I’ve got absolutely no truck with Boris Johnson’s politics at all, however the Left could learn about party management from him:

When his own MPs rebelled against his Brexit position, he expelled them.

When his closest allies are attacked, he never throws them to the wolves.
Imagine if Corbyn had expelled the MPs who constantly undermined him in public and those who went against the original Brexit position—or even further back expelled those who defied the whip on Syria. Imagine if the Left never abandoned their own over confected smear stories.
Johnson is better off for taking those actions. He showed he was serious about his position. I don’t like his politics but he understands the most basic principles of running a party: discipline, and playing by your own rules—not the opponents. We got it completely reversed.
The Tories understand that party unity isn’t something you ask for, it’s something you create—something you enforce. In Labour, ‘party unity’ is asking kindly for everyone to stop killing each other for two minutes—never going to work.

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5 Nov
This proves ‘identity first’ analysis doesn’t work, according to liberal logic: all lgbt & non-whites should be horrified by Trump. Yet their support for him *increased*. As oppressed identities assimilate into middle class they become as reactionary as their peers. It’s class!
Now the author here says it’s a white thing for LGBT people but I don’t think that’s true, for me it’s a class thing. As gay and trans people become increasingly assimilated into capitalism, gain property, & attain cultural acceptance they move closer towards reactionary politics
People forget that there’s a large part of the LGBT rights movement that isn’t for liberation but rather for equalisation, to share in the same status as straight people: to be equal exploiters, equal property holders, equal military rights. Essentially to share in class benefits
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19 Sep
I keep coming back to that incredible Harvard report that showed the Communist Party of China has 93% satisfaction among a population of 1.3billion. ‘Democracy’ has always meant rule of the people—not any one system—is a gov that has 93% support not democratic by that definition? ImageImage
Is the US system where the executive is elected by a skewed electoral college system, regardless of universal suffrage, which at most represents 25% of who the population voted for, really more democratic than China where non-liberal democratic systems exist but has 93% support
Trump was elected on the votes of about 63 million Americans out of a total population of 328 million, that’s not half—at most you could say 40% of the actual population supports him. That is not the rule of the people, it’s the rule of a minority and even they don’t truly rule
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9 Sep
Communists don’t believe in eternal damnation. Those who were once right wing should be welcomed if they become socialists. Those who make mistakes & repent should be forgiven. In the 30s the Communist line was never abandoned workers to fascism, our view is scientific not moral.
We welcome converts, yes even people who may have been fascists because we understand scientifically why fascism takes hold among workers. Communists have always accepted people who were once the enemy. Education is a hallmark of our practice. Any worker is welcome.
Anyone who knew anything about class struggle knows you have to go to where the workers are, that includes the reactionary blocs—convince those you can, struggle against those you can’t but always be open to honest repentance. It is a victory for us to have converts.
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7 Sep
Both Marx & Lenin wrote about the necessity of capital accumulation as the basis for developing socialist relations. They also pointed out socialism will initially retain hallmarks of capitalism—it’s a developmental process. All socialist countries have had to do this. See here: ImageImageImage
In Capital, Marx writes how ‘the economic structure of capitalistic society has grown out of the economic structure of feudal society’. Socialist society will invariably grow out of capitalist society and in doing so continue, in its primary stage, the process of accumulation.
Engels: “just as sharply as Marx stresses the bad sides of capitalist production, does he also clearly prove that this social form was necessary to develop the productive forces of society to a level which will make possible an equal development, worthy of human beings...”
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27 Aug
‘We Communists are the irreconcilable opponents of bourgeois nationalism of every variety. But we are not supporters of national nihilism’—Dimitrov. He says we must link our present struggle to the revolutionary traditions of our countries & not sneer at national sentiments.
Dimitrov says that to engage in national nihilism sacrifices the history of your country to bourgeois and fascist falsifiers who seek to use national history to justify chauvinistic policy. He says sneering at national sentiments of the broad masses will play to fascist hands.
This is an important idea that we should remember, particularly as communists in the west reckon with the bourgeois-imperialist history of their own countries. The lesson is not to throw everything on the fire & negate all national pride—every nation has birthed revolutionaries.
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20 Aug
Western media talks about ‘strikes’ in Belarus, but investigation from this Belarusian shows that at these ‘striking’ workplaces those outside are students—not the workers. Media also shows the same ‘striking worker’ at two separate plants in two cities?! See how a lie is created ImageImage
Here see at another ‘striking workplace’, when those outside holding signs are interviewed they confirm that actually they are not employees of the workplace and that they are just opposition supporters and that very few workers have joined them.
I feel sorry for anyone who believes in the lies of western media. The same people who hate strikes in their own country suddenly love them in another. Don’t make me laugh!
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