In 2016 and about, whenever the subject of Trump's narcissism would come up, there were often voices eagerly reminding us that "all presidents are narcissistic" or that narcissism in politicians / public figures was not necessarily a problematic trait.
Not many at that time we're ready to acknowledge that Trump's narcissism was of the malignant kind -- many still are not despite daily evidence -- and what that meant for America and the world.
Malignant narcissism is comprised of psychopathy (lack of conscience), manipulativeness, sadism, and paranoid tendencies or full blown paranoia, in addition to narcissism. It's the most dangerous form of psychopathology known to humankind.
Malignant narcissism (MN) is not a DSM diagnosis. It's also not a mental illness (which is acquired, time limited, and curable) but rather a character problem (defect) that is unchangeable, permanent, and incurable.
Erich Fromm who created the term malignant narcissism called it the quintessence of evil and the root of the most vicious destructiveness in humans.

All tyrants in human history appear to have been afflicted with this character defect, as are most mass killers.
Here's a closer look at MN (the article was originally titled "Narcissistic Psychopath in Chief"):…

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13 Nov
Would you want to know ahead of time if your future president suffered from a dangerous, incurable character defect — not mental illness — that was typical for all tyrants in the history of human race?
What if that defect, with its predictable manifestations and consequences, was described to you early on, so you could maybe help prevent the tyrant’s rise to power? Or, if too late for that, at least understood what to expect and pursue appropriate action as his reign took hold?
Would you want to know?
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31 Oct
James Hamblin writes:

"For the past four years, psychologists and psychiatrists have attempted to fit Trump’s behavior into a diagnosis. They note his textbook disconnection from reality and from the consequences of his decisions as they affect other people.
Many have settled on various personality disorders: Narcissistic, antisocial, and borderline have been the most common. (...) But none of the diagnoses stuck."

That's because none of them truly fit. DSM diagnoses are not the last word when it comes to psychological maladies.
Malignant narcissism does describe and explain Trump's functioning to a T, including his loose grip on shared reality. Malignant narcissism is not a DSM diagnosis. It is comprised of psychopathy, manipulativeness, sadism, and paranoia, in addition to narcissism.
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29 Oct
And that's all good. What we lost are our grandiose illusions that obscured the truth about who we are and the reality in which we live. That loss was necessary. In fact, from the psycho-spiritual POV, Trump was elected precisely to facilitate this loss and the growth that...
...will follow from it.

We are not meant to look at America the same way again-- that's the whole point of the Trumpian experience. We are to lose our narcissism and open our eyes on our shadow side, which, thru Trumpism, clamors to be finally acknowledged.
We are not to meant recover but to transform.
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28 Oct
From October 2016, still timely, tho details vary:
It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over…
The seesaw of hope and fear-infused incredulity is characteristic of this campaign, as Democrats, liberals, and anti-Trumpists continue to be perplexed by the man’s unsinkability in light of his glaring, and proven daily, lack of competence and character, and...
...a series of scandals revealing just how unsuitable he is for this job or any other involving power over human and other sentient beings.
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24 Oct
Lest we forget -- and we really shouldn't this time -- this mayhem is what Trump promised us when he ran in 2016. He warned us, directly, in his own words, that we'd be so sick of winning with him that we'd beg him to stop and he would not.
Those were the taunts of the abuser toying with his victim(s).

Not many understood them at the time, or took them seriously. But the suffering is exactly what he promised us. As such, he delivered on his promise.
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24 Oct
From Eknath Easwaran:

"It is very difficult for most of us to understand to what extent our love can be expanded. Everybody has a few people with whom he can be friendly, with whom she can be tender, but the Lord tells us, “That’s not enough. If you want to become whole and...
...never be separate again, you should have love and respect for everyone.”
Jesus said, “What is the special achievement in loving those who love you? Even selfish people are prepared to do that. Bless those that curse you.” I can see the twinkle in his eye as the gathering gasps. This is the daring of Jesus.
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