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20 Nov, 10 tweets, 2 min read

1. Beloved Friends!

What Would Be Perfection?  No Ground Beneath Your Feet!

Why Is This So?  It Would Mean You Have Reached Your Destination From Confusion To Clarity!  You Would Know In All Certainty That You Are Everything!
2. You Have Been Assisted In This Waking Dream To Reach Another Shore. To Remember A Greater Reality And Rest In Great Peace!

Imagine That In This Journey, You Were Provided A Raft To Hold Your Body Form As You Hit Each Wave And Then Leveled Out Until Another Wave Hit!
3. You Were Always Told To Hold On And Not Let Go, But At Times, You Slipped Under The Water. There Were Many Moments When The Water Was Calm And The Sun Was Bright Against The Blue Sky. You Wanted This To Last Forever.
4. But The Sky Grew Dark And The Rain Came, And The Waves Rose And Beat Fiercely Against Your Body. You Remembered Trust And Promises But Where Did They Go? You Felt You Could Not Go On As The Storms Repeated.
5. Suddenly, In One Moment, You Saw Another Shore. You Had Never Seen Such Beauty And So Many Vibrant Colors. You Saw Others Waving To You As Though They Knew You Well! As You Reached The Shore And Were Embraced By These Loving Beings, You Noticed The Raft Was No Longer There!
6. Instead Of Waves Rising High, You Saw Crystal Clear Water And Large Flowers Floating Softly On The Surface! You Knew You Needed Nothing And You Realized You Were Home!
7. Such Is This Waking Dream!  You Truly Are Being Loved And Assisted By Those Long Forgotten In This Story Of You!

The Shift Of The Ages Has Brought You By Invitation Of Many Friends From Multiple Universes! You Are Here Now For The Grand Celebration!
8. As The Voting Fraud Reveal Is Underway, As The Earth Is Suspended In The Ethers By God, As The Unseen Realm Dances Around You In Great Love, As The Crafts Come Closer, In Hopes To Be Filmed,

YOU, Beloved One, Are On Your Way Home!
9. The 'Other Side' Is The Perfection Of All That Could Ever Be!

Rise With Us In Light!
The Best Is Yet To Come!

I Love You So!


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22 Nov

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

You Cannot Perceive Rising And Expanding, Without The Perception Of First Falling Into Perceived Trials! Indeed, All Of You Are Experiencing Both!
2. As You Place One Foot Before The Other, As You Choose One Positive Thought To Replace One Of Giving Up, You Rise To The Light That Will Embrace You!

The Beloved Force Of God That Brought You To This Planet And Continues To Breathe You, Knows Exactly Where You Are Each Moment!
3. Believe That Grace Will Show Up Right On Time! Focus, Beloved Ones, On The Sacred Gift Of Life That You Really Are!

As Beings From Other Realms, You Now Find Yourself In A Waking Dream That You Tell Yourself, You Could Not Have Possibly Chosen!  Indeed, I Understand!
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21 Nov

1. Beloved Friends Of Earth!

Many Are Perceiving Division Around The Planet, When Unity Is Your Hidden Truth! Embrace Truth To Be Free Of Discord!

Peace Always Begins Individually And Joins The Collective Consciousness! Image
2. There Are Beings In Positions Of Authority In Every Aspect Of Your Reality Whose Task It Is To Make You Feel "Wrong" About What You Know To Be "Right”.
3. The Endless Intimidation That Has Colored Your World Has Resulted In The Eradication Of Much That Might Have Been Of Value, Were Individuals Free To Express The Truth Of Their Vision! Hold To Your Vision!
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19 Nov

1. Beloved Friends!

Indeed, There Are Moments When Many Of You Feel You Are Living In The 'Magical Mystery Tour', As You Relate To Songs Throughout Your Waking Dream!

Here Is One For You--'Dream On, Dream Until Your Dreams Come True!'
2. We Do Love Our Music And Song On All Stars And Planets!  Pleiadians Brought Many Musical Instruments To Earth And We Spend Endless Moments Celebrating Life!
3. In These Moments Left In Your Waking Dream, Know That Movement, Singing, Dancing, Music, Painting Or Creating, Raise Vibrational Frequency!

Indeed, Laughter Raises Frequency, As You Relax And Focus On Humorous Thoughts!
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18 Nov

1. Blessed Ones Of Love!

If I Could Take You On A Journey Now, Take A Moment And Go With Me!

Here We Are Now, All Together!  All You See And Feel Is Beautiful And Perfect!
2. You Look Around And Realize At Last That All You Felt Was Against You, Has Dissolved In Energy!

Any Grief Or Pain, Does Not Exist In This Place; For God Is The Essence Of Love. You Have Arrived In The Complete Knowing Of The Peace And Serenity Of All Life.
3. Now, We Feel One Another In Essence And Realize We Never Had A Real Enemy. Our Perception In A Density And Dimension We Visited To Learn, Created Scenarios That Were Never True. We Understand That All Beings Were Moving In Light, And Some Completely Lost Their Way!
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17 Nov

1. Beloved Friends Of Light!

I Will Begin This Communication With Assurance That You Are Safe Always. The Source That Created You Is All Consuming And In Every Atom Of All Life! You Are A Spark Of The Infinite One!
2. You Are Not A Human Being. This Is Simply An Expression Of Form In Which You Have Chosen To Experience Yourself!

In Many Other Waking Dreams, You Have Arrived With Intent On Planet Earth. In Other Dreams, You Returned To Your Planet Of Creation From The One.
3. God Has No Beginning Or Ending, So In Truth, You Were Never Born And You Will Never Die. You Simply Choose To Experience Your Individual Soul In Many Ways! The Soul Is Perfect And Cannot Be Harmed. The Perceived Identity Can Believe There Is Harm Because Of The Ego-Mind.
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16 Nov

1. Friends Of Earth!

Let Us Get Down To Business!  You Are Aware That You Are Aware!  Very Good! Now We Can Smile Together! Know This Deeply, Your Suffering Will End And The Moment Of Smiling Will Be Your Choice Endlessly!
2. As You Journey Together, You Fully Have Realized That Each Has A Very Unique Path With Many Differing Circumstances! You Want To Get Along And Agree, But Those Pesky Thoughts Of Always Being Right, Just Continue To Float By!
3. Instead Of Grabbing One, Remain Silent And Watch Peace Enter The Door! For There Can Be No Argument Of One, And Peace Is The Greatest Friend To Seek!

Indeed, I Have Had Many Encounters With My Brothers Through Millions Of Years, But I Learned Long Ago, Silence Brings Peace!
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