have more money than I can spend and well life is good."
"Well ladies Trump has won and we are on the run but you still seem to lack the intelligence to see how this is going to be played out. First Trump has everything he needs to shit on everyone."
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23 Nov
#BigDickAnon Update: Don Lemon Strung Up On The White House Lawn Edition.

BDA is continuing his stint impersonating a CIA agent on /pol/.

"You ladies need to appreciate Trump is not a traditional politician. He is a businessman who knows a lot more about how things works in Washington than folks realize."

"He already has the proof that the CIA changed over 4 million votes in Germany and is putting the bow on the Christmas gift. He knows the institutions in Washington are aligned against him including the Courts."

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